Norwegian Equinor company buys British batteries store can develop 45% stock of company of business Noriker Power

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, norwegian oil and company of Equinor of natural gas tycoon announced a few days ago, had bought dimensions of British public utility store can system and company of Noriker Power of business of development of service of electrified wire netting the share of 45% .  

Besides buy company equity besides, these two companies already were reached with respect to strategic collaboration consistent, this will make Equinor company has an opportunity to participate in Noriker Power company to be in directly of deploy store can project.  

Equinor company shows, the hope carries deploy battery store can the steady demand that the system will come satisfy power industry to grow increasingly, gain profit from which. In addition, in England assets of cable of existing and maritime wind combines mid arrange cell store can the system can raise redound.

A batteries that Noriker Power company is in England to develop store can project

Equinor company but Olav Kolbeinstveit of senior vice president represents electric power of department of second birth energy and market: "Large batteries store can the system can be in can charge below the circumstance with enough electric power of second birth the sources of energy, discharge during demand of peak value power. This will make enterprise can around the balance the market, stable electrified wire netting and raise the need that supplies safety to establish profitable service. Deploy batteries store can the system can make England more make full use of but electric power of second birth the sources of energy. Deploy batteries store can the system can make England more make full use of but electric power of second birth the sources of energy..  

Noriker Power company is developed in England and capacity of aircraft of deploy general assembly is 250MW above batteries store can system, plan batteries of deploy 500MW above store can system, mixture the sources of energy and project of service of stable electrified wire netting.  

Headquarters of Noriker Power company is located in England Geluosite, come to the investment that uses Equinor firm enhance its project to develop platform. Include innovation of system of project development, control and algorithm to optimize among them.  

The Gresham House Chu Nengji gold that Equinor company will buy British asset management and company of investment group Gresham House to reach its to appear on the market in London stock exchange holds some share at present, these two companies have Noriker Power company jointly the share of 15% . Gresham House company bought pool of this home appliance in August 2019 at first store can develop business the share of 5% .  

Gresham House company still will buy the ByersBrae batteries that an installed capacity is 30MW from Noriker Power company in April this year store can project, total value is 15.6 million pound (20.6 million dollar) .

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