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Summary: On September 22, 2020, chairman Xi Jinping is in the the United Nations General Assembly announced China strives to reach peak value at making carbon dioxide is discharged before 2030 on run-of-mill controversy, strive for carbon of the implementation before 2060 to counteract (the following abbreviation: "30 · 60 " target) ; The focal point that in the central economy by 2020 at the same time working conference also advances to do good carbon to amount to peak, carbon to counteract works, the development that is green finance brought new power. Our country amounts to focusing carbon peak, carbon to counteract the major strategy deploy such as the target, the resource configuration that develops finance adequately to support green to develop, risk management and market fix a price 3 big functions, the key promotes the work. Finance is the core of modern economy, the industry grows the resource allocation support that cannot leave finance, in be this to realize carbon to amount to peak, carbon to neutralize a goal in the our country that help strength, financial industry will produce crucial supportive effect. At present developed country and main finance orgnaization had carried a design, metric system on the head to decide in low carbon finance, the domain such as innovation of information exposure, product accumulated certain experience, and the key practice that green credit is green finance, answer for commercial bank of this our country will " 30 · 60 " the target brings into management development strategy, make carbon discharge calculate a standard, perfect policy system and administrative system, discharge carbon bring into environmental information exposure, increase strength of innovation of product of low carbon banking, insist to regard a key as to support a domain green economy, aid protection of power organisms' habits and environmental processing actively, devote oneself to to make green bank, go to effective resource allocation in green industry.

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Our country has become the state that the whole world urges compose first times to build green banking system by administration. September 2020, chairman Xi Jinping is in what the the United Nations General Assembly announced Chinese carbon dioxide is discharged on run-of-mill controversy " 30 · 60 " target, strategic question that affirmatory carbon discharges a target is progress of economy of relation our country. Although just need to achieve the goal that carbon neutralizes to the our country before 2060, still have time of 40 years at present, but should achieve this goal actually, transition of progress of our country economy and green finance development will face very great pressure (the time that if the European Union realizes carbon,amounted to a peak to use 71 years, United States used 45 years) . Amount to the goal that peak, carbon neutralizes to realize carbon, our country will develop a series of respects such as structure of structure of industry of means, estate, the sources of energy, investment structure, lifestyle to undertake metabolic substantially adjustment in economy. Negotiable securities of the gold in the basis is calculated, 2020~2060 year, carbon counteracts a target to will be brought to our country average and annual the green economy investment of -727379968 yuan of above and the annual produce scope that restrict 7 trillion yuan every year.

Up to 2020 end, the green credit remaining sum of our country is close already 12 trillion yuan, rank the world for years continuously the first; Green bond puts an amount 813.2 billion yuan, rank the world the 2nd; Clean energy industry is in 2020 end first remaining sum breaks through 3 trillion yuan, already exceeded iron and steel of the corresponding period, coal, coloured to wait for 3 main high cost can domain loan gross; Green loan fraction defective borrows money under banking fraction defective 1.6 percent, successive 3 quarters maintain in 0.5% the following. 2021 first half of the year, home borrows money each to add 13.5 trillion yuan newly, among them credit of main bank green increases more than 1 trillion yuan. Although credit of our country green develops to already obtained better development result, but 6.74% what remaining sum of loan of green of end our country took remaining sum of loan of full banking orgnaization only 2020, 9.3% what remaining sum of loan of green of 21 main banks occupies his to borrow money entirely first quarter, green loan is occupied than still inferior, green credit still has huge to develop a space. Yi Gang of people bank president thinks, with the tie in carbon the condition falls, want to realize carbon to counteract investment of need huge amount, need with commercialized means, guide financial system to offer low carbon to invest what what need to throw financing support. This shows, our country should realize carbon to discharge a target, perfect system of green money market, promote innovation of green finance tool, at present capital bottleneck remains the one big challenge that economy of our country green grows.

The key that current green credit is green finance fulfils the job, "30 · 60 " the target green credit development to the commercial bank and low carbonization, can manage continuously raised taller requirement. Need more for commercial bank of this our country against a rainy day, as early as possible will " 30 · 60 " the development strategy that the target brings into a bank, do good design carrying a layer on the head, make carbon discharge calculate a standard, perfect policy system and administrative system, through developing green banking actively, build low carbonization of green of credit capital fund to develop way, increase strength of innovation of product of low carbon banking, insist to regard a key as to support a domain green economy, aid protection of power organisms' habits and environmental processing actively, devote oneself to to make green bank, and will effective resource is reasonable in allocating green industry, to realize carbon Da Feng, carbon counteracts a target to make actual contribution.

