New-style store can + fuel cell accepts capital favour

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Capital moves a storehouse to change a movement to be increased apparently. Concussion of near future market rebounds in, capital from perch midstream gives a mark apparent, and partial subject matter gain capital attention. The analysis points out, material of market to the question hype high temperature is not decreased, it is circuit only somewhat switch. From the point of short-term angle, the early days such as semiconductor goes up greatly board piece still exist shock is potential, capital of proposal investor attention is flowed into relatively apparent new-style store can, the domain such as fuel cell.

■ our newspaper reporter Lin Ke

Head raise target of outfit machine dimensions

On message face, the country develops innovation appoint will release this year in July with bureau of national energy resources " drive about accelerating new-style store the directive opinion that can develop " put forward to hold machine dimensions end first: To 2025 new-style store can install machine dimensions to amount to above of 30 million kilowatt. Scale of machine of this one outfit is adjacent and current new-style store 10 times what can install machine scale, this development foreground and market dimensions bring tremendous confidence to the industry. In addition, " " 945 " new-style store can develop a program " " new-style store can project management is normative (provisional) " " " 945 " innovation of energy field science and technology plans " wait for many policy document also clutching in the work out.

China achieve Peng Anchun of negotiable securities analyst to point out, store the firm rock in midstream that can regard the sources of energy as revolution, system of the power that help strength to " source - net - carry on one's shoulder - store " harmonious optimize mode change. Store can equipment regards a kind of high grade flexibility as resource, in frequency modulation of electrified wire netting, attune it is peak, important to stablize the respect such as wave motion of new energy resources to all can rise action. Will store can the market according to collect Chinese style but second birth the sources of energy and side of net, auxiliary service, electrified wire netting, user side differentiates, predict via calculating 2025 China store can install machine dimensions to be in 70-120GW, 150-250GWh, the whole world store can 300GW of machine of accumulative total outfit, 600GWh, year all compound add fast 40-50% , predicting whole world store can market space makes an appointment with 5000-7000 100 million.

Store can commercial pattern is clear

Store can commercial pattern will gradually Anacreontic, at the same time overlay electrochemistry store can drop of cost to support with policy further, store can industry hopeful maintains high speed growth, ning Deshi of business of battery of; of the rice of Fang Na of science and technology of coil of dragon of enterprise of raw material of batteries of attention of investor of Peng Anchun proposal, heart, abundant labor that face fine lithium of acting, 100 million abb can, Guo Xuan this world of business of inverter of Gao Ke; : Always electron of land of blessing share, division.

"Carbon is counteracted " below setting, the progress of fuel cell industry is significant to the decarbonization of traffic carrying trade or play action; for the angle from security of safeguard nation energy resources, reduce pair of internationalization stone the sources of energy depend on, development crude oil and natural gas replace fuel to have important strategic sense. Compare with electric car photograph, density of energy of fuel cell car is high, add note fuel mileage of boat of convenient, add is higher, more apply to domain of long-distance, large, commercial vehicle, can solve business effectively to pollute the problem such as an enlarge with van.

Domestic macroscopical policy gives aid to the manner is made clear, "With award era fills " to the limit of one's capacity of open of industry of cell of fuel of hydrogen of the home below drive falls this process, FCV produce and sale strode to 10 thousand 2021. Yao Yao of analyst of golden negotiable securities points out the country, hydrogen of deploy of big plant of the sources of energy can announce adequately the long-term strategy value of industry of hydrogenous fuel cell. Invest the respect of mark, value bibcock of fuel cell system 100 million China, the proposal pays close attention to the sources of energy of United States bright and beautiful, powerful stock sheathing or bow case, share that vacate dragon and hydric industry catenary of relevant mark.

Latent capacity handpick

Rice of heart square accept (300769) city takes first place of industry of rate certain room

The company is circuit of lithium of phosphoric acid iron of the purest mark one of, for enterprise of this link bibcock. 2020 company shipment thirty thousand seven hundred tons, add together 31.2% , city is occupied rate for 25% , occupy industry first place firmly. As Tie Li boom spends promotion, the company receives outstanding achievement inflection point. The company binds client of before deciding an industry 3 bibcock, cost advantage builds competitive camp. Company deepness binds times of the heart that decide peace, lithium of iron of the heart that it is peace advocate for, demand of the heart that take peace exceeds 50%; to offer 100 million abb alone, as joint-stock as 100 million abb construction is produced 150 thousand tons can the company breaks through; successfully this year Biyadi, offer money formally. Wu Zheng certificate points out east, relatively 3 yuan, security of iron lithium battery is high, cost is low, of technology of Ju Ningde CTP and Biyadi " bit batteries " increase density of energy of Tie Li batteries effectively through optimizing batteries structure, make up for short board. Store can domain, domestic electrochemistry store can market high speed grows, outfit machine dimensions was 3.27GWh 2020, add together 91% . The 2020-2025 that academy of industry of the look up before pressing predicts year the computation of compound increase rate of 65% , dimensions of machine of the outfit end 2025 can amount to 40GWh, will drive the growth of demand of iron lithium battery that has advantage of time of low cost tall circulation. In the meantime, dynamoelectric two rounds of cars install machine general to contribute increment to iron lithium battery. Via calculating, we predict iron lithium demand can amount to 250 thousand tons 2021.

