Rocket of raw material price, store can what course to follow

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53 Rocket of raw material price store can what course to follow

China store can net dispatch: As electric car + store can erupt continuously, the market is fervent to demand of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron, market electrify pool demands exceeds supply. Meanwhile, store can battery manufacturer also begins armament race in succession, to " military supplies goods and materials " the demand eagerly of raw material, accompany global money at the same time comfortable wait for an element, include the when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation of price of of all kinds material such as positive electrode raw material, negative pole raw material, electrolyte.

Price of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron is occupied than highest is lithium of carbonic acid of positive electrode raw material. It is with lithium of batteries class carbonic acid exemple, new Year beginning, its price blazes new trails repeatedly tall, up to now, quote already broke through 400 thousand yuan / ton, contrast is less than the price of 60 thousand at the beginning of 2021, time of a year goes up more than 6 times, go up breathtaking. The bounds that each battery manufacturer also are facing supply side brake is supplied, there is ore deposit in the home, in the heart not anxious, the part shifts to an earlier date the manufacturer of layout is perpendicular the advantage that supplies chain is highlighted.

Face raw material " go up go up endlessly " , from last year second half of the year begins, each battery manufacturer begin to carry valence process in succession. Compare last year the beginning of the year, the price of electric core rises generally 30% the left and right sides, and manufacturer quotes cycle shortens, be faced with at any time rise in price, and the huge gap requirement that carries as a result of demand, spin generally for commodity cycle.

Batteries serves as store can power station investment takes the highest facility in comparing, of batteries price rise will bring very big impact to the development of the industry.

To store can project, cost of average expenditure report and cost of course of development will reflect the cost of energy of the unit inside whole life cycle, as price of battery of lithium of iron of terminal phosphoric acid rise, its cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS and cost of course of development rise, be enslaved to be enslaved to applies setting mostly currently store can accrual still finite, accrual mechanism still is not perfected, especially side of new energy resources is configured store can, share store can mix user side store can, the abidance of cost rises to affect huge the user to invest to be mixed enthusiasticly store can construction makes progress.

For example form a complete set of smooth hot season store can project, the accrual that still basically relies on power station of smooth hot season makes the same score booth cost, as a result of current light cost of volt power station holds high, be in the area with a prismatic limited natural resources, the investment of industry of will great influence is enthusiastic. For example user side store can, its accrual basically still relies on difference of peak cereal electrovalency, although from last year second half of the year begins, each district publishs policy to pull electrovalency of big peak cereal to need a level, but mostly area user side store can accrual still finite, store can of the price rise side of meeting influence user store can construction process.

The rises in price to also make everybody changes attention to batteries technology the course diversity of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron, for example the attention that the technical course such as batteries of current of sodium ion batteries, Quan Fan, Tie Ge also gets authority. The diversity of batteries technology will be dispersive batteries technology risk, drive store can technical progress.

As the propulsion of double carbon, store can build source net to carry on one's shoulder or back as compose store the crucial element with power indispensable system, pursuit cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS and cost of course of development pattern of lower, earnings is more perfect store can be the crucial factor that advances its to commercialize a process.

As new increase production of each Tie Li of manufacturer phosphoric acid can release, competitive aggravate, the fall after a rise of raw material price, will reduce effectively store can the power station invests. In the meantime, the batteries that researcher also is studying performance level is better, the batteries of taller circulation time and efficiency. For example, the cycling life of monomer of demonstrative project batteries that peaceful heart times builds in Jin Jiang can be amounted to 12000 times, the use of new technology will reduce the cost of cycle of Chu Nengquan life effectively.

In addition, the market trades and price mechanism also is in progressively and perfect, promote store can of earnings pattern perfect. The near future, national hair changes appoint, bureau of national energy resources releases " the directive opinion that integrates power market system about accelerating construction whole nation " mention to 2025, compose establishs long-term, merchandise on hand, auxiliary service the power market of operation of market unifinication design, combination, promote store can the market trades and price mechanism is formed.

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