Our country store can the industry welcomes 10 times growth period, partial enterprise greets technical breakthrough and order be born

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch:

Store can be the only way that report of wind light produced by electricity filters quickly, also make the wind gap of capital market contend from this. Recently, new China survey of reporter of finance and economics interviews discovery, in order to end look forward to is important store can the Inc. of electric equipment of Shaanxi treasure smooth vacuum of technology and project platform (the following abbreviation " Bao Guang share " ) the partial enterprise that is a delegate, accelerate transition to march store can domain, store can order of technology, project is ceaseless breakthrough and growth, highlight store can the tremendous progress good luck that circuit warms up ceaselessly.

Home store can industry future will be greeted 5 years " 10 times growth period "

In march toward " double carbon " below the target, new energy resources makes the strongest wind gap undoubtedly. Advance as what new energy resources gives priority to the new-style power system of body, each district new energy resources is configured store can become stage by stage " mark matchs " .

"Intermittence of new energy resources, fluctuant character, caused mains frequency not to wait for a problem firmly surely. Store can configure will aid accept of disappear of power new energy resources, stability of electrified wire netting of effective safeguard moves. " limited company of science and technology of the energy in Beijing Bao Guangzhi (the following abbreviation " in Bao Guangzhi " ) general manager Xing Jianguo expresses, as future new energy resources is extensive and net, store can the industry is pressing need development expands, come all-around the frequency modulation that cooperates electrified wire netting, cut a peak to fill cereal, make contribution for the balance of system of electrified wire netting and stability.

Be Chu Nengxin respect of adjusting control of the sources of energy has important sense, the country takes this domain development seriously increasingly. Current, each district is increased right but form a complete set of second birth the sources of energy store can supportive policy, the much province such as Shanxi, Shandong asks Chu Nengrong quantity deserves compare in 10%-20% , successive store can when grow to reach above in 2 hours.

"Before some year with generate electricity the user goes popularizing store can plan, although the other side has fun at,listen, but end up with nothing definite however when true project approving, now store can spring came. " Xing Jianguo ever whole journey participates in a country frequency modulation of peak of attune of class of first MW of home of project of 863 science and technology store can power station demonstrative project, up to now this project moves smoothly already 9 years, he sighs with emotion: "Be engaged in store course of study of what one is particularly good at up to now, I these year of the biggest feeling be, the application of new technology needs those who pass long time to accumulate, quite real large-scale promotion uses the conditional talent with be achieved particular. "

On July 23, national hair changes appoint, bureau of the sources of energy releases the country to be driven about accelerating new-style store the directive opinion that can develop, come true clearly to 2025 new-style store can from commercialize initial stage to spend development change to dimensions, outfit machine dimensions amounts to above of 30 million kilowatt. Up to by 2020, our country is new-style store can install machine dimensions to make an appointment with 3.3 million kilowatt. That is to say, did not come 5 years store the growth space that can install machine dimensions will have 10 times about.

Country golden negotiable securities thinks, home is new 2022 side of energy power source store can the outbreak of the market is final big probability event almost, be based on the hypothesis that domestic scene installed machine 100GW above 2022, although according to relatively conservative average computation of hour of 10% capacities X2, generate electricity only side is added newly store can configure demand to exceed 20GWh, beforehand domestic all Chu Nengxin increased plan 2021 outfit machine grows 3 times above.

Many store can concealed of project be born shows an industry to erupt always

Actually, go one year the industry of olfactory acumen and financial capital already nose store can the good luck of circuit, but before this still wait for look focusing morely in batteries, inverter store can device sphere, but as store can generate electricity in new energy resources side applies progressively be born, store can system of EMS energy management gets more and more attention.

The reporter understands, at present our country is in store can the company of EMS domain deep ploughing basically has the Na Ruiji that electric Na Ruiqi leaves the country to protect, in the Bao Guangzhi of general of Bao Guang share, and still have all directions share wait for a batch " new army " itch to try. But as a result of store can EMS starting point is higher, and need has deeper technology and practice to accumulate to power system, of the much fall to the ground that at present home explores little.

"Each district invite public bidding matchs to itself of new energy resources now store can EMS function demand is lower, and the standard of new-style power system still is done not have come out, it is good to will see home have latent capacity can be done at present store can EMS enterprise can be counted on one's fingers. " sagacious of Yin of vise general manager of Bao Guang stock says.

