Jiangsu new generation attempers the technology supports a system to go up formally the line moves

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:52

China store can net dispatch: On January 20, the new generation that limited company of power of net Jiangsu province makes the state attempers the technology supports a system to go up formally line, will support construction of new-style power system in the round, safety of effective safeguard electrified wire netting moves.

"The power plant sends how many telegram, give out the report that come to send toward which, it is to rely on to attemper the system comes pilot. Attemper the cerebra that controls a system to be equivalent to electrified wire netting moving. " country net Jiangsu electric power attempers Jiang Xiefeng of control center assistant chief engineer introduces. In recent years, of Jiangsu electrified wire netting generate electricity main body generates electricity by onefold coal fired, change is the posture that the new energy resources such as wind, light generates electricity and coal report coexists, generate electricity with new energy resources the new-style power system that gives priority to body also is quickening compose to build, this can match diversity power source to develop a tendency with respect to need " cerebra of electrified wire netting " , the new generation that Jiangsu electric power makes attempers emerge as the times require of technical support system.

New system is attemper in the tradition on the base that controls a system, collect data city of ability of operation of limits, system, province to cooperate with efficiency, foundation attempers the respect such as the function undertook upgrading in the round.

Gather range precision of wider, computation is more accurate, answer speed faster, it is the window of new system. The collection of new system limits by the original power line that monitors above of 3200 220 kilovolt only, extend the line that saves above of many 78000 10 kilovolt completely now, collected circuit amount to extend about 24.5 times. In addition, new system still added " preliminary adjustments is spent " function, can forecast according to atmosphere, forecast at new energy resources is great o'clock wait for data information to undertake imitate is pushed act, implementation did not come 10 hours the early-warning of the potential risk such as emergency maintenance of the atmosphere calamity inside, equipment, online and automatic generate breakdown to deal with beforehand case, breakdown of promotion electrified wire netting restores to answer ability.

"New system introduced artificial intelligence technology, after malfunction, can locate breakdown is nodded automatically, sentence breakdown risk beforehand, issue breakdown automatically to deal with plan, raised breakdown to deal with efficiency and intelligence change a standard. " Introduction Jiang Xiefeng.

Besides upgrade replacement, of new system " new " return body to prop up the construction of new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources to go up now. 2021, the new energy resources such as Jiangsu province wind, light is used amount to 57.76 billion kilowatt hour, grow 56.75% compared to the same period. Be aimed at the characteristic that new energy resources generates electricity, new system developed real time " picture of electrified wire netting " function, through online scroll computation the trends of current electrified wire netting conveys ability, the electricenergy production of power plant of firepower of real time adjusting control, make electrified wire netting much use new the sources of energy, also can avoid extreme circumstance to allot with report lopsided and the situation that endangers safety of electrified wire netting to move.

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