150 million dollar uses financing of Canadian Solar company at expanding store can business

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, the company of Canadian Solar of business of solar energy development of perpendicular conformity was issued through the stock a few days ago raised money 150 million dollar, its earning money will be used at helping its subsidiary expand its store can business.  

This company is labelled by industry media PV Tech " solar energy component is super and allied " (SMSL) elite member. Canadian Solar company shows, this company may use partial earnings at investment or buy its to think " as complementary as its business " business, asset or technology.

The subsidiary Recurrent Energy of Canadian Solar company is in California the Slate solar energy of deploy + store can project, the battery that includes the solar energy that builds 300MW to send electric field and 561MWh among them store can system

Canadian Solar company sold many 360 share through the kind that distributes on stock market, in deduct with 150 million dollar raised money before issueing any relevant commission and charge.

The net income that issues a share this invest in its batteries store can business, expand its store can the program of the project, and potential business, asset or technology invest or buy.  

This company shows, it uses earning money possibly still to strengthen its to generate electricity in the solar energy of Europe and Brazil asset combination.  

Although Canadian Solar company has solar energy to generate electricity,the project develops a branch, but enter batteries store can industry domain is opposite later. However its store can the dimensions of deploy grows quickly, this company is in some earlier this month the outstanding achievement of the 3rd quarter of moment discloses in the report, building total Chu Nengrong at present the quantity is 2.9GWh batteries store can project, still plan deploy 21GWh batteries additionally store can project.

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