" chain world science and technology " finish angel annulus financing, make whole climate two-way charge system, will electric car turns into store can unit

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China store can net dispatch: 36 krypton learn, science and technology of Beijing chain world is finite liability company (the following abbreviation " chain world science and technology " ) announced to completed ten million step in May 2021 angel annulus financing, epicycle financing invests solely by real fund. Yu Di of the Qin Dynasty of &CEO of author of chain world science and technology expresses, epicycle financing financing basically will be used at the respect such as research and development of product be born and market promotion.

Chain world science and technology held water 2021, group of Yang Minggao academician of Europe of university of hatch Yu Qinghua, devote oneself to car network promotion of Wu of kimono of be born of the research and development of system of interactive wisdom the sources of energy, product. Chain world science and technology it is core in order to face the active control algorithm with two-way and interactive batteries and equipment of electron of two-way electric power, accumulated many batteries whole climate two-way fill discharge data. Face batteries low temperature to heat, smooth store fill small network system and car network to interact wait for applied setting, offer to the market " algorithmic - parts of an apparatus - equipment - platform " complete inn type solution.

Network of car of chain world science and technology is interactive solution

Yu Di of the Qin Dynasty of &CEO of author of chain world science and technology is the person that do poineering work continuously, the new-style suspension that slide batholith ever invented during undergraduate course and turn to a system, business of robot of plant of main engine of as electric as a gleam of car, intelligence begin technical collaboration and product research and development. Current, member of group of chain world science and technology comes from the Tsinghua, Beijing University, northing, college such as UC Berkeley, and Tecent, Microsoft, Suo Ying is electric, honeycomb the sources of energy, add up to an electron, extremely krypton, Fuji health etc inside course of study well-known company. In net of couplet of electric power electron, batteries, content the domain such as He Yunping stage has substantial research and development and product experience.

Car network is interactive (Vehicel To Gird, v2G) , regard shift as electric car namely store can unit, through two-way charge picket and each other of electrified wire netting are connected, the group that implements energy and interactive. Electric car is a travel tool merely no longer, OK still through charging picket accepts system of electrified wire netting, undertake discharging to area of family, Lou Yu, garden and distribution network, offer for electrified wire netting inside certain cycle cut a peak to fill accept of control of cereal, frequency, disappear to trade, in trade for a long time, demand is answered and cut off the power come to help etc multidimensional degree of auxiliary service value.

2019, hair of bureau of national energy resources, country changes appoint, 4 ministries and commissions made ministry of science and technology, industry letter department jointly " carry out fulfil 2019-2020 year the action plans " , point out clearly should begin charge the interactive research of establishment and electrified wire netting, should perfect store can relevant infrastructure, for cell of power of car of new energy resources store can change application to lay a foundation. On December 31, 2021, committee of national standardization management is official make known to lower levels is put forward by industry letter ministry, countrywide car mark appoint the electric car that can put in a mouth 's charge charges national level of the agreement trims plan. This second standard edits made clear policy level to be opposite further " car network is interactive V2G " technical height is approbated and popularize determination.

Yu Di of the Qin Dynasty expresses, system of our country power is moving toward low carbonization, the proportion that admits the fluctuation green report such as wind report, smooth hot season is rising stage by stage. But because this kind of green report suffers the effect of environment, generate electricity cannot accuse gender and random fluctuation to increase, generate electricity side and amlposition of deflection of generation of the side that use phone, introduce with respect to need right now store can, in order to assure the balance of integral power system.

Besides fixed electrochemistry store can systematic construction, of electric car retain the quantity is increasing quickly, electric car oneself has movable type namely store can ability, adopt the soft hardware product of form a complete set and aggregate platform, electric car can develop very good electrified wire netting to adjust action.

According to forecasting, 2030, countrywide electric car retains the quantity will achieve 100 million, the car carries store can 60% what energy will achieve demand of countrywide daily n, electric car store as can tremendous as modulatory latent capacity; 2040, 300 million electric cars will enclothe the whole nation completely to use n round-the-clockly, and power will be achieved be not the half above of fossil installation amount at that time. Change according to national hair appoint institute of the sources of energy is calculated, electric car the cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS with two-way car interactive network is stationary electrochemistry store can 1/3 drops the amplification as electric car dimensions further.

