China store can 2021: The good luck in blast tuyere and risk

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China store can net dispatch: Go a few years, it is which year after all " Chu Nengyuan year " , it is the heat topic of the at one's leisure inside the circle all the time, market of it serves to show is right store can erupt type develops period make.

Hui Wanggang just had gone 2021, no matter be macroscopical policy environment, still be actual outfit machine dimensions, china store can market development is obtained again quicken kinetic energy, this also released strength respect to get cogent response and test and verify in investment heat and product.

When new entrant thick as hail, swarm into when a large number of capital expecting store can choose is the next -727379968 class market, we also want all sorts of sober risks in seeing current market and uncertainty. If where,not affirmatory development seizes affirmatory opportunity in the environment will be 2022 probably store can the key of the market.

01 policy environment

30GW installed machine target establish 2025

Store can develop achieve new kinetic energy

In July 2021, national hair changes appoint, bureau of national energy resources is released jointly " drive about accelerating new-style store the directive opinion that can develop " . With the first edition coached the opinion is driven 2017 store can set an example generally application is different, opinion of new edition guidance more focusing store can dimensions is changed develop and store can coming true " double carbon " the applied value in the target. New edition store the development target that can directive opinion raises to realized accumulative total clearly to install machine 30GW 2025.

Up to by 2020, china is new-style store can accumulative total installs machine 3.2GW, this is meant 945 during home store can the market will achieve nearly 10 times growth.

02 region market

Each province city plans actively " 945 " development target

Demonstrative project, incentive policy is store can outfit machine aids a helping hand

Was in 2021 new edition store of can directive opinion drive, also making this locality quickly with the Shandong, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia local government that is a delegate " 945 " store can develop a program. Up to by 2021, already city of nearly 10 provinces released local different level store can develop a target, total program capacity already exceeded 26GW, predict to still will more saved city to join 2022 among them. If afore-mentioned targets can come true entirely, what will become national 30GW target is strong prop up.

To urge the implementation of the target, distribution demonstrative project, give electrovalency drive, put forward new energy resources to configure store can ask to wait make instrument of main policy of form a complete set. In the meantime, attracting be born of industrial form a complete set with the project also is each local government drives place actively store the main purpose that can develop. Demonstrative project is first 500MW that joined movement 2021 with Shandong exemple, drive of the electrovalency that move a peak was offerred to optimize project economy strong prop up. How to cast off demonstrative project to depend on, true implementation store can of the project the key that commercializing construction and layout may be design of policy of prospective each district.

03 power market

Auxiliary service market reforms there can be no turning back

Will become store can the serious breach of accrual diversity

Ceng Yin gets China store the fire that can commercialize application store associated frequency modulation, hasten delay developed 2021. Market of traditional frequency modulation is saturated with each passing day, project of Zhejiang, Jiangsu explores ongoing, fire store development of associated frequency modulation must need reform of new mechanism of region market policy.

To it opposite is, tone peak assists a service to deliver fetching attention more, store the value that can move peak resource as new energy resources begins to show, the market that move a peak will be become store can the important channel that the project increases diversity profit.

New in December 2021 edition " two detailed rules " release formally, the market expects old store the main body place that can provide auxiliary service is able to affirm. The sort of auxiliary service also is abounded further, perforative the cost apportion to user side and conduct a mechanism to get alluding mainly, store can apply at electric power to assist greet new phase. Expected the breakthrough of each region market 2022, according to pointing out especially severally the stage is had solid the detailed rules that operates property.

04 generate electricity side

New energy resources + store can hasten of general trends place

Chu Nengcheng opens the mark of hair to match for scene power station

Since 2021, below the setting that in new energy resources pressure of accept of the disappear that move a peak increases ceaselessly, configure the necessary demand that project of major province scene develops Chu Nengcheng. The 2021-22 that already released according to each district year development of project of wind report, smooth hot season builds program, store can configure capacity 10-30% to differ, store can when long 1-4 hour differs.

Already had 2021 be close to 20 provinces city to release build project of wind report, smooth hot season to configure store can requirement, accompany new energy resources store can plan dimensions already exceeded 30GW. If build smoothly entirely, outfit machine target will come true smoothly 2025. But how be used and gain, still be new energy resources + store can main predicament. Introduce according to company of some wind phone, its electric field of a certain wind + store can project, annual interest is 10 times several only with the frequency.

05 users side

Electrovalency mechanism is adjusted one after another

Store can opportunity free and easy rises and fall, a few jubilate a few anxious

Helped policy of electrovalency of time-sharing of big peak cereal because of what release again and again 2021, the market again nose user side store can project scope. In July 2021, hair change appoint dispatch plays difference of price of big peak cereal; The deepens reform of coal fired online electrovalency file October alludes again cancel catalog electrovalency. Up to by 2021, city of nearly 30 provinces already answered this policy to announce to cancel catalog electrovalency, decide with the market coal fired gets online then electrovalency and drift last proper proportional form sells electrovalency certainly.

