Canada compresses air store can the company obtains investment of 250 million dollar

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: The asset management group that invests bank company Goldman Sachs plans to advanced compression air store can company Hydrostor invests 250 million dollar.

The illicit collect equity that financing basically comes from Goldman Sachs Asset Management and can invest business continuously. It pays the project milestone that achieving according to Hydrostor group by group.

Hydrostor is compressing its proprietary air store can the technology is commercialized, claim when it can become a kind of length that has cost effectiveness store can solution. The company is current although only one is in the project of commercial operation, store can dimensions 2.2MW / 10MWh+ , at rude province was being installed to go up formally in Canada 2019 the line moves, but it is in what the California city of Australia and United States has 1.1GW / 8.7GWh to wait for at present build a project. And the development that this financing uses at supporting these projects namely and construction, enlarge a company to be in at the same time development channel of the whole world.

2017, hydrostor rolled out Hydrostor Terra store can solution, when aiming to have advantage of cost competition ability in order to compare natural gas power station to offer high capacity to grow store can. Compress air with other tradition store can technical photograph is compared, it has better circular efficiency. Carrying at present how to save a project to provide a variety of services generally, include to move peak and auxiliary service. Of the same age, the company is returned from Australia but arrange of second birth the sources of energy (ARENA) and south of Australian government but fund of technology of second birth energy obtained a few fund. 2021, canadian government is affirmatory also the project of the 300MW-500MW that plans construction for this company provides finance support.

Last summer, the company is obtained 10 million add yuan (8 million dollar) growing capital financing, and to California energy commission (the item that CEC) submitted two to be built in California permits application, among them one is the application of project of 400MW / 3.2GWh that will submit in November, another is the 500MW/4000MWh project application that will submit in December.

Last year June, advisory company ACIL Allen finished the research of a tripartite, send the Australia austral now the 200MW/1600MWh that remote region offers is advanced compress air store can the project can exceed 5 billion dollar for local economy contribution, make local electrified wire netting more firm at the same time.

The investment of Goldman Sachs Asset Management is considered as single investor to be opposite when one parent store can one of the largest commitment of the company, it will help Hydrostor and its existing investor and partner pass development, construction and operation to accelerate a project to carry out together. These capital still will be used at supporting Hydrostor to be in to already was opposite certainly when growing store the development in the market of can short-term demand and sale activity.

Last year, when iron air is long store can Form Energy of company of technical newly established raised money in round of financing 240 million dollar, gravitational Chu Nengchu achieves company Energy Vault to be in 100 million dollar raised money in C annulus financing. When growing store can the other investment target of the domain includes all sorts of current battery, store heat and machinery store can technical company. Went up in COP26 last year, when growing store can committee holds water, when 16 parents including in 24 virgin members store can technical company.

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