Store can policy drive is carried fast store can notional station uptake

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China store can net dispatch: Regard the construction of new-style power system as the key, store can get the central great attention with the place. Ministries and commissions releases since this year store in can relevant file, majority is to concern new energy resources to configure store can, the relevant provision to electrovalency, store can participate in auxiliary service to wait. The analysis thinks, overlay of layout of policy carrying a layer on the head uses electric construction demand, store can long-term to good become general trends, store can notional station uptake.

Store can get policy red package thick and fast

Regard the construction of new-style power system as the key, store can be since October got the central great attention with the place, statistic, the policy of central class comes out to have 10, of the place have 16.

Ministries and commissions releases since this year store in can relevant file, majority is to concern new energy resources to configure store can, the relevant provision to electrovalency, store can participate in auxiliary service to wait.

National hair will change on October 12 appoint " the announcement that about deepening coal fired to generate electricity further online electrovalency commercializes reform " commercialize reform to make a provision to coal electrovalency case. Besides central spirit carry out besides, still buy report to make a provision to acting as agent: Of short duration did not buy user of industry and commerce to buy electricity by representative of industry of electrified wire netting directly from power market. On October 26, national hair changes appoint buy electric job to release a document with respect to the representative again, besides the regulation electrovalency buys electrovalency division by the representative, be defeated by fund of sex of distribution price, government and add composition, still put forward enterprise of electrified wire netting to want to forecast a representative to buy user of electrical engineering commerce to use n and typical load curve regularly.

On October 24, the State Council allots " the announcement that about print and distribute the carbon before 2030 amounts to peak action program " , two files are right store can " express look again " : To 2025, new-style store can installed capacity achieves above of 30 million kilowatt. To 2030, pump water harbour can power station installed capacity achieves left and right sides of 120 million kilowatt, provincial electrified wire netting has the aiguille bear of 5% above basically to answer ability. Can say, coal fired cannot be lost for a short while, but store can also will carry case heavy duty, build dovish new-style power system to exert oneself for compose.

Fill the domain that change report, mode of report of trade of industry letter ministry is pilot allot an announcement, pilot city shares 13, include Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, 3 inferior, Chongqing, Changchun, Hefei, Jinan 8 use kind of town integratedly, and appropriate guest, Tang Shan, Baotou blocks characteristic 3 times again kind city. Expecting an end is 10 thousand 10+ to popularize the car that change report, exchange a power station 1000+ .

October, heibei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Guangxi commercialize to electric power trade reached electrovalency to make detailed regulation perhaps ask for opinion draft. In the light of hair change appoint the rise scale in the file, each district also has different regulation. Among them Heibei expresses, next float in principle all do not exceed 20% on, high cost can business market trades electrovalency does not get rise 20% limitation.

Fill the domain that change report, dalian city puts forward to charge to construction the announcement of infrastructure allowance, charge to according with car of new energy resources infrastructure, according to rated output power undertakes one-time allowance, subsidy level is 465 yuan / kilowatt, the 40%; that allowance scale does not exceed total investment is one-time to according with car of new energy resources to exchange a power station give do not change electric establishment to invest the allowance capital of 30% more than, highest allowance amount does not exceed 2 million yuan.

Urge form a complete set of coal fired power plant construction is new-style store can establishment

Zhejiang province hair changes appoint, bureau of Zhejiang province the sources of energy will combine print and distribute on November 9 " about Zhejiang the province is accelerated new-style store can set an example executive opinion of application " , urge form a complete set of coal fired power plant construction is new-style store can establishment, combine frequency modulation with coal fired aircrew, promote integrated competition ability.

Basis " opinion " , 2021-2023 year Zhejiang province should build and net 1 million kilowatt is new-style store can set an example project, "945 " strive to realize 2 million kilowatt the left and right sides is new-style store can set an example the project develops a target. With new-style power system development suits, pattern is more extensive in supporting market mainly (capacity not under 50 thousand kilowatt) with distributed platform polymerization (capacity not under 10 thousand kilowatt) new-style store can project construction, provide capacity support and tone peak capability for power system. Encourage exploration to begin salt of Chu Qing, frit store can etc innovates store can technical research and demonstrative application.