Equipment level, the join dot with car interactive network is two-way charge system (can charge to electric car also but from report is taken inside the car) . Chain world science and technology ground oneself of the many power social estate such as 30kW, 60kW, 150kW two-way charge systematic product.

Yu Di of the Qin Dynasty expresses, of chain world science and technology two-way charge the system has trends to answer the effect the distinct advantage with good, low cost, the changeover time that full power charges to discharge to full power is a few millisecond only, its are final two-way charge picket product compares the cost that picket charges commonly on market at present only tall 20% the left and right sides.

Systematic level, chain world science and technology made wisdom car net interactive polymerization attempers platform, this platform can answer bear adjustment demand quickly, restrain frequency voltage wave motion, its core part depends on joining power market and vehicle case, make sure platform operation just reachs the actual profit of electric car user.

Network of car of wisdom of chain world science and technology is interactive and aggregate attemper platform

Yu Di of the Qin Dynasty expresses, the operation difficulty of platform system still is in the energy that depends on reaching the end that use phone to end of many power supply sheds management, be based on this to realize considerable electric power to trade income. The aggregate platform of chain world science and technology passes the adjusting control that receives system of electrified wire netting and subordinate platform to dictate, in combining platform, electric car amount, user charges and give condition of a demand, car to wait, pass intelligent polymerization algorithm, finish the corresponding frequency modulation, job that move a peak while, the smallest the life attenuation that changes battery. In whole process, the key is car of motor-car of need consideration report advocate prospective use circumstance, participate in degree etc will finish fill discharge and socioeconomic balance.

Besides, chain world science and technology still is made gave two-way pulse to heat charge system and electric machinery control and heat unifinication intelligence controller, former and main with whole climate two-way charge picket configuration be born, in the 3 cable system that latter carries to move car itself in report, wait for what cause as a result of winter weather chill in order to answer to charge to northern region slow, fill a hard nut to crack such as dissatisfaction.

As we have learned, the principle of the set technology that two-way pulse heats and charges is to be based on the high frequency pulse of original creation of chain world science and technology to fill / discharge is algorithmic. Should charge main cloth establishs the system in section of supply of public energy resources, wait like division of gas station of communal parking lot, freeway, service, can offer in cold winter for electric car faster charge, better charge experience and longer add boat course.

The car of chain world science and technology carries electric machinery controller to use the new-style circuit develop of research and development of group of tall academician of Tsinghua university Ou Yangming to attack, can combine truckload hot managing politic, implementation batteries is highest below winter environment 8 ℃ / of Min extremely fast heat, make dynamical cell system improves energy efficiency, fill enter and give off more n.

The two-way pulse of chain world science and technology heats charge the system has begun be born, be based on this product, chain world science and technology finished first whole climate inside course of study store the research and development that charges a system and solid car test, compositive big fold is filled quickly, microtherm pulse charges to interact with car network 3 functions, can be inside 5 minutes batteries temperature from - 20 ℃ heat 10 ℃ . Whole climate store fill a system to already received China north electric power to move a peak to assist service market, let electric car participate in power market service. Yu Di of the Qin Dynasty expresses, the main battalion of science and technology of prospective chain world closes will trade to serve the market to arise with microtherm by the energy of electric car.

Yu Di of the Qin Dynasty says to 36 krypton: "Vehicle of a few electric cars advocate unified exam Lv fills discharge to whether have to batteries damage, or n of car of urgent urgent need cannot assure to wait for a circumstance, this needs us the farther maturity of this industry and technology. As charge picket and electric car are proportional ceaseless promotion, car of new energy resources serves as store can unit the important segment that will make power system innovate. "

Although eye comes round to say,car network interacts still open to question, but future is close deepness of 300 million electric car and world's most large-scale electrified wire netting is shirt-sleeve, it is the times tide that cannot resist.

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