Store can notional board piece drop 3 weeks continuously, outstanding achievement of lithium phone company is premonitory give furnace net profit in succession cruel add

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China store can net dispatch: This week (on January 17, 2022 - on January 21) , oriental fortune store can notional board piece enter low fan period, board piece whole drops 3.04% . " times of an ancient name for China " 10 enterprises that reporter key detects divide east electric rise 2.78% outside, the others drops 9 times entirely.

Peaceful heart times drafts collect endowment 45 billion augment is produced can

On company side, peaceful heart times issued announcement on January 17. Announcement says, peaceful heart times plans to issue do not exceed 223 million share, collect capital uses ionic battery of lithium of Yu Fuding times 45 billion yuan to produce luck of base project, Guangdong to celebrate batteries of times lithium ion to produce project first phase, Ningde the project construction such as research and development of advanced technique of times new energy resources and application.

Peaceful heart times says, in recent years, company business dimensions develops quickly, this second collect joins the company batteries of the will new ion that add lithium produces per year the project can be 135GWh about, accord with the need that company business grows.

Divide considerably outside dilate, peaceful heart times still announces to march the market that change report. On January 18, peaceful heart times holds the news briefing on the line, announce to march formally the market that change report, intercurrent cloth changes electric brand " EVOGO " .

On January 21, the country highs Gao Ke was released " the announcement that superintends an agreement about signing collect capital all directions " . Announcement says, guo Xuan tall division this second collect capital 7.3 billion yuan, basically use at producing per year 16GWh to compare active Li Li high batteries industrialization project, produce per year 30000 tons tall nickel project of material of 3 yuan of anode and compensatory circulating fund. Lithium of 100 million abb can announce with own reserves 699 million yuan of investment build project of center of dynamical cell research and development. After project building, develop what promote lithium of 100 million abb can new product further efficiency, enhance lithium of 100 million abb to be able to be in the actual strength of dynamical cell domain.

The much home company such as share of much, saline released this Zhou Duo fluorine year outstanding achievement is premonitory 2021. Much fluorine predicts 2021 year realize vest in to appear on the market more the net gain of company shareholder is 1.23 billion yuan - 1.33 billion yuan, than going up 2429.7%-2635.37% of year of growth of the corresponding period.

Saline share was released on January 19 year outstanding achievement is premonitory 2021. Predict 4.28 billion yuan to net 2021 gain is 3.88 billion yuan of –.

On January 20, saline stock is small low go, closing quotation price signs up for 26.95 yuan of / , drop for 7.58% .

Board piece go on situation, share of peaceful heart times, camel and saline stock go situation close, zhou Yi is small rise, occurrence fall after a rise of Zhou Er, Zhou San, Zhou Si, zhou Wu begins to rebound. Course of study of lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province and job of day neat lithium go situation similar, zhou Yi drops, zhou Er encounters a callback, fall after a rise of Zhou San, Zhou Siji add, zhou Wu appears rebound.

This Zhou Chuneng concept board piece whole drops 3.04% , clinch a deal the quantity is 153 million, clinch a deal amount 309.6 billion yuan, the rate that change a hand 9.06% .

According to Oriental fortune store can notional board piece a week dish hind capital flow direction shows, this Zhou Chuneng concept board piece capital is given priority to with be being poured out of completely, brunt is poured out of completely -- 970 million yuan, exceed big Chan Jing to pour out of -- 530 million yuan, big Chan Jing is poured out of -- 440 million yuan.

Much ground publishs policy to drive new-style store can build

Recently, guangdong Zhao Qinggao new developed area is released " allowance of development of manufacturing industry of the managing support that use phone carries out Zhao Qinggao new developed area detailed rules " . The file points out, already participated in wrong peak to use phone, or construction smooth hot season, store can, the enterprise that puts for private use of harbour cold project on the ice can declare relevant allowance, build 150 yuan give after using / KWh allowance, the company inside every area is top allowance 1 million yuan.

General office of government of people of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region a few days ago print and distribute about " industry of automobile of Guangxi new energy resources grows " 945 " program " announcement. Plan to put forward, the development base that should rely on industry of intelligent smooth hot season to reach town domain in industrial garden area, traffic, building, begin " wind- driven / smooth hot season, store can, charge discharge " the small electrified wire netting with a variety of complementary the sources of energy sets an example project, construction intelligence charges picket / fill exchange a power station, implementation car fills discharge and wind report / smooth hot season attempers in coordination, promote car of new energy resources to use smooth hot season, wind energy, water to be able to wait for green the sources of energy.

On January 20, province people government releases Shandong formally to saved major project list 2022. Among them, in saving list of eye of major executive category 2022 store can the project includes: Guang Fufa of 300MW of first phase of demonstrative base of the sources of energy of Chu Zhihui of scene of seaside of Wei lane city electric project. In saving list of eye of great preparation category 2022 store can the project includes: Land wind of Shandong energy of great capacity is smooth store project of base of much can complementary clean the sources of energy; Hill of village of wide nucleus jujube wells balanced in store can power station project; Xia Jinhua Cheng is much can complementary compositive optimize demonstrative project store can project.

Grind newspaper field, day wind negotiable securities thinks, last to as demand of industry of new 2022 energy good, lithium price centre will be in annual maintained tall boom 2022, lithium board piece long-dated continue to maintain " take an amount " is not " take price " logistic.

The negotiable securities that bring a letter thinks, 2022 store can demand hopeful is quickened, board piece configuration enters the most pleasant stage gradually. Domestic and international 2022 store can demand shows double boom circuit, major company store can business hopeful high speed grows, domestic company industry and commerce has an amount, project of side of power source electrified wire netting is downstream desire of form a complete set is strong, "Independent store can " wait for mode arisen, the industry accelerates industry development with richer and multivariate means, new energy resources develops will from " par of new energy resources gets online " level is stridden " new energy resources + Chu Nengping price gets online " level.

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