The sources of energy of the net austral the company appears on the market below banner of southern electrified wire netting of China of investment of strategy of Aladdin energy group

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: (reporter Liu Yang) on Feburary 20, the reporter accuses a group to understand from Aladdin, limited company of group of energy of the Aladdin below this group division finished division of company of finite to Chinese southern electrified wire netting liability to issue southern electrified wire netting recently Inc. of integrated the sources of energy (abbreviation " south net the sources of energy " , 003035.SZ) the strategy invests.

Net the sources of energy held water in December 2010 south, it is south of China of large center look forward to home of right-hand seat of division of company of electrified wire netting appears on the market enterprise. Company compose was built enclothe energy-saving design, transform, the system of integrated and energy-saving service of the service, it is the whole nation's banner industry energy-saving, building urban illume is energy-saving, energy-saving investment operation serves trader.

As we have learned, aladdin is in deep ploughing of field of environmental protection energy is old, aladdin energy group invested report of smooth hot season, wind, store can and the domain much home such as wisdom the sources of energy is high grade new energy company. Pass the sources of energy of the net austral investment, aladdin strengthened the position in integrated and energy-saving domain, perfected catenary of energy industry modes of life and relation to their environment further. Aladdin respect expresses, the dominant position that uses capital and market mechanism, build zoology of green the sources of energy to contribute force for compose, country of the implementation that help strength " double carbon " target.

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