Much ground publishs allowance new politics, store can is the power station unused problem can be saved?

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53 Much ground publishs allowance new politics

China store can net dispatch: A few days ago, hair of Zhejiang sea peaceful city changes appoint release drive about accelerating new-style store the executive opinion that can develop (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) (the following abbreviation " " the opinion stalks of grain " " , put forward supportive guiding new-style store can realize complete lifecycle operation through market pattern. During transferring, use hour of number to be not accepted under 600 hours to annual interest unite the attempered project that move a peak to offer a capacity compensation, provisional according to 200 yuan / kilowatt, 180 yuan / kilowatt, 170 yuan / the fall off of standard year after year of kilowatt, already enjoyed provincial compensatory project to repeat compensation no longer.

Actually, the province area such as near future Ningxia, Xinjiang, Shandong also was released in succession store can move peak allowance policy. Orgnaization of the analysis inside course of study thinks, allowance can promote store can power station yield, promote an industry investment initiative then.

(Han Yi of reporter of civil Piao our newspaper flies)

Arouse new enthusiasm of round of construction

Comb according to the reporter, 2021, the whole nation already had urban district of more than 20 province to put forward to build " scene store unifinication " , new energy resources of requirement of 17 provinces urban district must be configured store can, and configuration scale is in basically 5 % - between 20 % . According to ZhongGuanCun store can statistic of industrial technology alliance, 2021 first half of the year, home is added newly new-style store can project 257, store can dimensions 11.8 million kilowatt, was 2020 respectively of the corresponding period 1.6 times with 9 times. Increase scope of the project that join movement newly three hundred and four thousand four hundred kilowatt / six hundred and twenty-three thousand nine hundred kilowatt, the project of dimensions of above of 100 thousand kilowatt number was 2020 8.5 times of the corresponding period.

Chinese parasol cultivates capital to invest bright of chief inspector poplar to tell a reporter, 2021 " wind report + smooth hot season " total installation amount exceeds 127 million kilowatt, be like form a complete set store can install machine according to 10% computation, predicting installation amount exceeds 12 million kilowatt. "Store can the rapid development of the market, the compulsive outfit confidential of many province begs profit from, many province ask to build power station of new energy resources to need to deploy 10% , two hours of 20% store can system, new energy resources matchs store become hasten of general trends place. Plus rose in November 2021, much province is released store can move peak allowance policy. Multiple profit is good below, store can the construction enthusiasm of the power station will be further upward. "

In ZhongGuanCun store can Li Zhen of deputy secretary-general of industrial technology alliance looks, store can the power station shares policy of the compensation that move a peak, can promote store can the be born of the project is carried out. "Link local demand, give store can sound allowance policy, it is direct and significant incentive step. "

Or change store can the power station is unused the current situation

Store can participate in the past that move a peak to calculate all the time come nevertheless economic Zhang, bring about a lot of store can power station " would rather rest to also be not participated in " . The expert says frankly: "Store can batteries cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS is controlled for 0.8 yuan about now, value of major the compensation that move a peak compares this figure low, without economy, store can share the market not active. " actually, match compulsively store policy is pulled move store can power station installation amount jumps, but and pattern of net time adventitious, profit is unidentified, cause a company " exploit an advantage " the phenomenon already had happen.

Yang Jiong thinks: "Current, moving a peak is store can the income source with the mainest power station, but corresponding profit is scant however. By 2020, qinghai general store can move peak price by 0.7 yuan / tone reachs 0.5 yuan below kilowatt hour / kilowatt hour, hunan criterion from 0.5 yuan / kilowatt hour falls reach 0.2 yuan / kilowatt hour, and store can smooth change cost to be in definitely 0.8-0.9 yuan / between kilowatt hour. Store the issuance that can move peak allowance policy, let an enterprise calculate come over Zhang. "

Li Zhen tells a reporter: "Come on stage with Zhejiang store can directive opinion is exemple, integrated capacity allowance reachs the accrual that move a peak, achieve balance of income and expenses completely still hard. According to Zhejiang newest auxiliary service market trades regular, index of frequency modulation assessment basically is reflected adjusting rate, answer time and adjust precision, adjust among them rate place holds weight the biggest, will integratedly look, assessment index is helpful for store can share frequency modulation market. After regression of the price that be like coal is normal, by Chu Nengrong the quantity gives 200 thousand kilowatt hour every months / award of million made of baked clay frequency modulation uses coal to measure index certainly, increasing electricenergy production also will be brushstroke accrual. Accordingly, store can the accrual of the power station is returned should more multivariate. As power market perfect, store can OK multiple value is produced in power market, get multiple income. "

Also the personage inside a few course of study reminds, show level store can move peak frequency by attemper decision, because the likelihood runs a time too little cannot gain, bring about accrual to be not amounted to anticipate. To this, li Zhen thinks, store can participate in of all kinds market to trade, conduce to store can get multiple income, but good luck and risk coexist, whether real benefit, need to perfect market regulation ceaselessly on one hand, establish reasonable market mechanism; On the other hand, store can practitioner also answer active and active participate in regular design, understand market run mode, optimize a power station to run strategy, promotion fights risk ability, form to vicissitude of the market reasonable sentence beforehand.

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