Peaceful heart times (300750) tastes hopeful large-scale application newly

The company releases batteries of ion of generation natrium, odd physical ability measures density 160Wh/kg, fill 15min quickly to be able to be amounted to 80% , will form basic industry chain 2023. Sodium ion batteries has cost low, tall fold charges, microtherm performance is good wait for advantage natrium ion batteries energy density and difference of batteries of phosphoric acid Tie Li are little, and in fill quickly, on function of security, low temperature, compositive efficiency and cost all more exceedingly good. At the same time but rapid industrialization, chemistry and principle are close to batteries of Yu Li ion, diaphragmatic and equipment technology, common. "Carbon is counteracted " demand of ecbolic and huge batteries, batteries technology course diversity the sources of energy transition is carbon counteracts a key one annulus, outside the demand that comes except elevator belt of electric car permeability, store can wait for applied setting to also emerge in endlessly. Low, security charges cost of sodium ion batteries well, quickly performance is good, technology of predicting future batteries will move toward diversity develop because of many setting application. Negotiable securities of the people's livelihood points out, batteries hopeful is in sodium ion store can wait for a domain to be formed to LFP fill effectively to compare LFP and character, density of energy of sodium ion batteries is inferior, but mix in microtherm fill function quickly to have apparently exceedingly good, in Gao Han high power uses setting dominant position apparent. If can finish industrialization smoothly, promote a loop the number, its hopeful is in store can, pair of cost such as motor-car of low speed report are sensitive with large-scale to the domain with energy density inferior requirement application.

Lithium of 100 million abb can (300014) outstanding achievement will last fast growth

Company and subsidiary plan to be built in investment of chaste tree door produce per year 30GWh motivation store can batteries project, specific shed car and family for 15GWh content store can use project of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron and 15GWh to multiply use project of 3 yuan of batteries with the car. Look at present, the company has lithium of phosphoric acid iron, big cylinder, quadrate, mild package to wait for a variety of technology courses at the same time, the stable already Daimule that offer money, contemporary, small roc, obtain BMW Daimule nods two calm dot, Europe surely, contact international big client. After this announcement, the company is produced at present can plan accumulative total exceeds 200gwh. Predict by 2021, cell of company total motive force is produced can will achieve 40GWh. China achieve negotiable securities to point out, the company is current already share store can systematic company fertile too the sources of energy, supply store can electric core, and supply China for 3GWh store can batteries is produced can will be in this year be born. According to announcement, by May, company LF280K store can the test report that electric core obtained UL9540A, this report core expands for motivation of 100 million abb overseas market, especially of market of application of class of North America electrified wire netting store can electric core product. UL9540A checks the acquisition of the report, motivation of 100 million abb develops conduce power the international such as North America store can the market. The company is bibcock of global lithium galvanic cell, deepness of 3 yuan of soft pools that include report is bound decide big client, batteries enlarge produces lithium of phosphoric acid iron to be quickened continuously, volume of shipment of predicting future company will increase substantially, scope effect drives company outstanding achievement to be added high continuously.

Sunshine power source (Xin Liang nods 300274) Chu Nengcheng

Annals reached the company 2020 Gao Zengfu added up to one quarterly reports outstanding achievement 2021 anticipate. The company is in position of inverter domain bibcock is solid, overseas market sends force continuously, store can business grows quickly, outstanding achievement lasts Gaozengke period. The company is mixed in global market brand channel advantage is distinct, will continue to reduce ability and capacity of technical research and development by right of outstanding cost, continuously inverter of smooth hot season of race to control is abroad market share. At present company already as overall as report of before home 10 gale the factory all achieves batch cooperation. Store can business grows quickly, hopeful makes outstanding achievement new window. Guo Taijun installs negotiable securities to point out, the company came true 2020 store can systematic whole world delivers goods 800MWh, wide already application is in the beauty, flower, the mature power market such as heart, store can compositive market shipment measures converter, system all row China the first. Company active position store can the market, accompany the near future store of can relevant policy come on stage reach new energy resources to match store economy promotion, demand hopeful is started quickly. The company borrows force to already had brand and channel advantage, store can business hopeful makes outstanding achievement new window. Company protocol adds collect endowment 4.156 billion yuan are used at 100GW equipment to make base item, among them inverter of inverter of 70GW smooth hot season, 15GW wind report, 15GW store can inverter, augment is produced can layout, aggrandizement bibcock position.

