Store can: Town of military importance of layout of new energy resources two direction advance side by side- do two or more things at once

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Town of military importance of layout of new energy resources

Come nearly two years, the country is counteracted about carbon, of new energy resources give aid to policy went out many. The window of early days, in Yu Xinneng source car replaces traditional fuel car, cause A car of new energy resources board piece become important place of the first investment. And the near future, store can this one link is mentioned by increasing ground, become millions of people to fix eyes upon " absorb gold " board piece.

This year on October 24, the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council " about complete and accurate the opinion that carries out new development concept to do good carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract the job in the round " release formally. According to the opinion, to 2025, carbon dioxide of gross domestic product discharges the unit to drop than 2020 18% , consumption of blame fossil energy is controlled than hefting 20% ; To 2030, carbon dioxide of gross domestic product discharges the unit to drop than 2005 65% above, consumption of blame fossil energy is controlled than hefting 25% ; To 2060, blame fossil the sources of energy consumes specific gravity to achieve 80% above, carbon counteracts a target to come true smoothly.

This file alluded for many times store can plan: Accelerate advance pump water harbour to be able to be mixed new-style store can dimensions turns application; Accelerate form with store what can prop up for the foundation with the ability that move a peak is new add electric power to hold machine development mechanism; Use " the assume leadership that uncover a list of names posted up " mechanism, begin low carbon 0 carbon negative carbon and Chu Nengxin material, new technology, new equipment tackles key problem; Strengthen electrochemistry, compress air to wait new-style store can the technology tackles key problem, set an example to apply with industrialization.

The file will put forward related our country this year in July, to 2025, new-style store can install machine dimensions to predict to amount to 30GW above, adjacent and current new-style store 10 times what can install machine scale; To 2030, realize new-style Chu Nengquan the face is commercialized.

According to not complete count, home already had more than 10 province to ask power station of new energy resources is configured this year store can, configuration scale asks to be in more 10% to 20% less than, and other places of Qinghai, Ningxia, Hubei, Guangxi, Heibei, Inner Mongolia all published new energy resources to configure store can plan.

Two general orientation: Pump water harbour can with electrochemistry store can

Change way according to energy, store can can divide for physics store can, electrochemistry store can mix other 3 kinds of means. Physics store can include pump water harbour can, compress air harbour to be able to be mixed flywheel store can wait, among them pump water harbour can because of the capacity big, cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS is low, application is most wide; Electrochemistry store can include lithium ion battery store can, plumbic accumulator store can spread cell with fluid store can, among them character of annulus of follow of lithium ion batteries is good, answer speed to wait quickly to hold main position a bit; Other store can means includes superconduction store can mix super capacitor store can wait, but because make cost tall application is so less.

Physics store can medium pump water harbour can nowadays is form a complete set of global new energy resources store the focal point that can build. CNESA data shows, came 2016 2020, the whole world store can accumulative total installs machine 191.1GW, grow 3.4% compared to the same period, among them pump water store can accumulative total scale is the largest, amount to 172.5GW, grow 0.9% compared to the same period.

Develop to future, international but IRENA of arrange of second birth the sources of energy releases " electric power stores with but second birth the sources of energy: The cost 2030 and market " put forward, to 2030 harbour of global pump water can installation amount relatively rose 2017 about 40% to 50% . Our country plans for a long time to put forward 2025, pump water harbour can total dimensions of put into production relatively " 935 " break up one time, achieve 62GW above; To 2030, pump water harbour can total dimensions of put into production relatively " 945 " break up one time again, achieve 120GW left and right sides.

Electrochemistry store can growing force is next to pump water harbour can. According to CNESA statistic, came 2016 2020, electrochemistry store can accumulative total dimensions amounts to 14.2GW, grow 49% compared to the same period, among them the scale of machine of accumulative total outfit of lithium ion batteries is the largest, amount to 13.1GW, occupy than 92% ; Total installed capacity is occupied than coming from 1% promotion 7% . Be worth what carry is, chu Nengxin increment achieved global electrochemistry 2020 the history is new tall. In this, our country electrochemistry store can technical development is rapid, add electrochemistry newly 2017 store can occupy the whole world to increase proportion newly for 9% , rank the 5th, 2019, occupied 2020 come than rising 21% with 33% , global rank all is the first.

Electrochemistry store can not grow the space is relatively considerable also. Forecast according to WoodMackenzie, did not come 10 years electrochemistry store can install machine general last fast growth, forecast year of compound increase rate to will be amounted to 31% . Among them, chinese electrochemistry store can hold future of dimensions of machine accumulative total 5 years year change compound increase rate to will be achieved below conservative condition 57.4% , can achieve below good position 70.5% .

The brief analyse of main mark

Pump water harbour can industrial catenary includes upriver aqueduct, water pump, hydraulic turbine, electromotor, dynamo and downstream reservoir normally, the proprietor of an enterprise should be centered in hydraulic turbine equipment and project of irrigation works water and electricity board piece, include Chinese report to build, water and electricity of another name for Guangdong Province.

Compare pump water harbour nevertheless can, focusing is in the look more of the market electrochemistry store can go up, industrial catenary can differentiate for upriver material, include uncut jade peaceful to come, favour nimble share, god-given material; Middle reaches is made, include peaceful heart times, Guo Xuan Gao Ke, clique can science and technology; Downstream and compositive, include electron of land of sunshine power source, division to wait. (see a picture)

Graph one: Electrochemistry store can industrial catenary

Origin: Short for Zhejiang Province trade negotiable securities

Among them, most those who accept the bid of attention is Ningde times. 2018, peaceful heart times was established alone store department of trade of what one is particularly good at, as special as Keshida, easy thing, always blessing share build cooperation, overall position store can industrial catenary. Nowadays, the company already was accepted home store can arms of the person at the head of a procession. CNESA statistic, our country added the electrochemistry that joins movement newly 2020 store can in the project, peaceful heart times installs machine dimensions to rank the first.

Come this year, ning Deshi is acting still movement again and again, besides the company before this 58.2 billion again financing collect is cast include in the project add newly store can electric ark is produced per year can make an appointment with 30GWh, still part on October 20, 21 days, 22 day and in aluminous group, national energy group, China cable group signed strategic cooperation agreement, be in store can the cooperation that the domain strengthens the respect such as the brand.

It is A not only, foreign capital also is to peaceful heart times favour has add. Since this year, growing fund decreases the European Pacific Ocean below capital group division ceaselessly hold " old trump card " Guizhou Maotai, be in at the same time this year 2, 3 quarters are added held Ningde period. Fund of in addition new world also hold exceeds 2 million. Current, share price of peaceful heart times already defeated 600 yuan to close greatly.

Of course, invest Ning Deshi to take the place of to coming loose door the risk is not little, up to on October 25, company town is filled with rate TTM to amount to 208.99 times, be in since appearing on the market, historical city is filled with lead 100 minutes of 86.78% . Current, the whole world store can lithium battery proprietor of an enterprise should be centered at China, Korea and Japan, but the whole world store can the market still relatively dispersive, have not appear absolutely bibcock. Partial investor thinks, about latent capacity of later period of peaceful heart times, decide the potential energy of global competition ground that can be put in the company mainly is denied further, if must be participated in, answer to be given priority to with short line.

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