New technology measure comes true " source net carries on his shoulder or back store " attemper in coordination

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: Since entering a winter this year, many our country areas appear the circumstance that lack report, some enterprises must because of " pull brake to be restricted report " and stop production. Carbon amounts to peak carbon to counteract setting to fall, what kind of caution is this having to energy industry development?

On November 21, in congress of Internet of Chinese 5G+ industry " 5G+ the sources of energy " on special subject conference, to how pushing administration of the sources of energy academician experts are modern, avoid to be immersed in an error to express a point of view.

"Electric power serves as a kind of special commodity, if can resemble other goods building large-scale storage euqally, this one problem was solved with respect to Ke Yingren. " in expert of system of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, famous power Cheng Shijie looks, our country electric power is total it is to be used quite, but spatio-temporal distributinging disequilibrium, do not match with market demand, this created the problem with power structure insufficient sex. According to introducing, outstanding group basically is engaged in advanced electrician at present when Cheng material and store can technical research, what exert oneself solves times of new energy resources is large-scale store can problem.

"We stand on the turning point of a times, china turns to carbon to counteract a times in the round. " allied deputy secretary-general says industry of Chinese wisdom energy awesomely.

Implementation carbon amounts to peak carbon to neutralize a goal, the sources of energy is to stand for war, electric power is main force. " the carbon before 2030 amounts to peak action program " clear, want coal of strict and reasonable control to consume growth, develop new energy resources energetically. To 2030, wind report, solar energy generates electricity total installed capacity achieves above of 1.2 billion kilowatt. At the appointed time, power system will face bigger challenge.

"Future, electric power attempers will depend on experience no longer, be based on data drive however. " Zhang Zhiliang of president of limited company of service of big data of southern electrified wire netting expresses, the Jiang Bo that as a result of the new energy resources such as report of smooth hot season, wind existence generates electricity to be not stabilized uses a sex, in high proportion new energy resources is received below, power system faces stronger uncertainty and frangibility problem. Times of new energy resources, need passes the technical measure such as artificial intelligence, big data, algorithm to undertake " power source, electrified wire netting, bear, store can " entire network attempers in coordination.

"In the process that in Chinese implementation carbon the carbon that amount to a peak counteracts, predict to always invest dimensions to achieve 100 trillion yuan. " Chen Xinyu of professor of college of Hua Zhongke ability is forecasted say. Face so vast investment scope, method choice is crucial. He expresses, choose different carbon to counteract method, annual cost gap or achieve 1 trillion yuan, this also is meant, scientific choice carbon counteracts method, annual but managing on -727379968 yuan. Current, group of college of Hua Zhongke ability is building the platform of systems analysis of the sources of energy of technology of based number twin, counteract transition method to undertake quantifying an analysis to the industry carbon such as electric power, for as far as possible avoid investment risk provides intellective support. (Zhang Yangchun of reporter of Hubei daily complete intermediary)

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