Carbon amounts to peak, carbon to counteract a target to raise new requirement to development of credit of our country green

"30 · 60 " the target gives transition of economy of our country green set long-dated target, tie and industrial change all meet the green policy that arises from this form major effect to the money market of our country, trade to carbon, climate joins the relevant field such as environmental protection of financing, zoology cast financing to also bring good luck and challenge, at present ministries and commissions already also took a series of step stage by stage related the country, advance the low carbon transition of economic structure, drive our country climate effectively to administer system and the construction that govern ability, produce a large number of new investment opportunities thereby.

() green estate investment is increased continuously

Should come true " 30 · 60 " the target needs to undertake project of a large number of green, mild invests, for this our country will from increase pressure fall tall carbon discharges project strength, accelerate development the two respects proceed with such as low carbon industry strengthens carbon to discharge a target to expand government. Calculate according to center of national climate strategy, neutralize a goal to realize carbon, to 2060 our country adds climate domain newly to invest demand dimensions to will amount to 139 trillion yuan of RMBs, average and annual the green economy that all has -727379968 yuan of above invests, the project that has much, need adopts financial system especially implementation of capital of society of commercial bank linkage casts financing, realize the effective configuration of financial natural resources with this, here setting falls, the market space of the commercial bank will get extending, will form new profit point of growth.

(2) accelerate stimulative carbon the market grows

Regard green finance as main component of the system, carbolic market is the element of crucial foundation sex that realizes carbon to decrease a platoon, trade soundly especially mechanism, compose builds mature and perfect carbon market is the important implementation way that realizes carbon to amount to peak, carbon to counteract, do business to green property right through effective market mechanism price, realize carbon to decrease a platoon to effect, can promote carbolic technology and capital effectively to turn to low carbon to develop a field, urge a company the energy-saving innovation that decrease a platoon and industrial structure are optimized upgrade, the carbon that whole realizes to finish our country with inferior cost reduces a goal, its are low to driving economic green carbon of carbolic development, stimulative implementation amounts to peak carbon to counteract a target to have main effect. But 2013~2019 year, our country carbon discharges authority to trade the carbon of pilot area is discharged trade 0.54% what the quantity is discharge capacity of carbon of our country the corresponding period only, trade the amount is extremely small, carbolic market grows still not active, need develops respect of program, design carrying a layer on the head to undertake overall consideration is mixed in carbolic market as a whole layout, the frame of whole of green banking system that brings into carbolic market construction and development effectively our country, drive green finance development with this, accelerate implementation carbon to neutralize a goal.

(3) the financial product innovation that promotes low carbon industry

In recent years, financial orgnaization has had the fall to the ground of innovation of green banking product of a variety of low carbon concepts, but low carbon industry involves wide, chain to grow, the innovation degree of the green banking product of commercial bank of current our country and product abound degree, still can not satisfy completely " 30 · 60 " the development need of the target; Plus the commercial bank the existing credit that put an amount still needs a large number of undertaking that green is changed to transform, tall to the demand diversification rate of financial product, still need to increase the innovation strength of green banking product for this bank, positive innovation serves credit of means, green to manage mode, ability holds carbon counteract carbolic green to expand capacious opportunity better.

(4) system of policy of green banking of farther perfect our country

At present the system of green finance standard of our country and " 30 · 60 " the target still can not match completely rise, like our country " carbon arranges power buying operation method (try out) " carried out formally in Feburary 2021, partial green finance limits a standard to accord with carbon not completely to counteract right clean the requirement that 0 carbon discharge. The green banking system that early days our country publishs is regulations and normative sex file mostly, lack national standard and legal provision, on March 1, 2021, laws and regulations of banking of green of ministry of our country head -- " regulations of banking of green of Shenzhen special economic zone " carry out formally. The green banking policy that shows whole of level our country especially the environment of green finance evaluates standard, industry to coach credit of catalog, green announces mechanism and information to share the relevant system Shang Xuming such as the mechanism to be perfected truly, in order to achieve effective form a complete set " 30 · 60 " target requirement. In addition, the policy drive mechanism of green credit still remains to improve, exert the incentive shift effect such as taxation, pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange to green credit still not apparent, the commercial bank was affected to develop the initiative of green credit and enthusiasm on certain level.

Carry out since July 1, 2021 " finance of green of banking finance orgnaization evaluates program " the ability that aims to promote finance to support green industry to develop further, bring into green finance evaluation grade of orgnaization of Central Bank finance to wait for policy of Chinese people bank and prudent government tool as a result, encourage exploration to extend banking green finance to evaluate result application, perfect the green banking system of banking further, incentive finance orgnaization increases green credit to put in.

