"Peaceful king " pull a hand look forward to of two large center, china the whole world that it is an autograph is the greatest store can project, concept lift harden tide

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

On October 25, store can board piece pull continuously litre, even more 10 stocks rise exceed 9% , batteries of contest of share of Shen Ling environment, new view, tall billows, heart, accumulate an electron to wait for many harden.

According to " CATL Ning Deshi is acting " information of number of small letter public, on October 22, limited company of group of China cable of peaceful heart times and China signs strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. According to the agreement, both sides will be in store can, the domain such as new energy resources, integrated wisdom the sources of energy, strengthen brand, market, technology and product cooperation, insist to develop in coordination, make contribution actively for development of transition of our country the sources of energy.

On October 20, peaceful heart times and national energy group sign strategic cooperation agreement, bilateral will sufficient play is in severally the side dominant position such as capital, technology, talent, management, market, channel and industrial catenary, in new energy industry the sources of energy of development, wisdom is built, store can business of technology and standard system construction, international is extended wait for a respect to deepen collaboration, make positive contribution for development of transition of our country the sources of energy.

Before this, date of public of small letter of can smooth hot season releases Hua Weizhi information, on October 16, peak of the sources of energy of number of 2021 whole worlds can be in enlighten do obeisance to hold, on the meeting, china limited company of technology of energy of amount to word (the following abbreviation " China the sources of energy of amount to word " ) build limited company of the 3rd engineering with Shandong electric power (the following abbreviation " Shandong report builds 3 companies " ) the autograph makes an appointment with Sha Tegong Hai Xincheng store can project. This project store can dimensions amounts to 1300MWh, be up to now global scale is the largest store can project, also be the whole world is the greatest from the net store can project. According to introducing, new city of the Red Sea store can the project is to include sand spy " 2030 wish scene " the priority discipline in the program, development business is ACWA Power, EPC always contracts just is Shandong report builds 3 companies. New city of the Red Sea, be located in coast of the Red Sea, be called again " the city of new generation " , future, whole city electric power will come from new energy resources completely.

Golden company points out in, global electrochemistry store can market space is vast. The target is counteracted to make clear setting to fall in carbon, the whole world quickens transition of the sources of energy of energy supply Xiang Qingjie, drive store the rapid growth that can sustain demand of sexual technology form a complete set as electrified wire netting. Overseas market falls in policy and the high income drive that commercialize electric power mechanism to bring, store can the project already achieved better economy. In accompany for a long time but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity scale promotion, cost of overlay lithium report drops reach electrovalency to rise brought economy is improved continuously, anticipate abroad store can hopeful of demand situation bearing lasts up. Golden company is calculated in, to 2030, global electrochemistry store can shipment will amount to 864GWh, space of market of corresponding batteries Pack 885.7 billion yuan, there was the growing space of more than 30 times 2020 relatively.

The country fills negotiable securities to express, store can hopeful welcomes rapid growth. 2021 since second half of the year, below the big setting that quickens in transition of structure of the sources of energy, home store can policy is progressively be born, 945 during, our country store can the industry grows open quickly, to 2025 new-style store can install machine scale will from the agreement by 2020 3GW promotion comes 30GW, implementation is new-style store can from commercialize initial stage to spend development change to dimensions. Store can be to stablize new energy resources to exert oneself wave motion is important to percussive of electrified wire netting method, also be dynamoelectric at the same time in changing transition course, it is important to what local negative charge promotes electrified wire netting to answer prop up, after ensuring security and economy, hopeful of outfit machine demand realizes large-scale frequent promotion, aid process of transition of power energy resources.

Negotiable securities opening a source points out, rigid demand + policy be born, store can open is true and fast grow. Fulfil to carry out " the directive opinion that the State Council builds perfect green low carbon to develop economic system circularly about accelerating " , the many provinces municipal government such as Inner Mongolia, Guizhou allots the announcement of concrete executive step. Store can develop " east wind " already came, predict home added side of electrified wire netting newly 2025 store can installation amount hopeful achieves 27.49GWh (compound add fast about 31% ) , generate electricity hopeful of side installation amount achieves 51.63GWh (compound add fast about 76% ) , the whole world is added newly 2025 store can installation amount hopeful achieves 180GWh (compound add fast about 38% ) . Store can industry high speed grows, relevant enterprise outstanding achievement cashs determinism is stronger. 3 kinds store can enterprise hopeful enjoys bonus:

(1) batteries carries a business: Lithium of peaceful heart times, Biyadi, 100 million abb can, Guo Xuan Gao Ke, roc brightness the sources of energy, clique can science and technology (abroad door with store can deepness is benefited) ; (2) store project development business, can compositive business: Always report of blessing share, China is built; (3) store can company of equipment of form a complete set (core equipment is with inverter exemple) : Stock of estate of Devin of science and technology of electron of land of sunshine power source, division, share flourishing great, bright and beautiful billow, solid, heart, nebular share.

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