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  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, california utility commission (CPUC) was approved increase in this city to 2032 exceed 25.5GW but second birth the sources of energy and the plan that 15GW Chu Nengrong measures, this plan predicts the cost exceeds 49 billion dollar.

CPUC last week (on Feburary 10) approved this plan, this plan will make this city increases 18, 883 MW solar energy, about 6, report of 700 MW wind, 14, 751 MW batteries store can system (BESS) and 1, 000 MW demand answers resource.

Add in, these resource will cost 49.3 billion dollar, the average energy cost that produces in California is 18.6 cent / kilowatt hour.

This plan used 35 million tons (of MMT) gas of power industry hot house planned 2032 target (achieve 38 MMT to 2030) , the end of gas of 46 MMT greenhouse that before this is compared, uses is more strict. If come true, to 2032, but 73% what renewable resources will hold construction of this state energy resources.

Picture data sources: CPUC.

"Today's decision offerred way to purchase the new clean energy resources with all-time amount. It makes we maintain the road that achieving the goal of clean the sources of energy with our ambitious city to go up, ensure at the same time systematic dependability, " CPUC commissioner Clifford Rechtschaffen says.

CPUC expresses, preliminary analysis makes clear " those who have transmission system to go up is all these new natural resources have enough space, need finite transmission to upgrade only to 2032 " , compensatory say, the batteries of public utility dimensions store can the cost that the project is to transmit the replacement scheme that upgrade to reduce taxpayer certainly.

CPUC expresses: "Business of operation of California only system (CAISO) is in its 2022-2023 year flow of transmit electricity program (TPP) lieutenant general more refine ground test and verify this one discovery. "

However, it is at the beginning of this month, CAISO released a CPUC to enlist made report, say this city will need the investment that to its transmit electricity system has 30.5 billion dollar, the hot season of 53GW solar energy light that so that its are accommodated before 2045,expects on the network generates electricity.

Be in about same time, after the plan of the NEM 3.0 that be called is criticized extensively, CPUC decides to postpone the decision of the modification with clean to this city open to question measurement Law till the cows come home.

Research organizes Wood Mackenzie warning to say, CPUC will reduce the market of California house smooth dog days badly at these variation that offerred in December 2021, to 2024 market of its solar energy will reduce an in part.

Predict distributed store can the market also will be affected likewise.

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