(5) beaded finish is protected Information Circular and make public show a system

Sufficient environmental information exposure is financial system smooth guiding capital throws the main base to green industry. At present the environment of our country violates information to inquire platform construction remains to perfect, the element that environmental information announces and level have not achieve the requirement that carbon counteracts completely. The environmental protection information related enterprise oneself exposure is less, and the bank is in get, master the information field such as company experience environmental protection, safety to still exist channel is inadequacy of little, information content, newer wait for a circumstance not in time, still must strengthen environmental protection Information Circular to reach fair show, can discharge administrative carbon when necessary bring into environment and technological process of social risk government, requirement exposure carbon is discharged and carbolic footmark information, while measure of legal laws and regulations, government and detailed rules of relevant form a complete set are ceaseless and perfect related the climate that is in our country and environmental information exposure, announce the pertinent information such as content of main body, exposure, supervisory management clearly to show a demand better, form normalization job mechanism; Through consider and trying to discharge carbon pertinent information brings into social responsibility to report or environmental information publishs special subject report, promote the development of green finance better with this.

Carbolic Da Feng, carbon neutralizes a goal to the commercial bank manage bring new challenge and opportunity

() to quality of commercial bank credit the canal accuses to form bigger challenge

Current, there still is many blame low carbon in the loan putting an amount of our country commercial bank kind loan, rise as what carbon discharges a standard, the business that domestic tall carbon arranges and industry will be faced with whole to manage cost to rise (the rise of cost of processing of special environmental protection) , effective market space receives narrow, management accrual to drop and financing cost rises wait for a risk, the enterprise reimbursement ability that brings about tall carbon to discharge drops, the likelihood below severe case causes company loss or close down, increase the probability of break a contact of risk of credit of commercial bank happening thereby, cause bank credit risk, to bank credit risk management forms bigger management challenge.

(2) structure of commercial bank credit will last optimize

As our country economy progressively to transition of low carbon economy, expand of green credit dimensions ceaselessly, the addition that high grade green borrows money, will ringing to the shadow continuously the credit structure of the commercial bank. Carbon discharges a target to pass the credit fund flow direction to the commercial bank to undertake reasonable configuration, the substance that adds pair of green economy, loop economy on one hand extends loan, compress stage by stage on one hand " two tall one low " of industry and project loan extend and manage, vacate corresponding space to be used at expanding green credit continuously, optimize the credit structure of the commercial bank for a long time stage by stage, promote bank credit asset quality.

(3) point of growth of commercial bank profit is significant increase

Pattern of profit of commercial bank of current our country basically still is support puts the difference that shift interest, basically appear depend on capital to use up and the characteristic of close economy cycle, be in " 30 · 60 " below the target, the commercial bank is not what reduce tall loan interest rate stage by stage low carbon kind credit business, make more credit fund throws low carbon kind credit business, be in short-term inside the gain ability that affects level sex the commercial bank. But trade bank can pass one party discuss with sb face to face to fill in order to measure valence, increase green credit gross ceaselessly, offset breath poor loss; Expand the green credit business that low capital depletes on the other hand, enter low carbon through lasting kind credit business, conduce to a bank reducing capital to use up, further managing capital, raise credit fund to use efficiency, optimize credit business space further; Plus low carbon kind credit company management condition is relatively benign, lower carbon through sending kind credit business, can improve credit asset quality further, the finance affairs that reduces a bank accordingly is used up, save management cost, increase bank profit thereby. At the same time the commercial bank passes the exorbitant demand that reduces pair of short-term profit growth moderately, yield benefit to hypostatic economy, make the economic finance of our country maintains benign development, serve system and green product system through outspread characteristic green, make the profit pattern of change bank with this, promote the gain of the commercial bank capability stage by stage, come true but durative development.

(4) to business ability of credit of commercial bank green challenge

The chain of current green industry is long and child the trade is much, each industry and the difference rate between all sorts of products are old, especially current commercial bank generates electricity to nuclear report, solar energy, wind report, maritime wind report, hydrogen can, live thing is simple can and carbon catchs collect, carbon to collect, resource uses the knowledge that waits for brand-new domain and industry circularly cognitive degree is insufficient, and relatively unfamiliar to the technical method of green industry, need to be opposite in time the uncertainty of the market of green industry and technical alternate make effective judgement analysis, difficulty of green credit business is tall. In specific project evaluation, the commercial bank lacks those who have the green industry of effect to evaluate system, quantity to change tool and evaluate a method accordingly, quantify effectively hard analyse and evaluate low carbon project to reach its to reduce an earnings, the potential risk of asset of tall carbon of more difficult also accurate estimation, to the assessment of green industry whole the method is mixed evaluate capability finite, form greater progress to restrict to green credit business.

Relevant green credit develops a proposal

According to the country macroscopical economy adjusting control directs and economy grows fibrous root of our country commercial bank circumstance, insist to regard a key as to support a domain green economy, aid protection of power organisms' habits and environmental processing actively, devote oneself to to make green bank, develop green banking effectively.

