Net science and technology hangs out his shingle south appear on the market collect capital quickens contend 1.037 billion yuan store can gold circuit

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: On December 22, net science and technology is in south hand in a division to achieve board hang out one's shingle appear on the market, issue 84.7 million this, occupy after issueing 15.00% of total capital stock, release price 12.24 yuan, collect capital 1.037 billion yuan.

Public data shows, net science and technology is system of power energy resources south provider of integrated service solution, with power source cleanness is changed and masterstroke of melt into of intelligence of electrified wire netting develops advocate battalion product, with the technology service and intelligent equipment are system of Wu of two great undertaking, the carbon with popular nowadays of include of subject matter, concept is counteracted, electric power, smooth hot season and store can wait. Its accuse a partner to be Guangdong electrified wire netting, accuse a partner to be southern electrified wire netting secondhand. Suffer circuit high grade, technology setting of banner, partner is powerful wait for multiple and advantageous element to drive, force of capital of prospective have the aid of, company business is extended, service level and gain ability will increase further, release long periodic value.

In the industry tall boom trend falls, south net science and technology is close 3 years of financial data very grab an eye, battalion closes and net profit all maintains high speed to grow. 2018-2020 year, company battalion closes, net profit is compound add fast it is respectively 91.4% with 153.3% ; Before this year 3 quarters, the company realizes business income 730 million yuan, relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 42.84% , unless,buckle regular the net profit with possessory parent company of the vest in after increase and decrease forty-nine million eight hundred and forty-nine thousand seven hundred yuan, relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 260.58% ; Predict interval of annual realizable business income reached 1.32 billion yuan for 1.22 billion yuan 2021, with go up photograph of year of the corresponding period it is than fluctuant extent 9.46% to 18.43% ; Predict to be able to realize profit of net of partner of vest in parent company to reach 120 million yuan for 110 million yuan 2021, with go up photograph of year of the corresponding period it is than fluctuant extent 26.31% to 37.80% .

Company store can compositive project is vast be valued by the market, did not come or become new growth engine. Current, south of net science and technology store can business basically is to offer store can systematic technology serves, give priority to in order to fasten compositive service again among them, mix according to power source, electrified wire netting namely demand of user side client, specific aim offers electrochemistry store can solution of systematic a complete set of. The advanced sex that comparative is had inside course of study.

Book of raise capital by floating shares shows, net science and technology plans to invest collect capital south 527 million yuan build center of research and development in Guangzhou,

Net science and technology expresses south, the company regards core as competition ability technical innovation from beginning to end, the research and development that maintains higher level is devoted, compose established group of professional research and development, in order to consolidate the advanced sex of product and technology. The company is a country company of new and high technology and the State Council " division correct demonstrative action " selected enterprise, have provincial engineering center and of all kinds lab 18, undertook project of research and development of key of the country, class that visit a department early or late 6, chair and participate in established 28 countries, occupation standard. Meanwhile, the company carries product innovation continuously, through old technical development and product iteration, already formed rely on power energy demand, rich product system, level of relevant product technology ranks an industry banner level.

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