" opinion " put forward to begin power source side in order store can build. Support " small network + store can " " new energy resources + share store can " wait for power source side store can project construction, power station of type smooth hot season is integrated in urging the maritime wind report that adds newly, gather space of accept of pass the time in a leisurely way of character of new energy resources, system, adjust the real factor such as function and economy, build or buy new-style store can (service) . Encourage collect Chinese style store the power station offers a capacity to rent for new energy resources or can purchase a service. Urge form a complete set of coal fired power plant construction is new-style store can establishment, combine frequency modulation with coal fired aircrew, promote integrated competition ability.

" opinion " develop side of electrified wire netting clearly energetically store can build. Place should support principal part of of all kinds market to alleviate height bear power supply is pressed force, defer be defeated by distribution enlarge look to upgrade, around power source, bear two fields requirement, investment builds side of a batch of electrified wire netting store can, promote accept of disappear of adjustment of electrified wire netting, new energy resources and lash-up power supply the capability such as safeguard. Did not bring into those who lose value of distribution price nucleus to already was built, build side of electrified wire netting store can project, bring into this policy to support limits. After policy is adjusted related the country, enjoy this policy support no longer.

In the meantime, " opinion " encourage enterprise user or business of integrated energy service is built independently according to character of user negative charge store can establishment, make full use of mechanism of catalog time-sharing electrovalency, cut a peak actively to fill cereal, optimize demand of bear of area electrified wire netting. Advance 5G radical energetically center of station, data, charge establishment (exchange a power station) , electric car store can diversity application. Drive store can application and electrified wire netting develop in coordination, exploration uses formula of cloth of digitlization technology bisect store can establishment develops platform group, encourage the development of new job condition such as wisdom the sources of energy, fictitious power plant, sufficient play is agile, adjustable quality store can resource balances action mediumly in new-style power system.

" opinion " still point out, should consider to use fall into disuse or retire power source, transformer substation has circuit and establishment construction independence already store can power station. Encourage power source, electrified wire netting, user to side is rented or buy independence store can establishment offers store can serve.

Major store can company battalion restrains implementation growth

Store can the domain appears on the market 3 quarters money signs up for the company to had given heat in succession this year, store can in head enterprise, the company battalion such as science and technology of times of Biyadi, peaceful heart, culmination closes to grow considerably. Close from battalion go up look, major store can the battalion of the company closes to be in the trend to growth, 51 appear on the market in the company only 5 appear negative growth, net profit respect, peaceful heart times still is gain large family, 7.751 billion yuan net gain is one times more more than than ranking tower above of second saline international. Store can before this year 3 quarters greeted the industry to erupt in a small way, the enterprise of the deficit in 51 companies has 5 only likewise.

Newspaper of money of the 3rd quarter closes with respect to battalion for, biyadi with 145.2 billion yuan of be far ahead, and peaceful heart times is his about half, 73.36 billion yuan. But if compare attributive net profit, it is peaceful heart times with 7.751 billion yuan of be far ahead. Up to 3 quarters end, share 1225 fund to weigh a storehouse hold Ningde times, up to 3 quarters end the market prise that maintain a warehouse is as high as 117.1 billion yuan, exceeded 109.2 billion yuan of to Guizhou Maotai market prise that maintain a warehouse. Peaceful heart times is driving " motivation " the chip that makes attracted fund, make it is become " fund loves most " .

Close to look with the contrast of attributive net profit from battalion, emphasize particularly on at present batteries is made and store can compositive enterprise still is in store can the domain occupies larger dominant position, science and technology of times of Biyadi, peaceful heart, culmination, day can share, Xin Wangda is behaved pretty good. This is compared among them special is the day that gives priority to battalion with dynamical cell production can share. Company of before 3 quarters realizes business income twenty-six billion seven hundred and forty-nine million yuan, grow 6.33% compared to the same period, net profit 1.066 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 27.28% . Day can share money newspaper shows, net profit drops basically is report period inside report of plastic, vitriolic, lithium the raw material such as negative pole material and price of specific power consumption rise bigger, bring about cost to rise, product wool interest rate drops be caused by.

Raw material cost has risen fast also be store can battery business is in the problem that face, at the same time raw material cost rises to also bring raw material the rise of the gain of the enterprise, the 3 quarters battalion of Hua You cobaltic course of study closes to increase 53.63 percent compared to the same period, attributive net profit adds 244.95 percent compared to the same period, and battalion of fir fir share closes to increase compared to the same period achieve 182.43, attributive net profit is cruel add near 8 times. Fir fir share crosses a bound to arrive from dress store can, looking at present is very successful.

