Before bond of our country green will issue dimensions to exceed 350 billion carbon to counteract bond accumulative total to issue in August 180 billion

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Recently, annual meeting of committee of green finance major learns to go up in 2021 China finance, old bounty shows people bank assistant president, this year 2 quarters end, remaining sum of this loan of foreign currency green reachs our country 14 trillion yuan, grow 26.5% compared to the same period. Before this year 8 months, bond of our country green issues dimensions to exceed 350 billion yuan, grow 152% compared to the same period, had exceeded last year the emission of annual the forehead, among them carbon counteracts bond accumulative total to issue many yuan 1800.

The personage inside the job that much name accepts 21 centuries economy to report the reporter is interviewed thinks, domestic green bond is occupied in what increase in market of international green bond concern than counteracting debt with carbon. Because home market is medium this year new infuse carbon counteracts debt, the overall dimensions of domestic green bond will break up one time at least. As the guiding of domestic policy action heals hair is apparent, the policy of form a complete set of all sorts of green banking products is perfected gradually, our country produces the effect of the person that lead in market of international green bond continuously.

Green bond will be given priority to with metaphase bill in August

A research report of limited company of science and technology of sincere letter green gold in coming from shows, the circulation of green bond and model of hair guild regulations are smooth August, annulus comparing drops somewhat. Data shows, up to on August 31, circulation of bond of green of our country churchyard is occupied in market of bond of green of whole world of the corresponding period than 20.60% , grow compared to the same period.

Specific in light of, afore-mentioned reports show, this year August, circulation of accumulative total of market of bond of our country green 282, issue dimensions to amount to three hundred and fifty billion four hundred and eighty-seven million yuan. Specific in light of, bond of green of new that month hair 44, dimensions fifty billion three hundred and twenty-five million yuan, circulation grows 131.58% compared to the same period, issue dimensions to grow 166.59% compared to the same period; Circulation annulus is compared drop 2.22% , annulus of model of hair guild regulations is compared drop 24.28% .

In science and technology of sincere letter green gold (Beijing) Cui Zixiao of chief inspector of limited company market expresses to reporter of report of 21 centuries economy, cui Zixiao expresses, the data change of single month is not constant concern with the change that month, the influence of before the likelihood gets a few months.

Liu Nan of researcher of academy of international of finance of green of college of central finance and economics expresses to reporter of report of 21 centuries economy, green bond circulation and dimensions photograph are compared last month somewhat fall after a rise, likelihood and cost of fund of market of integral debenture bonds are low an operation, issue be issued to lower levels of whole of par interest rate, advantage of green bond cost falls low factor is concerned.

Bond of more different green is phyletic, august, the hair linage amount of debenture and metaphase bill is the largest, it is 13 respectively with 12; From the point of model of hair guild regulations, metaphase bill, ABN and debenture are in the majority, it is thirteen billion five hundred and ninety-one million yuan respectively, twelve billion three hundred and eighty-seven million yuan with 8.872 billion yuan.

Cui Zixiao expresses, green metaphase bill is to compare the certificate of the mainstream to plant all the time, deadline is 3 years commonly or 5 years, also can appear 8 years sometimes or circumstance of 10 years. The deadline feature of green metaphase bill accords with demand of company medium-term financing quite, be in so trade the amount that registers in trade association is larger.

Comparative 12.15 billion yuan of June, green exceeds short-term financing certificate to issue dimensions to will appear in August gigantic drop, it is 1 billion yuan only. Cui Zixiao expresses, disparate industry, enterprise is in short-term inside experience financing demand changes, cause green to exceed the wave motion of short-term financing certificate. This kinds of certificate is planted deadline weak point, risk is little, the aptitude level that releases a company is higher, amount due grade often does not need when issueing, grade of direct and referenced main body.

In issue spatial respect, the market between the bank will issue green bond August 29, dimensions thirty-nine billion one hundred and seventy-eight million yuan, exchange market circulation 15, distribute scale eleven billion one hundred and forty-seven million yuan, the difference of two markets is narrowing.

Liu Nan thinks, bond issues a place to suffer capital market whole to issue the influence of cost on one hand, suffer the effect of environment of superintendency place policy on the other hand. Put forward because of what carbon of the market between the bank counteracts bond first half of the year, more publisher chooses what the market between the bank undertakes carbon counteracts bond to issue, bourse of second half of the year counteracts carbon bond to bring into innovation breed bond, make one part publisher gets lost bourse.

Carbon counteracts debt to occupy green debt circulation 45%

According to afore-mentioned report data, carbon of new August hair counteracts debt 21, dimensions 25.65 billion yuan. Up to by August, carbon counteracts circulation of debt accumulative total 127, dimensions one hundred and seventy-four billion one hundred and ninety-two million yuan, 45.04% what occupy circulation of market of integral green bond, 45.70% what distribute scale. Since May, circulation and dimensions maintain stability to rise. Cui Zixiao expresses, carbon counteracts debt to maintain growth in hopeful of the end of the year.

Release according to the Central Bank " monetary policy of China of the 2nd quarter carried out a report 2021 " say, special finance debt and carbon will be counteracted to counteract breed of debt financing tool in carbon of activate of the market between the bank, support has remarkable carbon to reduce the item of an effect.

Liu Nan expresses, of this content put forward, can encourage banking finance orgnaization effectively to participate in carbon to counteract construction of financial bond market, guide more capital to be used at supporting low carbon project to build operation. Can be made clear further and perfect carbon to counteract financial bond standard, carbon to counteract financial bond information to announce a mechanism, aggrandizement carbon counteracts bond collect capital to use management, carbon to counteract bond environment and social risk management, perfect carbon to counteract special finance debt to run a system thereby, drive carbon to counteract financial debt to develop from severe standard.

(author: Li Deshang jade, dai Hao Ran edits: Ever fragrant)

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