Construction whole nation integrates power market, does electric power attemper should change how?

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53 Construction whole nation integrates power market does electric power attemper should change how?

China store can net dispatch: Move to optimizing power market to move to attemper with electrified wire netting and character, establish countrywide electric power to trade the center is long-dated grasper, the near future is more important is dozen of good system foundation, unified market trades standard of regular, technology, model good " weak environment " .

(Han Yi of reporter of civil Piao our newspaper flies)

Spring Festival eve, the country develops innovation appoint, bureau of national energy resources is formal print and distribute " the directive opinion that integrates power market system about accelerating construction whole nation " (the following abbreviation " directive opinion " ) . The document of creed sex policy that 10 years as future directive power market builds, put forward system of market of countrywide centralized electric power is initial 2025 build, national market and province (area, city) / region market moves in coordination, will perfect small electrified wire netting, put an amount between increment distribution network and small electrified wire netting, big electrified wire netting trade settle accounts, move attemper wait for a mechanism, enhance the sources of energy of nearby disappear take in the fresh-take in new Party members and safe serviceability.

" directive opinion " put forward, want to run the premise that supplies reliably with electric power to fall in safety of safeguard electrified wire netting, optimize power market to move to attemper with electrified wire netting as a whole move.

The expert inside course of study expresses, to optimizing power market to move character, it is crucial that electrified wire netting attempers one annulus.

Attemper principle or produce change

Unscramble according to government of bureau of national energy resources, " directive opinion " put forward national market, province clearly (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) form system of mutiple level market of centralized electric power jointly with area power market. Among them, province (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) the market is in fundamental position, fixed position configures efficiency and balance of safeguard place power at increasing resource of the electric power inside province region. Urge the area power market with corresponding construction, should carry out look forward to of good Beijing ferry to cooperate with the national area such as area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of unifinication of development, long triangle, another name for Guangdong Province is major the strategy, when the condition is mature support is saved (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) the market and national market confluence develop, or much province (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) after the market forms region market jointly, develop with national market confluence again.

Because n cannot store in great quantities, the production of electric power and consumption need to be finished at the same time, this one current situation decided to attemper the core position in power system. The viewpoint thinks, in power market reform is advanced ceaselessly, power market trades the circumstance of ceaseless emerge in large numbers lays breed and constituent pattern, electric power attempers the challenge that face is bigger and bigger.

Seminar of Chinese the sources of energy distributes carry out report Wu Junhong of research center vice director tells a reporter, electric power attempers is a when make sure power system safety is stable important segment, it is main through attempering the power plant exerts oneself, the excision of user negative charge (below emergency) , of circuitry of electrified wire netting add up to brake to wait, circuit and equipment carry nevertheless related the real time balance that assures power system, electrified wire netting etc.

"After having power market, electric power attempers principle and before photograph comparing will produce very big change. Previously, meeting set the principle of catholicity of a society, for instance the aircrew to same kind, of annual attempering is to make sure its generate electricity use hour of number to comparative basically, but after having power market, generation set exerts oneself of time attemper have direct connection with market contract, in the meantime, before contract of each power market decides finally, need by attemper orgnaization check its security, make clear this agreement namely carry out can involve overload of electric equilibrium, electrified wire netting to wait for safe problem. " Wu Junhong expresses.

Need to promote tone to spend intelligence to change a standard

As we have learned, be in our country, the control mode that provincial electrified wire netting regards independent balance as the area has lasted a few years, this is decided by the dimensions of provincial electrified wire netting, agree with photograph of administrative division into districts again. To ground city electrified wire netting, nonexistent balance adjusts problem, the dimensions that holds machine and negative charge may differ very big. And accelerating construction whole nation to integrate power market system is big range optimize configuration of power natural resources, promote power system the crucial link of program, moving efficiency.

National electrified wire netting attempers the center was written recently civil point out, as new energy resources outfit machine dimensions grows considerably, the random sex that high proportion new energy resources exerts oneself and fluctuation, bring about new energy resources to abandon report and phenomenon of power in short supply to be in onefold and provincial interweave repeatedly, become normal state. This forces electric power is balanced divide province, divisional region to balance mode by former some stage by stage, balance mode change to entire network unifinication. 2021, cross an area to cross the scale that saves electric power of the largest trade to occupy entire network to use electric bear, most be as high as 23% , the electric equilibrium of provincial electrified wire netting exchanges demand to grow increasingly to the electric power between the province.

"In the past, traditional electric power attempers run mode, the safe stability that basically is based on electrified wire netting moves and supply of electric power reliably. " national hair changes appoint a researcher represents the system, "Now, as high proportion new energy resources receive, especially of distributed power source large-scale and net, to electrified wire netting attemper management raised taller requirement. "

This researcher thinks, in construction whole nation unified power market background falls, attemper the fast perception that need moves a technology to support implementation to match network equipment to run message through right attune, county, those who realize power source of bisect cloth pattern is considerable, can measure, can accuse, adjustable, accomplish accurate to the essence of adjustable bear control. Attempering on management, send outside distributed power source be defeated change electric equipment also will be brought into attemper administrative limits, in the overhaul arrangement of plan, means, lash-up deals with wait for a respect, the connection that saves attune of tone and ground, county will be more close, implementation is defeated by those who match electrified wire netting to attemper in coordination.

According to reporter understanding, the net is in the country to spend intelligence to change a standard to promote shift now, join attemper and power market trades prepare the job.

The near future should lay good system foundation

Inside course of study think generally, " directive opinion " the design carrying a layer on the head that is countrywide power market, indicating our country whole nation is unified power market construction entered new level. Accelerate in the country advance the setting that fulfils carbon to amount to peak, carbon to neutralize a goal to fall, face the environment of inside and outside of constant change, the way that power market system devises should get used to the construction need of new-style power system further, drive form suit the Chinese national condition, new-style power system that has capacity of accept of disappear of stronger new energy resources.

Afore-mentioned researchers express, release this " directive opinion " pointed out a few direction, but not be specific construction plan, sequel should publish detailed rules to assure policy be born as soon as possible.

Wu Junhong expresses, prospective spot market should trade by electric power after all central leading organization or by attemper orgnaization leading organization is a very open to question topic, will look at present is gifted the right attemper orgnaization. "Because attemper,the orgnaization needs seasonable school nucleus over-the-counter trading agreement. "

Retired expert tells system of an electrified wire netting the reporter, give the right attemper orgnaization, main reason depends on, do business at present when the quantity is checked, the market must with attemper the orgnaization is together, move very hard otherwise.

To this, wu Junhong expresses self-identity. "Once power market is mixed,attemper the orgnaization is apart, be in with respect to need trade a redundant system is built to pursue school nucleus job alone in the center, attemper orgnaization redo is carried out and safety assures the job, and this may be caused certain not smooth and inefficient. "

Retired expert represents systems of afore-mentioned electrified wire netting, move to optimizing power market to move to attemper with electrified wire netting and character, establish countrywide electric power to trade the center is long-dated grasper, the near future is more important is dozen of good system foundation, unified market trades standard of regular, technology, model good " weak environment " , market of power of stimulative province, area is progressively and shirt-sleeve.

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