According to introducing, treasure smooth share is our country major manufacturing vacuum destroys the key of arc room and vacuum switchgear is new and high technical company, and academy of Internet of the sources of energy in Beijing wisdom criterion back Tsinghua university is old store can technical innovation and business group. From this, in the Bao Guangzhi that bilateral combination establishs store can department of electric machinery of university of Yu Qinghua of technical be born out of studies achievement is changed, be in at present igneous power plant store the scene of frequency modulation system, can new energy resources store cooperative control system and ladder of second batteries use systematic respect to all have applied product, and already had project of frequency modulation of group of 4 fire electric machinery cast the experience of carry successfully, the in-house yield that project investment expects all is in 15% above.

Current, the Guangdong that movement joins in Bao Guangzhi makes the same score the sea 30 million are made of baked clay / of dimensions of 15 million watt-hour store can power station, it is current home most of high capacity store can one of frequency modulation power stations; And country electric Qinghai country can group 5 million are made of baked clay / smooth hot season of 10 million watt-hour store can project, can be in the function of 2 frequency modulation that coordinate next cooperating that attemper to realize AGC in unifinication, this makes this project annual can send the 100 telegram of the hour more, to generate electricity the enterprise takes direct economic benefits.

In fact, in side of electrified wire netting, store can the compensation mechanism that value system assists a service in electric power now, at present store can frequency modulation already had economy, and paid tone peak is adjacent also and critical. Afore-mentioned already of be born store can the project has been shown piece, in what have store can below technology and applied setting, the country is relevant the day of policy and standard be born namely the industry erupts always.

Order grows steadily highlight center look forward to store can distinct advantage

In store can develop have broad market prospect, market to compensate a mechanism below the circumstance of progressively get through, current industry consensus is, need sets out from angle of whole electrified wire netting, research and development and carry on one's shoulder of breakthrough source net store unifinication cooperates with technology.

"Home and abroad are different, our country develops store can put below system of big electrified wire netting to discuss, according to electrified wire netting all sorts of functions and demand are finished harmonious cooperate, among them store can controlling a system will be whole store the core that can move, future store can it is important that EMS will be sent more. " chief analyst says new industry of report of trade of a certificate.

The reporter understands, the scene in Bao Guangzhi store unifinication is propped up actively model the characteristic with cooperative control the oldest system is, designed each complete function from the ground of angle from above to below of system of electrified wire netting, satisfy the requirement that electrified wire netting attempers adequately, besides can come true cut a peak to fill cereal, dog the electrified wire netting such as frequency modulation and control of frequency modulation of AGC of 2 frequency modulation props up plan curve, electrified wire netting outside sexual foundation function, still can come true restrain damp broadband oscillation, raise breakdown to pass through the advanced application function such as ability, and have batteries safety protection strengthen a function.

"Treasure smooth share store can the direction of the product that whole designs and research and development is it is setting with power system, build system of new generation power with compose store can applied technology is premise, go to what research and development suits power system electrified wire netting to attemper store can control product. " Yin Zhe expresses, result from the EMS system that the from above to below of logic of electrified wire netting designs, with other store can the EMS that equipment business does from next upgrade is different, and the EMS that be developed strictly according to the logic of electrified wire netting and standard, make power system safe run ability to have safeguard.

Treasure smooth share regards China of new center look forward to as company of the member below division of company of electric equipment group, rely on source net to carry on one's shoulder or back just about store the key cooperates with technology, have bright electrified wire netting to attemper " gene " . According to the program, future lieutenant general of the Bao Guangzhi inside 3 years is with the advanced technique prop up, become with all one's strength store can of market of a few fractionize " the first " or " before 3 " . Current, reserve of the order in Bao Guangzhi estimates rapid growth, the client covers country basically already 5 generate electricity greatly group.

Look in Xing Jianguo, advancing " double carbon " in the target, need solves intermittence of new energy resources and fluctuation problem, comparing significant step exclusively now is configuration store can. Hope home a few have banner store the company that can crucial technology and core equipment create, compose builds a whole industrial system, include whole technical system and quality standard system among them.

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