"Upper limit and floor level " when becoming England to grow store can the market is optimal investment mechanism

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Company of survey orgnaization Bi Mawei reports in point out, "Upper limit and floor level " the mechanism will be support when England is long store can the most advantageous solution that the market develops quickly.  

England generates electricity business Drax company entrusted compose of Bi Mawei company a few days ago report of a research, defined when England should make proper length at present store can invest mechanism reason.  

Bi Mawei company studied 4 kinds invest a mechanism -- price difference agreement (CfD) plan, get superintendency asset value (RAV) model, upper limit and floor level system, and improvement capacity market. Research discovery is affirmatory " upper limit and floor level " the mechanism is a kind of optimal solution.

Drax company can generate electricity in the harbour of 440MW pump water of Scotland operation establishment 

When deploy is long store the consign cycle that the uncertainty that the challenge that can face at present includes income and cost, project develops is long, and requirement of expenditure of early days capital is advanced.  

British government business, the sources of energy and industrial strategy ministry (BEIS) appealed last year how better when deploy is long store can provide evidence, what is the barrier that includes current market among them. And how to resolve these obstacles.  

Bi Mawei discovers " upper limit and floor level " the risk that the mechanism will reduce investor, encourage at the same time when growing store can operation business of the system answers systematic demand, help electrified wire netting of safe operation of company of National Grid ESO of business of operation of British electrified wire netting.  

Be in " upper limit and floor level " in the mechanism, when growing store can systematic income or profit get the limitation of lowest and top level. Under " floor level " the client will increase income, and prep above " upper limit " income general all or the part is returned return a client.  

However, need a few specific design features to mirror when growing store can the property of flexibility and its project. Specific and character, when this mechanism needs to have report to grow store can between the technology the flexibility of difference, need ensures income is steady, and won't decrease provide the market the drive of significant gain.  

Finally, when growing store can of the system charge cost should be regarded as " the market is relevant cost " , this will allow them to be eliminated to build a base in the form that makes upper limit and floor level standard besides, evaluate in every however period before undertaking comparative with upper limit and floor level, be regarded as net income.

Sustain a mechanism according to finishing equestrian power company summarized this since how since was being rolled out 2014, releasing crossing condition interconnection electrified wire netting to invest a respect is how to come true " transition " . Because investor can see,this is when growing store can the project is in 25 years period year is top with lowermost income, this will reduce a risk.  

Bi Mawei company still discovers in research, when although capacity market can think,growing store can the lowermost income source that the system provides stability, but disbursement money is unlikely that enough pays the debt of extensive investment cost.

Meanwhile, get superintendency asset value (RAV) model is unlikelily store can capital operation business answers market signal to offer enough drive. It still brings the least competition pressure to improve efficiency.  

Finally, price difference agreement is improper also, because it connects electric power of regular meeting drive to export, and the effect that does not suffer market condition, because this cannot be mirrorred possibly store can the operation feature of asset or value.  

Drax company generates electricity chief inspector Penny Small expresses: "As when growing store can the growth of systematic duration, this system is reducing carbon to discharge, reduce cost and maintain safety to supply a respect to move effectively. " his complement says, the pump water harbour of Drax company operation can generate electricity establishment is implementation clean 0 discharged keys, because they can store redundant but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity.

The existing Cruachan mill that Drax group is planning to be located in Scotland Argyll in its at present develops harbour of pump water of a 600MW to be able to generate electricity establishment.  

Other when growing store can the technology includes liquid state air store can system (LAES) , for example Highview Power company is in England the liquid state air of a 50MW/250MWh of big Mancunian development store can system (LAES) , and all sorts of cell that can use for a long time store can technology (for example vanadium current batteries store can system) .  

The viewpoint photograph echo of the expression in activity that this report and industry expert will conduct last year in March in SolarMedia company. The sources of energy seeks advice from Robert Hull of general manager of orgnaization Riverswan company to express, when support of total energy policy is long store can technology, but show some achieving to receive a mechanism to be not worth.  

He expresses, although short when store can technical mart (especially lithium ion batteries store can the market) be in all the time grow and more active, but as a result of a series of can the income opportunity of overlay and combination, without long-term price signal, when growing accordingly store can investment determinism of the system is insufficient still.

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