FBE appeals Europe encourages more current batteries to invest

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

During this appeal is given out, be worth British government to put forward to concern stimulative deploy large-scale with the electric power when growing store can (the demand of LLES) evidence.

Should seek advice to will undertake on September 28 at will coming on July 20, the electric power when key attention is long store can be in the action of respect of power network decarbonization, oppugn current batteries technology to whether face a possibility block up its are large-scale the market challenge of deploy.

FBE and an international blame seek profits association expresses, large-scale production meeting reduces cost with include lithium ion and plumbic acid inside short when store can the level that the technology comparatives.

A spokesman of FBE tells BEST, 100 million dollar sheds the liquid that is used at building a 1.5GW batteries production factory -- the cost that builds new current battery to make installation is far the investment under ionic to lithium production factory.

FBE president Kees Van De Kerk expresses: "If want to realize carbon to reduce a goal, what spread cell to fluid with respect to urgent need is large-scale make have investment, in order to support large-scale, long life store can deploy. "

FBE expresses, when if do not support,growing store can inchoate deploy of the technology, defer the development of this technology, and when installation is short store can defer its Xiang Changshi store can changeover, make realized decarbonization of system of the sources of energy to become more difficult 2050 thereby.

FBE expresses, when growing quickly store can technology and drive investment to will conduce to preparation making supply chain with material, limitation is not accorded with when growing store can of technical standard store can deploy.

FBE expresses, accelerate when growing store can the technology invests ahead of schedule will conduce to supply chain with material to make ready-made, restrict thereby do not accord with when growing store can deploy.

FBE answers the question of concerned BEST

Is Europe in prospective 5-10 year when is need invest in long store can technical amount probably how many?

Current, super factory produces tesla every year 35GWh, cost 5 billion dollar, use at electric car for the most part among them. Accordingly, if expand in proportion, 1GWh restrains the cost 140 million dollar. Say according to IHS Markit, to 2030, the whole world store can the market will increase every year exceed 30GW.

If say, what we need 30GW every year is fixed store can, having 5% only among them is current batteries, that still means 1.5GW to come from current batteries. The cost of current battery plant is the half of lithium ion factory. The current battery plant of a 1.5GW restrains the cost 100 million dollar.

Accordingly, we think Europe should be annual invest 100 million dollar to be used at current batteries to make at least, in order to catch up with the pace of other technology. Below good case, we still hope any acceptance the country of super factory undertakes electric car invest similarly.

When how will this investment help encourage store can technology and lithium ion and plumbic acid store can you show itself in systematic competition?

Capital, for example research and development and of production investment give a money, it is a foundation with the technology normally, the increase that the basis can forecast and first step undertake assessment mixing to draft resolution public investment. Normally, capital shedding drives capital.

This means newer technology sometimes famous degree inferior, the faculty that attracts capital is weaker.

Private investment follows normally the development of initiative research and development. Private investor evaluates public fund the examination that regards pair of its draw up as investment. Illicit support of the people is common capital and investment often the technology that apt has tangible value to flow.

To store can, element of value shedding drive is based on all the time short when store can, for example electric energy quality, frequency is answered and short-term reserve and electric car. This already was attention centrally on the batteries with use shorter time, for example lithium ion batteries.

When growing store the finance return rate that can not develop so, because this often won't invest in great quantities so. The problem that this is current batteries not just -- other when growing store can the technology also is awaiting more investment. We think, the cost that builds new current battery to make installation is far the investment under ionic to lithium production factory.

Current batteries seeks advice

The advisory requirement of British government provides information, when growing in order to understand store can the obstacle inside the market, how to solve the risk related these obstacles and likelihood and the potential interpose measure that support its deploy.

A statement of FBE says, although fluid is galvanic pool already deploy uses Yu Changshi store can apply, but when growing store can the market clause with technical enough need will ensure they are OK along deploy of system of the sources of energy.

FBE emphasizes the importance with the following first policy:

When growing store can the definition should consider MWs and MWhs not only, consider circular sex of the technology and wear even.

When should thinking to grow store can the shortest duration is 5 hours; Store can the system is in at least 10, energy of at least 5 hours is provided with rated power inside 000 complete cycle.

When growing store can project should with generate electricity, distribution and transmit electricity and consumption serve as a separate asset category to build together. Make the market value that will allow a capacity so, is the market value of electric power not just. batteries the definition is a separate asset category, make the project of batteries of long-term natrium sulfur of middle east becomes feasible on finance affairs.

World other country, be like China and United States, when beginning to invest different length store can technology.

FBE still is willing to be mixed with policy constitutor other interested interest relative has a conversation, ensure in order to help when growing store can the technology is in get more attention and investment in the near future.

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