Outstanding achievement adds a company to occupy beforehand than close most probably catenary of new energy industry exceeds continuously anticipate

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China store can net dispatch: Shanghai is deep two town annual report is premonitory asymptotic receiving an official, below more than 1500 announcement, accomplishment actor and accomplishment poor company uncover a face in succession, industrial boom spends take in everything in a glance. 2021, circuit of new energy resources carries feel no regret in outstanding achievement the name of the strongest circuit, chemical industry of upper reaches of new energy resources, nonferrous metal board piece continuously Gao Jing bearing, outstanding achievement turns over times frequency. In addition, the near future has a company to announce in succession last year end plan is carried big reduce a cost, pull alarm of noisy outstanding achievement, but whole looks, outstanding achievement growth still is the mainstream.

Outstanding achievement growth still is the mainstream

Up to the reporter evening distributed news dispatches on January 27, at present two city already had 1560 companies with outstanding achievement premonitory wait for a form to show a rough draft 2021 annual outstanding achievement. Among them, outstanding achievement adds a company to achieve 1230 beforehand, occupy than close most probably, whole looks, outstanding achievement growth still is the mainstream.

Among them, net or implementation searched 645 companies 2021 times growth, more amplitude of 38 companies outstanding achievement predicts to be in 10 times above.

In light of branch line of business, show according to Wind data, chemical industry already had 176 companies to announce outstanding achievement to increase announcement beforehand, in be entire industry most. Among them, company of 125 chemical industry last year net amplitude or exceed 100% , 13 companies amplitude predicts more than 10 times.

Up to now, it is chemical industry and even Shanghai with country live thing deep the outstanding achievement in two city increases scope beforehand the biggest company. Boom of alkaline product of phosphine of double pleasant of benefit from benefit from, careless pleasant phosphine, couplet goes up wait for an element, the company predicts 100 million yuan to net will rise 2.959 billion yuan of ~32.59 2021, grow 7227.36%~7960.09% compared to the same period.

Amplitude of another company Yuan Xingneng source tightens chemical industry after therewith, predicted 100 million yuan to make an appointment with 4.85 billion yuan of ~50.5 2021, grow 7022.3%~7316.0% compared to the same period.

From the point of premonitory net upper limit, before gain amount rank was resided 2021 ordinal the high seas in be being mixed for oil of Chinese shift, China accuses. Among them, a is landed at the beginning of this year Chinese mobile of short duration is predicting net top firm. The company is before this in data of raise capital by floating shares make to annual outstanding achievement predict, net predicted 100 million yuan to amount to one hundred and forteen billion three hundred and seven million yuan of ~1164.64 2021, grow compared to the same period make an appointment with 6%~8% .

Industry boom is growth advocate because of

On January 27 evening, catenary of new energy industry is downstream times of core bibcock peaceful heart is premonitory outstanding achievement soars, predicted profit 2021 14 billion yuan of ~165 100 million yuan, grow 150.75%~195.52% compared to the same period, exceed the market to anticipate. Announcement shows, outstanding achievement of peaceful heart times soars to basically come from car of new last year energy resources to reach store can market permeability promotion, drive batteries to sell growth. At the same time company market is developed gain headway, build produce can release, produce and sale measures corresponding promotion to wait.

Before this, company of resources of upper reaches of new energy resources already the good news is ceaseless.

Among them, course of study of lithium of sharp edge of another name for Jiangxi Province predicts annual net can amount to 4.8 billion yuan to reach 5.5 billion yuan 2021, compared to the same period highest add even more 4 times, and this company the four seasons spends gain to predict to be in 2.327 billion to 3.027 billion yuan between, weak quarter net profit comparatives with before 3 season namely. Course of study of day neat lithium criterion relatively before one year is twisted considerably deficient, by 2020 deficit 1.8 billion yuan, come to predicted implementation net profit reachs 2.4 billion yuan 1.8 billion yuan 2021.

In addition, chain company twisted the industry of battery of much home lithium such as rice of square accept of new material of horizon share, at the height of power and splendour, heart to have a deficit and be filled with beforehand considerably 2021.

In light of whole, go one year, material of benefit from benefit from rises in price, and market of car of new energy resources erupts the gender grows, the resource of industrial catenary upper reaches such as chemical industry, nonferrous metal board piece four quarters continued the Gao Jing that 3 season announced the correct time last year bearing.

It is circuit of new energy resources not merely, review already showed outstanding achievement premonitory, trade situation bearing already became the main factor with fluctuant profit and loss of Shanghai close company. Enter oneself " epidemic situation times " since, nearly two years, appear on the market company outstanding achievement grows more and more be based on industry cycle to improve advocate industry grows, buy drive element to reduce.

Below the setting that did not come loose in haze of global epidemic situation, new coronal is pneumonic check-out console piece many outstanding achievement of company continues fast growth. Among them, hot scene biology outstanding achievement is top 2021 add nearly 20 times beforehand. The big ox that share price takes off this year 9 install medical treatment premonitory net highest or add nearly 4 times, because former family expenses of its Xin Guankang measured last stage oneself last year,outstanding achievement soars basically is the product grows considerably in American market sale. 9 install medical treatment gain of odd season of the fourth quarter is made an appointment with 850 million reach 1.15 billion yuan, since exceeding its to appeared on the market 2010 the summation of profit of each years of net.

In addition, in market movement market tall scene bearing falls, "Periodic king " in high seas accuses outstanding achievement perch to grow, predicted to earn nearly 89.3 billion yuan greatly 2021.

Risk incident

Send much company to reduce a cost centrally

Long-term since, asset decreases cost factor is annals outstanding achievement explodes all the time the heavy disaster area of thunder. Up to now, shanghai is deep two city have a deficit beforehand the biggest company is extent in ST bead, this company predicted loss 2021 180 million yuan of ~2.60 100 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 5691.97%~8177.29% , basically be management deficit, business praise decrease value and asset to decrease value loss to affect be caused by.

From the point of loss amount, according to floor level of benefit of company premonitory net profit, wen share in order to exceed 13 billion yuan loss amount, of short duration lists two city " have a deficit beforehand king " . Drop besides live pig price, raw material price rises continuously etc the industry is small fan period element, also be opposite inside company period at present of amount of livestock on hand use up sexual biology asset and productivity biology asset plan carried the preparation that reduce a cost to make an appointment with 2.5 billion yuan.

What differ with in former years is, because of 2021 partial venture incident, appear centralized plan carries many domestic company the phenomenon that reduces a cost.

With churning 2021 of capital market " only net communication fraud " for the delegate, ST triumphant happy, medium the outstanding achievement of experience trouble firm such as interest group, Ruisikangda has a deficit beforehand considerably. Among them, because only net communication incident, ST triumphant happy involve only plan of the receivable Zhang money of net communication business, imprest Zhang money, goods in stock is carried decrease a value to be controlled 5.5 billion yuan. Big plan carry under, ST triumphant happy predict 2021 deficit 7.1 billion yuan of ~87 100 million yuan.

In addition, as a result of double decrease policy to be in in July 2021 be born, k12 teachs an industry to experience gigantic shock. Suffer this incident effect, a learn heart of big education, division to go up education, frequently the much company outstanding achievement such as share glides considerably.

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