Solid Devin (688390) is benefited installation amount fast growth

The company is global door is used store can inverter bibcock. To 2025, depend on the price and product advantage, the hopeful of global market share of Chinese manufacturer is broken through 80% , the development of market of inverter of dominant whole world. At present global all raising the price of the commodities store can support policy, forecast according to CNESA, to 2025, domestic electrochemistry store can hopeful of accumulative total installation amount achieves 55.88GW. Peng rich new energy resources is forecasted 2050 the whole world store can outfit machine achieves 1676GW, 5827GWh, did not come 30 years investment reachs 662 billion dollar. Company hopeful is sufficient benefit from benefit from store can the rapid growth of installation amount. The country fills negotiable securities to point out, the company is in layout store can inverter while, will store can inverter is tie-in store can batteries undertakes selling, develop stage by stage store can the system is compositive business, offer a solution directly for the client, expand store can the sale of the product. Theoretic in a complete You Guangfu the circumstances of power supply falls, need configures 1:3To 1:5store can, namely 1 made of baked clay smooth hot season configures 3 watt-hour to come of 5 watt-hour store can batteries, ability realizes uninterrupted power source furnish quite, what bring from this is tremendous store can demand, smooth store the solution of clean the sources of energy that hopeful of an organic whole makes future. The company serves as global door to use store can bibcock, support perfect global inverter sells network position and product performance dominant position, implementation is in store can the rapid growth of the domain.

Always blessing share (growth of 300712) outstanding achievement has prop up

The company has aptitude of series of catenary of power industry entire industry, sufferred epidemic situation to affect major servicing market to develop 2020 with executive suffocate suffocate. Up to end company did not release income to put an amount 2020 nearly 1 billion yuan, can prop up prospective business effectively to grow. The company carried out equity drive to plan in January, convert of target of outstanding achievement assessment did not come 3 years net profit not under 0.86, 1.13, 146 million yuan, reveal company future to grow confidence. Wide hair negotiable securities points out, technology of cell of power of benefit from benefit from progresses, store can systematic price falls considerably, since 2021 store frequency of can relevant policy issues a table, accelerate " 945 " during store can commercial pattern is perfect. Power source side abandons wind to abandon smooth, new energy resources to match compulsively with disappear accept currently store give priority to side of; electrified wire netting to be assisted along with electric power the service commercializes reform and progressively and arisen, share auxiliary service profit side of considerable; user applies a Jing Fengfu, include to cut a peak to fill cereal, fill change center of station of power station, 5G radical, data to wait, store can industry space is opened stage by stage. Times of peaceful in December 2020 heart suffers let 8% equity of company become the 3rd large stockholder, times of peaceful in Feburary 2021 heart and company are joint-stock establish an age always blessing. Peaceful heart times quickens layout of entire industry catenary since 2018, from middle reaches of upriver material expect design, equipment arrives again downstream operation, overall position store can the market, the company forms height to cooperate with through as acting as Ning Deshi collaboration with complementary, increase jointly store can industry market position.

Keshida (002518) is benefited store can the market erupts

The company is in the position of traditional industry dominant position such as traffic of finance, communication, orbit is solid, sufferred epidemic situation to affect pay of professional work of company data center to defer last year, high speed of income of data center business grows first quarter this year, predicting annual is better continuance grow. Volt project began company abroad light last year defer, as global vaccine vaccinal plan is advanced in order, epidemic situation affects wear off, at the same time company abroad channel restores quickly, it is better to predict the market outside Guang Fuhai will be obtained this year restore. In the meantime, the company increases investment of research and development continuously, product line of inverter of ceaseless expansion smooth dog days. On the other hand, garden of industry of Hui Zhouzhong Kai 2 period project construction is finished basically already, already began to enable; Vietnam base to already restored start working to build from epidemic situation partly at present, for the company follow-up dilate offers business to be produced amply can lay in. Negotiable securities of the people's livelihood points out, store can drive of revolution of new energy resources of market benefit from benefit from, cost of overlay lithium report drops quickly, outfit machine dimensions grows quickly. According to BNEF data, global Chu Nengxin added outfit machine 5.3GW 2020, grow compared to the same period make an appointment with 56%;BNEF to predict to add outfit machine newly 2021 to will achieve 9.7GW, grow 80% compared to the same period. The company adds the construction strength that smooth hot season and Chu Nengqu outside the sea, with Ning Deshi project of main body of first phase of acting joint-stock company already was built end, predict today annual lieutenant general begins go into operation, company store can business hopeful welcomes high speed growth.