() form green credit to develop consensus

The commercial bank needs to form the green credit that unites all right completely to develop consensus, strategy of complete travel whole must develop to green finance further, form perfect green credit to grow effect to develop a mechanism, blend in its the enterprise to wish each link such as service of technological process of system of culture of strategy of scene, development, credit, policy, government, product. It is to organizing framework level, ensure the green credit that has from above to below expands duty, each class is mixed according to the requirement of green credit the tenet is orderly and efficient development. 2 it is to be on level of green credit policy, the system of policy of green industry credit that should form entire industry to be enclothed completely, encourage and guide complete soon credit resource is preferential cast mix to green economy can effect is managing domain.

(2) strengthen green credit business manage

The admittance of credit of 1. strict green asks, level of implementation green credit is right of whole credit flow enclothe completely. The green credit that from above to below decides bank whole is main principle, the investigation that clear green borrows money, examine, examine and approve, the contract is signed and the administrative demand that level runs after borrowing and attention key. Special the key industry that is put in environmental risk hidden danger to the likelihood, need determines the policy of industry green credit of high demand further, make clear standard of admittance of industry green credit, environmental protection complies with law, project optional location or the site of factory, contaminant is discharged and resource is used up wait for a respect to want to accord with relevant requirement, control from credit gross, credit admittance, before borrowing, examine, the respect such as the management after borrowing make specific provision, certain level has credit government effectively.

2. controls environmental risk to borrow money higher, accelerate exit risk loan, increase strength to support green domain. To existing from what superintend or be in charge of a branch to share the channel such as information to inquire environmental protection violates compasses condition besides was not rectified and reform add up to the client of compasses, the commercial bank should include credit in time to quit a plan, make pressure retreat plan to exit a risk to borrow money. Strict control contaminant is discharged and muscularity of environmental protection pressing, the sources of energy drains tall, environment and resource the environment with negative big effect is sensitive model the industry borrows money, force closes to its borrow money to be occupied mediumly in firm client reduce than year after year. Be opposite at the same time energy-saving decrease protection of platoon, zoology, clean the sources of energy, resource to use the loan that waits for a domain integratedly, according to " active support, advance steadily " credit principle, its are in escalate the scale in entire company loan, below situation of coequal risk, earnings, first support the enterprise inside this domain or project financing demand, improve credit composition actively.

Method of science and technology of 3. have the aid of is strengthened monitor, rigorous assessment, ensure green credit effect. Build warehouse of dynamic information of company environmental protection, cease through inquiring relevant authority is believed, tag in system of credit stage Zhang " information of company environmental protection " , build database of information of client environmental protection, concern environmental protection standard and environment to violate condemnatory regulation according to zoology environment ministry, press degree of weight of environmental protection risk, have loan client classificationing classified administrative. In after borrowing, managing, be in the enterprise of website of branch of environmental protection of country, province and inquiry of other media website that monitor to have regularly violate the bulletin of compasses without environmental protection, break the law to information also needs to be checked in time and adjust credit strategy according to checking a result to the business that announces when country and adventitious of branch of local environmental protection additionally.

(3) strengthen green credit the product innovates

The commercial bank should be united in wedlock " 30 · 60 " target, innovate ceaselessly and abound product of mild green credit, promote low carbon to evaluate capability, the low carbon systemic circulation that blends in a country actively develops. Carbon of active exploration innovation discharges financing of equipment of authority impawn loan, low carbon to rent carbon of business, international to protect accrual of manage financing, carbon to back car of bill, new energy resources loan, small environmental protection upgrades transform a project to wait for green credit product. Reach impawn kind through innovating, the forehead spends the carbon that accepts a business to be tasted as impawn, enlarge detain to taste limits. In the meantime, mode of business of active exploration green innovates, increase green credit put in strength, raise green banking business to occupy than.

(4) strive for exterior policy form a complete set supports

Superintendency branch needs to build green banking policy to support a system, the venture that can set green banking capital fund scientificly classifies standard and weight, guide a commercial bank to expand green credit business actively; Batch of the requirement of bank capital management that relaxes green finance capital appropriately, equipment plan that reduces green loan carry, next allocate and transfer cover rate demand fully, the green credit that enhances a bank puts in ability. The government sector can make green credit risk compensate a mechanism, the enterprise that accords with a standard can enjoy allowance of pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of taxation privilege, finance, risk to wait for relevant favourable policy, the risk that increases a business answers ability. Local government can make the directory of industry of high grade green inside area, seasonable the newer, project approving that shows concerned green company, annulus is judged wait for information, be helpful for a bank waiting to undertake joining with the enterprise in the light of demand of circumstance of construction schedule, operation, financing, communicate.

Author brief introduction: Zhou Jie, assistant president of branch of Guangdong of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; Xu Xiaofei, branch of Guangdong of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China awards a letter to examine and approve department general manager; Li Chengqing, Xie Jie China, branch of Guangdong of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, division of senior manager, advanced economy.

Textual publish at " modern banking guides print " 2021 the 9th period

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