A messages urge move store can board piece go up greatly: Guangdong store can, pump water harbour can assist a service to bring into electrovalency

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: Up to on December 8 closing quotation, zhi Guang electric power of hill of electric, article store can concept close at harden. 10 thousand get a work out store can the index rises 2.56% , favour nimble share, emperor in relief share, Keshida go up also exceeded 5% .

Store can board piece have dance, normally as good as policy interest relevant, this is not exceptional also. Rise the reason is main end develops innovation at Guangdong province appoint recently give an official agrees to carry out " representative of industry of Guangdong province electrified wire netting buys report to implement plan (try out) " (next weighing " plan " ) .

"Guangdong plan " your market sees

Store can invest gain foreground

Plan points out, the representative buys electrovalency case to include get online on average electrovalency, assist service charge, those who ensure dweller, agriculture to stabilize generation with electrovalency case is new increase share of increase and decrease 3 parts. Assist service charge to show level to basically include among them store can, pump water harbour can the charge of the power station and demand side are answered wait for charge, relevant charge by user of all industry and commerce that participates in the market to trade to buy electricity with representative of industry of electrified wire netting directly common share. Store can, pump water harbour can the amount that the cost appliance body of the power station produces cost actually every months by enterprise of electrified wire netting is certain, demand side answers the computation that waits for charge to save relevant provision to carry out by country and Guangdong.

"This mark is worn the market will is store can, pump water harbour can wait for auxiliary service to buy sheet, to opening store can the market has crucial sense. " a researcher that pursues research of public utility policy for a long time expresses to reporter of newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities, be in early 2018, side of our country electrified wire netting store the symptom of a trend that can have rapid development, enterprise of electrified wire netting to report store can the investment enthusiasm of the project upsurges for a time. But as came on stage 2019 " lose way of careful of inspect of distribution price cost " , clear pump water harbour can power station, report store can establishment get rid of goes out after losing distribution value, side of electrified wire netting store can invest enthusiastic acute to decrease. Put in order is awaiting all the time inside course of study Qing Dynasty and store can relevant be defeated by distribution price to conduct a mechanism.

This year in March, our country builds form the new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources certainly, store can get attention in the action in new-style power system. Incentive store the policy of can extensive development gives heat one after another, your market sees investment gradually store can the economy of the project.

Store can invest in-house yield

Hopeful rises considerably

The country develops innovation appoint will release in May this year " about perfecting pump water harbour further can the opinion that the price forms a mechanism " , put forward to insist to make electrovalency policy give priority to body with two, harbour of farther perfect pump water can the price forms a mechanism. This is a kind of as will corresponding as the capacity basic electrovalency and with the n electrovalency that uses n correspondence union rises the system that decides electrovalency.

According to the file, the pump water harbour of governmental check and ratify can the capacity charge of electricity of capacity electrovalency correspondence pays by enterprise of electrified wire netting. Researcher of public utility of the negotiable securities that start line of business thinks, this second Guangdong province is made clear again store can, charge of the power station that take labor decides by real cost, by user of all industry and commerce common share, straighten electrovalency mechanism further, profit is good store can, pump water harbour can develop greatly.

Utility industry researcher expresses, need ties the near future a series of electrovalency reform policy will look into store can the development space of the industry.

Since since July, much ground publishs electrovalency policy to combine a fist, high-energy cost company raises significantly with electric cost, at the same time the difference of peak cereal price of electrovalency expands further. Industry and commerce store the profit pattern that can use is peak cereal covers interest, new electrovalency policy will increase industry and commerce significantly store can economy, shorten considerably store the redound that can invest period, stimulate industry and commerce thereby store can the growth of demand.

According to facilities of power of Oriental negotiable securities and new energy industry newest report is calculated, with Jiangsu the province is exemple, suppose store can initiative investment cost is the system 1.6 yuan / Wh, battery life 10 years. According to newest electrovalency policy, because use the adjustment of electric height period of time and price, store can from daily 1 fill 1 put change to be 2 fill 2 put, peak cereal price is poor at the same time by 0.72 yuan / Kwh is highest pull reach 1.59 yuan greatly / Kwh. Policy change around, store can invest pay back period to be shortened by 6.9 years to 3.9 years, in-house yield will come by 7% promotion 21% , economy rises significantly, user of predicting industry and commerce invests apiration to increase.

Store can demand increases quickly

Benefit is very relevant equipment manufacturer

The industry thinks generally, industry and commerce store can demand increases quickly, will most first benefit is very relevant equipment manufacturer. With batteries industry bibcock peaceful heart times is exemple, 2021 first half of the year store can systematic income achieves 7 times growth compared to the same period, store can systematic wool interest rate exceeds dynamical cell system, be as high as 37% .

Still more company near future is joined store can equipment and store can in the team of operation. Advocate the last ten-day of a month will announce 10 thousand lis of raise of business of battalion car component in November, plan to be bought with cash means control a partner the Zhejiang of hold of limited company of group of 10 thousand lis of raise Inc. of science and technology of energy of 10 thousand lis of raise (next weighing " company of energy of 10 thousand lis of raise " ) aggregate the share of 51% . Buy this will be helpful for a company developing store can the business such as over-the-counter trading of market of power station, power, widen further the industrial position of the company.

10 thousand lis of raise will interact in investor on December 8 platform expresses, company of energy of 10 thousand lis of raise already joined movement in Guangdong province 3 store can power station, the Gansu Province joins movement 1 store can aggregate outfit machine makes an appointment with the power station 40MW, already signed an agreement to plan to invest construction store can aggregate outfit machine makes an appointment with the power station 700MW, the project is located in Guangdong province and Zhejiang province.

Camel share respect expressed in interactive platform recently, the company is specific will apply with lithium battery low pressure and store can cut a point for strategy of company new energy resources, and those who grow life is high power of race to control, high security, light market of the battery that mix lithium.

Since this year August, camel share and 3 gorge electric energy sign multinomial cooperation agreement in succession. Camel stock represents, the company is offerred for 3 gorge electric energy store can total package serves, it is the company marchs store can the key of the domain one pace, will effective stimulative company store can the development of business.

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