Batteries store can systematic price auctions a lieutenant general to be able to drop in ISO-NE company capacity

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: Headquarters is located in city of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance to the market of city studies Weikefeierde and seek advice from the analyst of company of orgnaization ESAI Power to expressed a few days ago, considering Ma Sazhu electric power of state of a place of strategic importance is supplied enough and the circumstance of power slow down in demand, ISO New England of business of power system operation (ISO-NE) the company is in this year Feburary the next time capacity sale price may auction the price last under business of operation of electrified wire netting.

The basis superintends the request that committee submits to American federal energy resources, ISO-NE company states the long-dated capacity on Feburary 7 needs deploy in the auction 31, of 645MW but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity set inflict to satisfy its 2025 ~ the demand of 2026 capacities year, with 33 what in be being auctioned last, seek, 270MW look is closer than dropping 5% .  

Director of ESAI Power company holds chief Scott Niemann and Joe Prosack of electric power analyst concurrently to expressed a few days ago, ISO-NE company held year capacity to auction an activity a few days ago, ensure with the help its are in future has enough electric power to supply inside 3 years. And in be auctioned last, ISO-NE company in order to restrain the price of 1.36 billion dollar from generate electricity establishment, demand is answered resource and store amount can be acquired in establishment 34, the electricenergy production of 621MW.  

Niemann expresses, capacity auction is OK to generate electricity business provides significant income. For example, peak value generates electricity establishment relies on income of capacity on sale greatly.  

Niemann expresses, because the kind of bear of peak value of ISO-NE firm computation produced change, business of operation of electrified wire netting is right the demand of on sale capacity that is about to hold and auctioned photograph comparing to drop last 1, 625MW. He says, the laden growth that needs 5 years about just can restore last on sale level.  

Be in last time in year capacity auction, add up to near 3 of 600MW store can the project is auctioned, and there is 17MW only in was auctioned 2020.

The person that win the bid includes headquarters to be located in san Francisco but the battery of two lithium ion that company of Plus Power of business of development of second birth energy is developing store can project: The Cross Town batteries of the 175MW/350MWh that straps Mu deploy in Maine dagger store can project and the Cranberry Point batteries that in Ma Sazhu city of a place of strategic importance blocks the 150MW/300MWh of Buddha deploy store can project.  

As batteries store can make an appointment with in the fall of systematic cost and line of company of ISO-NE company each other 9, the batteries of 875MW independent deploy store can project, the capacity sale that is about to begin can purchase more possibly store can system.  

Niemann expresses, from will for a long time look, of ESAI Power company predict store bigger and bigger effect can be produced in the capacity auction that the system will be in ISO-NE company.

According to the United States federal energy resources runs committee (FERC) ) another released document, qualified participate in on sale to have resource gross for 33, 356MW, under 33 last year, 662MW. Its capacity includes 3, 275MW demand answers resource.  

And business of operation of electrified wire netting was offerred for coming auction 5 additional, resource of 246MW draw up. And the information that concerns new natural resources did not disclose external.  

As the likelihood affects on sale act, ISO-NE company is in company of NTE Energy of business of operation of electrified wire netting to planned the capacity that the power plant of 650MW natural gas that in Kangniedige Killingl builds the administrative division acquires in the auction to supply obligation for its 2019 at will asking FERC stops his on November 4.  

ISO-NE company thinks NTE Energy company missed a project to develop an opportunity, and according to its the capacity supplies obligation, power plant of Killingly natural gas should be in operation is thrown before June 1 this year.  

If American federal energy resources runs committee (FERC) ) the request that approves ISO-NE company, project of power plant of Killingly natural gas will be participated in without the qualification be about to hold a sale.  

ISO-NE company ever asked FERC approves this request before January 3, let business of operation of electrified wire netting time reflects a decision in be auctioned the next time.  

Development of NTE Energy company manages copartner Tim Eves to express, energy company will respond to the requirement of ISO-NE company. Eves expresses in a statement, ISO-NE company demand is to be based on wrong to financing date hypothesis.  

Eves says: "The financing extremely urgent of project of power plant of Killingly natural gas, this application can defer this to plant further only cleaner, more project deploy of economy. We will take all sorts of step, show to FERC Killingly project has begun his to build a plan not only, and still supply seasonable enlightened operation in order to fulfill its capacity obligation. "

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