Letter negotiable securities expresses in, the program of policy carrying a layer on the head with clear tie is how-to the executive strength follow-up with the place, in wind report domain, value the increment policy bonus of annual and land factor of production were propped up 2021, come from the policy support of area of Guangdong, Hunan, Shandong especially, hopeful quickens policy bonus to be conducted to main area. To store can domain, igneous report increment suffers when be restricted to be the same as, outfit machine maintains new energy resources to be added high fast, overlay China Chu Xin compares on the low side, store can medium long-term to the limit of one's capacity is inevitable trend. The near future carries program of layer policy distribution on the head, installation amount and one class market erupt at the same time, solve stage by stage in time-sharing electrovalency store can below the case with commercial not clear pattern, short-term proposal attention compresses batteries of air, natrium, current batteries to wait for technical course in. To hydrogen can domain, proposal attention carbon counteracts the hydrogen below setting to be able to be in of chemical industry " raw material " value mining, green steel, green ammonia counteracts technological process of trade of chemical industry of the actor below setting to decrease carbon or Cheng Qing to be able to use new trend in carbon for the delegate.

Store can notional station uptake

On November 9, store can notional board piece transaction, a relevant concept rise generally, up to closing quotation, science and technology of division of big bright intelligence, brilliant and be engaged in the intelligent terminal such as charger, mobile power source filling store the harden of Ao Haike ability of electric product.

" investment wall bulletin " the reporter notices, store can board piece it is this year the big heat of 2 class market board piece. 2021 especially since second half of the year store can policy is released thick and fast, relevant policy from store basically can use a field 4 times but second birth the sources of energy and net (generate electricity side) , side of auxiliary service, electrified wire netting and user side give respectively give aid to encourage, drove store can the industry grows quickly.

Will integratedly look, store can applied setting and importance are increasingly outstanding, especially as " carbolic Da Feng, carbon is counteracted " of policy gradually be born, but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity the position that is sure to hold dominant sex in future, and store can the system will be become solve new energy resources to generate electricity the crucial technology of discontinuous sex and instability.

Golden company thinks in, in accompanying structure of global the sources of energy but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity scale increases, to the society the demand that use phone and stability of electrified wire netting, dependability brings a challenge, and store can the technology can rise but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity stability, decrease abandon wind to abandon light, system of the power that help strength gives priority to body transition; to answer the frequency modulation of electrified wire netting, demand that move a peak quickly to new energy resources by igneous report, ensure the on the safe side of electrified wire netting of high proportion new energy resources.

Store can industrial station uptake, inside the industry be paid close attention to generally also, include lithium of Devin of sunshine power source, solid, 100 million abb can, Ningde times.

Sunshine power source is country's biggest solar energy light volt inverter creates a company, do store also can be close water tower, the technology of commutation of power source of new energy resources that relies on the whole world to precede and top-ranking lithium battery technology, batteries of company dedicated Yu Li store can systematic research and development, production, sale and service, can offer store can system of battery of converter, lithium, energy management store can core equipment, implementation assists new energy resources and side of peak of attune of frequency modulation of net, electric power, demand is answered, small electrified wire netting, door with etc store can systematic solution, it is home the earliest sortie store can one of enterprises of the domain.

Solid Devin also is inverter supplier, company deep ploughing store can the domain is relevant technology, heavy pound rolls out GW50K-BTC three-phase to communicate coupling inverter, the initiative for private use that achieves electric power for project of industry and commerce offers a solution. In the meantime, the company is brand-new still roll out two family expenses store can lithium battery, series of high-pressured Lynx Home S and series of low-pressure Lynx Home U, can as two-way as the company store can inverter collocation is used, comprise " smooth hot season + store can " system, realize the initiative for private use of domestic electric power, let a family never cut off the power, devote oneself to to offer 24 hour wisdom for global family green report solution.

And the Ao Haike ability of harden basically was engaged in the intelligent terminal such as charger filling yesterday store the design of electric product, research and development, make and sell, the product basically includes charger (wired charger and wireless charger) , Wu of kimono of power source adapter, mobile power source, dynamical tool power source implement power source.

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