Adjust a few joy in also allowing the market of policy ceaselessly however a few anxious. Pull difference of price of big peak cereal to differ with the policy July, new politics below, most province appeared the situation with narrow difference of peak cereal price. It is a delegate with Beijing, new politics cereal issueing a peak is the biggest price difference is narrow reach 0.6 yuan / KWh left and right sides, than before dropped to make an appointment with 0.5 yuan / KWh. And the mechanism that user side electrovalency fluctuates along with coal fired electrovalency, also give an user side store can of the project evaluate the difficulty with was brought certain.

06 trade pattern

The capacity rents mode establish

Share type independently store can the power station leads a project to develop new fashion

Share type independently store can the power station is in 2021 a new force suddenly rises, because this category eye is individual project scope big, operation pattern is more agile become store can the new heat that the project develops. Only by December 2021, shandong, Hunan is successional and net 5 100MW/200MWh are independent store can power station.

At present store can drop of power station profit is relatively single, tone peak still can't support power station operation as one of main income. Accordingly, setting deserves by force to fall in new energy resources, store can hire pattern through the capacity, get mensurable income, become store can power station finance affairs is evaluated in the mainest one annulus.

In August 2021, national hair changes appoint, bureau of the sources of energy releases " about encouraging but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity to the enterprise is built oneself or buy mix peak ability increases and the announcement of net dimensions " was sure Chu Nengrong measures the mode that rent further.

Future is independent store can can last of power station mode development, the key is returned last be decided by at whether can be being gotten from power market reasonable profit. Two of Zhejiang make the frequency modulation market of electrovalency, Shanxi, can be probably store can of the power station develop offer draw lessons from

07 technologies product

It is a target with high security

Store can technology and product development are advanced quickly

Each are big 2021 store can the product development of the manufacturer and layout are advanced quickly, especially a series of first half of the year exhibiting meeting news briefing, all sorts of new products are released appear let a hundred flowers blossom the situation of contention of a hundred schools of thought. A large number of technologies that had used maturity in smooth hot season and electric car domain are drawn lessons from store can in products plan. Include 1500V maximum pressure store can system, group clusters form store can a series of products plan train of thought that wait inside are in system of system, liquid cooling batteries extensive promotion is mixed inside the industry application.

Meanwhile, accident of fire of bright red door also pushs Chu Nengan needle of aweather mouth billow completely, rise store can systematic security is become store can systematic design and the central point that the project develops. As product technology system of progress, standard is perfected and more business research and development are thrown, store can the system is in security, compositive degree, the function of respect of efficiency of dependability, energy promotes hopeful quickly.

08 industries catenary

Batteries rises in price be in short supply

Store can the obstacle that outfit machine increases quickly

2021, especially since second half of the year, raw material rises in price and produce can in short supply already right store can the product production of the enterprise and project development generation are affected directly. Many enterprises are faced with buy batteries difficult, batteries rises in price, item delivery time is lengthened, loot batteries is produced can wait for real problem, brought uncertainty to product delivery time not only, also make the risk of compositive business steep add.

In real business operation, the means lock that compositive business needs to use imprest decides batteries to produce can, and consign cycle also can be ensured only first quarter above. Additional, develop business because of scene power station and net time node is weighed particularly should, if store can the project cannot join movement on schedule and rise in price, also can give whole new the sources of energy store can the economy of the project causes immediate effect.

09 abroad layout

China store can product and project development are walked out of quickly

Embrace overseas market to expand opportunity

Have the aid of is abroad 2021 store the upsurge that can develop, chinese enterprise is participated in abroad store can the strength that project development and product supply increases ceaselessly.

On one hand with China can wait for the center look forward to that is a delegate to be participated in directly abroad store can the project invests, on the other hand with China it is a delegate for project of 1.3GWh the Red Sea, chinese business is overseas of the project store can systematic order and pay scale also are climbed repeatedly new tall.

With store can the system is similar, of the component enterprise such as batteries and inverter abroad participate in degree also increase ceaselessly. Except traditional American Europe market, the market such as southeast Asia, middle east is paid close attention to increasingly.

While home market develops flourishingly, the industrial catenary scale that Chinese company also is using home actively and cost advantage are participated in abroad store can in the market, results whole world store can the bonus that the market grows.

10 markets are participated in square

Store can circuit becomes investment new heat

Good luck and risk are concomitant

As new energy resources + the symptom that Chu Nengcheng develops for scene power station matchs, state-owend enterprise of the many center look forward to that gives priority to course of study with development of power station of new energy resources, place and EPC enterprise are joined in succession store can come in the market, become new energy resources gradually store can power station and independent type store can the development brunt of the power station. Meanwhile, they are beginning system of past upper reaches compositive domain is outspread, as similar as smooth hot season, prospective center look forward to is in store can the existence feeling of industrial catenary also will increase ceaselessly.

On the other hand, clear outfit machine growth anticipates the enterprise outside also attracting a large number of capital and group is thick as hail, wait except scene draw near outside industrial enterprise, enterprise of traditional car look forward to, chemical industry also be in large-scale layout store can produce with batteries can. Especially batteries domain, enlarge produces insanity of nearly one year to also can bring the low end with potential future to produce can superfluous, high end to produce can insufficient risk. Although Chu Nengcheng is the -727379968 level that are shown great expectations to develop new circuit, but at present too flimsy market gain mechanism still will make industry development is in short-term inside face extremely strong wave motion and uncertainty risk.

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