Korea SKE&S company buys American batteries store can develop company of business Key Capture Energy

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, korea the sources of energy develops business SKE&S company to announced a few days ago, had bought dimensions of American public utility store development business, can possessory with company of operation business Key Capture Energy(KCE) .  

KCE company states this is bought trade to had been finished, SKE&S company carries out 3 members of the group to become member of KCE company board of directors. KCE company shows, be in as this company in the near future executive business grows the strategy, include SKE&S company assistant president to hold presiding apparitor Jeong Joon Yu concurrently inside the guidance that 3 tall canals provide and proposal will very helpful.  

Assemblyman Paul Tonko is in new York city to visited KCE company to be in 2019 the batteries of this city deploy store can project

The financial clause that trades this had be notted announce. However, of the report when media of industry of no less than will announce to SKE&S company in September this is bought in that way, SKE&S company expresses to plan to will exceed 1 billion dollar to the investment of KCE company at that time.  

SKE&S company is Korea the subsidiary of group of large company SK. SKE&S company basically develops energy business, its scope of business covers thermalization stone fuel to generate electricity establishment, but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity establishment and hydrogen can establishment. This company already moved to make an appointment with 700MWh energy facilities with deploy in Korea and American market, but up to now, the main focal point that this company is in the United States is the residence and commerce and industry (C&I) store can the market.

The SKE&S company investment to KCE company, will offer to enter the United States further for this Korea company store can the platform of the market. The operation means of KCE company is similar to independence to generate electricity business (IPP) , be dedicated to be in arrive from new York city, Texas in the United States business of operation of mainland only system (the United States such as MISO) terminal market searchs more in popular market store can deploy opportunity.

KCE company has 274MW to be in in the United States the independent deploy that build or has thrown operation store can project, plan deploy 3GW batteries store can project, make an appointment with 1/3 deploy to be in new York among them city, and this company just completed construction of project of a 20MW/40MWh in new York city.  

When accepting industry media to interview recently, jeff Bishop of KCE company presiding apparitor expresses, besides development and construction store can besides the project, this company still uses the operation that only algorithm optimizes asset of its batteries Chu Yunneng and market to interact -- can forecast electrified wire netting " macroscopical supply and demand " , corresponding ground is optimized store can project, answer the price signal that electrified wire netting issues.

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