China can batteries / Pack produces line invite public bidding, layout of power center look forward to store can compositive business?

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: Basis store can with power market track, from 2021 since the bottom, academy of technology of energy of Hua Nengqing clean was released early or late multinomial about store can group of electric core, model and Pack product line, store can the invite public bidding that systematic generation machines (following watches) . Note: Hua Nengqing grinds the courtyard is China can the 2 class subsidiary of the group, it is current China can store can the main system of the project designs an unit.

Watch: China can store can circumstance of invite public bidding

Current, "New energy resources + store can " and " independent type store can " already became country store the can biggest two fractionize market, on the foundation that electric power ends look forward to is developed in scene project, outspread extend store can the investment development of the project already was become inevitable.

Up to by 2021, domestic new energy resources matchs store capacity of system of can total program already amounted to 31GW/60GWh, this year store can the deploy of the project is sure to continue to carry fast.

China can this invite public bidding also is in make clear, besides project development, power center look forward to to be opposite store can the layout with batteries and compositive system already also was started.

China the section that can publish external 2021 store can the project is expressed as follows. From the point of project type, covered fire already store associated frequency modulation, independent store power station, can new energy resources + store can wait for domain of many kinds of popular application.

Watch: China can store can the project develops a case

The means that at present major electric power ends look forward to still uses project action to bid chooses store can supplier. As store can demand increases, already partial enterprise begins to use collect to collect mode, have lot to specific project store can purchase.

If future has more center look forward to begin to purchase batteries directly, with own or precatory means is finished store can the system is compositive, also will make have store can supply pattern happening to change, compositive business also will be faced with existing system bitterer competition.

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