The gravity that ginseng of Chinese day principle columns of a hall casts store can company Energy Vault is finished smoothly amalgamative appear on the market market prise is close 1.5 billion dollar

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: (Wang Luo) Chinese day principle columns of a hall (000035) the Energy Vault of investment, inc. (next weighing " EV " ) at time of American the eastpart part on Feburary 14, 2022, finish with Novus Capital Corporation II amalgamative, begin to trade in new York stock exchange. Appear on the market first days closing quotation price is 9.39 dollars, total market prise 1.472 billion dollar.

Finish as what incorporate, novus already by more the name is Energy Vault Holdings, inc. , the capital of amalgamative bourse collect, include the near future the C of 107 million dollar annulus financing and the fund that already signed an agreement to offer with Korea Zinc and Atlas Renewable, yuanchao's original commercial financing requirement.

It is reported, chinese day principle columns of a hall appears on the market in EV before trading, invest 50 million dollar of Novus company through accusing share company Atlas Renewable LLC. In the meantime, atlas and EV company reach technical collaboration, allow what paid 50 million dollar to EV company 2022 fee, obtain accredit to use permissive technology solely to build in China with operation gravity store can system (" GESS " ) establishment. In addition, EV is like support in Jiangsu east the gravity that builds a 100MWh store can set an example project, be finished within 2022 and throw commercial operation. This also is first gravity of Chinese store can project. This action is indicating Chinese day principle columns of a hall to " march store can industry of new energy of domain, position " stride of in big strides.

Cooperate with respect to this, yan Shengjun of president of Chinese day principle columns of a hall expresses: "Store can this one crucial technology will offer a kind of solution for China and even whole world, waste this meeting but second birth the sources of energy stores rise, will produce bigger and bigger effect. This kind of solution is based on natural gravity, be 0 carbon. We and EV have strategy of a core to cooperate with, will design a system with the means that can last, reclaim use deserted data, avoid to have these stuff filling burying, this will be a when we cooperate strong dominant position. "

He emphasizes at the same time: "As Chinese green the bitter fleabane break out of new energy industry is exhibited, the innovation of EV world-class store can the technology will be in China this year be born. This collaboration has important sense to China, will thrust moves 2030 carbon of Chinese to amount to what peak, 2060 carbon neutralize a goal to come true at an early date. We believe we can help the strength of oneself to quicken Chinese decarbonization. "

Energy Vault presiding apparitor holds associated author Robert Piconi concurrently to express: "The new milepost that the agreement of we and Atlas Renewable and as more extensive as Chinese day principle columns of a hall collaboration relationship indicate it is important to wear, representing the first license agreement of the company, the global footmark that also representing us expanded China. Enlarge global deploy of the technology further as Energy Vault, we are quickening system of the sources of energy to but transition of second birth the sources of energy, help energy supplier and industrial client with more the means implementation with efficient economy can develop continuously and decarbonization target. I am very admiring the leader force of Atlas Renewable and Yan Dong of president of Chinese day principle columns of a hall, very efficient, agile ground and Energy Vault established cooperative relationship, devote oneself to to reduce Chinese greenhouse gas to discharge, reach 2030 carbon goal, quicken China to be counteracted to carbon at the same time transfer in the round. "

Energy Vault reclaims through resource the environmental protection material of recycle develops those who be based on gravity store can technology and store can manage and compositive platform, can help utility company, absolute electric power produce business and user of large industry energy to be in maintain electric power dependability while, reduce the average cost of the sources of energy significantly. In the change electric power stores and be defeated by prescription form to wait for a respect, energy Vault will quicken transition of the sources of energy of its client Xiang Qingjie, stimulative countryman economy grows circularly.

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