100 million China (688339) is produced can front row of output part industry

Company 2020 sales volume of fuel cell system 494, keep balance basically compared to the same period. The basis delivers strong risk data, 2020 15.5MW of company system installation amount, city is occupied rate 20% , 2018-2020 year machine of accumulative total outfit exceeds 57MW, city is occupied rate 23% . At present system of company fuel cell is produced can 2000, the company predicts to be produced to the end of the year can come promotion 10000, produce can crop all industry front row. Golden company points out in, on the technology, the core component such as caboodle of system of company fore-and-aft position, report, double plate, rolled out engine of 120kW fuel cell in April 2021, power density breaks through 700W/kg, realize component 100% homebred change. At the same time company and abundant cropland establish joint-stock company research and development to produce fuel cell system, advantage of farther aggrandizement technology. Area go up, beijing of company deep ploughing - area of Zhang Jia mouth, beijing and Zhang Jia mouth all are countrywide important hydrogen can city, fuel cell and hydrogen can industrial program is huge, at the same time company and blessing cropland, abundant cropland supplies fuel cell car for the Olympic Winter Games, drive company short-term to the limit of one's capacity. In light of whole, frequency of policy of fuel cell trade goes out accelerate industrialization process, long-term space makes clear the industry further, we think take a broad view is long-term, company hopeful makes systematic assembly faucet.

The sources of energy of United States bright and beautiful (hopeful of 000723) outstanding achievement is improved continuously

The company is built produce per year 6 million tons of Inner Mongolia project of United States bright and beautiful, Type start working lays a foundation, add a company to draft coke project of collaboration, company coke is produced per year can jump directly litre reach 14.45 million tons. Industry of early days coke is spent centrally low, produce can considerably excess difficult position is produced in the industry can be able to solve stage by stage below the help, coke industry goes producing can last, predicting coke price moves on centre hopeful. Boom of industry of coke of company hopeful benefit from benefit from promotes. The negotiable securities that bring a letter points out, company already layout from hydric gas source - hydrogenation stands - velar electrode - report piles - catenary of truckload fuel cell entire industry, and last year the end of the year released the model that weigh card, and company hydrogen can industrial garden had enclothed a few main economy to develop area, and obtain get local government prop up, include Qingdao, fine promote, the city in the city such as Fosan, Guangzhou, Yun Fu and advance of inland Shanxi province. According to announcement, qingdao is beautiful 2020 bright and beautiful hydrogen can garden of science and technology is truckload production center throws production, at the same time open fuel of hydrogen of first 5G of domestic is public transportation demonstrative line. Company in succession with river steel group, Beijing group, can medium the person that wait for have a common goal amounts to division rich sea to cooperate into overall strategy, demonstrative operation pattern of unifinication of station of exploration hydrogen fuel, hydrogen can make Chu Yunjia use pattern of confluence of full-court scene mode and strategy of chain of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment. In light of whole, pattern of supply and demand of prospective coke trade is improved, industry of fuel cell car grows ceaselessly, company outstanding achievement and cash flow all hopeful is improved steadily continuously.

The share that vacate dragon (603158) enters field of hydrogenous fuel cell

The company is dedicated at the car research and development of component of energy-saving environmental protection, production is mixed sale, engine of component of system of hot management of main layout car, car is energy-saving environmental protection component two big board piece, among them car heat manages systematic component board piece main product is pipeline of car air conditioning, car to heat up administrative system to join hard canal reachs accessory, car engine is energy-saving environmental protection component board piece main product is canal of glue of EGR system, sensor, car. The company bought new source power 2020, enter field of hydrogenous fuel cell. The sea connects negotiable securities to point out, company already motivation of hold new source the share of 40.36% . New source motivation is the first company of Chinese that devotes oneself to fuel cell industrialization, the design development that basically pursues electrode of film of hydrogenous fuel cell, report piling module, system and relevant test equipment, production is made and the technology serves, be in position of core of industrial catenary middle reaches. Volume of the card on car of cell of our country fuel amounted to 2737 2019, relatively 2018 year grow 79% compared to the same period, in " energy-saving with route chart of technology of industry of automobile of new energy resources 2 " estimation our country is kept on the foundation car of hydrogenous the sources of energy retained 2025 the quantity will amount to 50 thousand, include among them 10 thousand commercial vehicle are multiplied with 40 thousand with the car, assume new source motivation owns 5% markets share, will bring year of 240 million yuan income, 3.08 times what for new source motivation battalion closed 2019.

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