Tesla makes the revelation with safe car

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53 Tesla makes the revelation with safe car

Recently, tesla is presiding Ailong Masike is pushing apparitor to go up especially say, tesla hope will get Kesasi in the United States in October the product of personalized car insurance that the city rolls out his to measure a body to have something made to order for different user. The tesla that holding ever since 2021 on shareholder plenary meeting, ma Sike expresses again, the middle ten days of a month will roll out product of new-style car danger in October. This is one may develop the news that produces major effect to future of world automobile industry, be worth entire industry to take seriously.

Tesla makes car narrow pass is not to sell insurance, its had rolled out car danger product with insurance company collaboration a few years ago. This tesla plans to roll out, it is a kind of basis drives in real time behavior (Real Time Insurance) the real UBI car danger of the design (Usage-based-insurance) . This may be car risk line of business a revolutionary progress. It makes car safe be opposite by the past the rough statistic of data of be or get out of danger, progress to be based on a driver to drive the insurance that behavior calculates subtly. According to the report, the car danger price of tesla will be compared car risk is at present low 40 % of 30 % ~ , and business of this car risk can obtain 30 % ~ for tesla the accrual of 40 % . This is revolutionary change, the it is adumbrative car service new era that is based on big data is coming.

In recent years, people is talking all the time, the intervene and builds car power newly affiliation of Internet, can you make traditional car makes an enterprise reduce hardware manufacturer? Inside course of study, we also expect to adopt big data drive all the time, make automatic road-sense moves toward maturity. Nowadays, this with one action of tesla is moved, give us at least at 2 o'clock enlightenment:

The first, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet is used to the car, the change that maintains pattern, a bit no less than changes to car product technology, meet even first the change at car product technology. The author hopes entire industry gives enough attention to this. As dynamoelectric technology and technology of intelligent network couplet to Chinese automobile industry it is great opportunity same, use big data, artificial intelligence and Internet technology the use to the car, safeguard have elaborate government, establish new business pattern, it is the another broad circuit of powerful nation of car of trend of Chinese automobile industry likely extremely.

The 2nd, using big data, artificial intelligence and Internet technology to be used to car product, safeguard undertake revolutionary in changing circuit, the car makes an enterprise have advantaged advantage. The need that is based on car travel safety and the need that car technology progresses, the car creates a company must the big data that the palm dominates car travel to arise. This is the dominant position with car the largest after the car enters intelligent period look forward to, must understand this one dominant position, had used this one dominant position. After entering intelligent car period, developing a tendency perhaps is not the car makes an enterprise reduce hardware manufacturer, however car danger, car is borrowed, the relevant service company that the orgnaization such as maintenance becomes a car to create a company. To receive this one revolutionary change, each industry pattern also can produce the society to be changed accordingly, manufacturing industry and the dividing line that serve industry can blur further. We need to understand afresh likely " art line of business is specialized in somewhat " , " focusing advocate course of study " wait for a concept, the territory of automobile industry has the possibility extend tremendously.

Of course, in car travel technology of car of big data benefit progresses to apply with the car before, still a lot of jobs want to do. For instance, the construction of platform of data cloud, data and data network, data counterpoises really, the application of desensitization and disparate arrangement of ideas.

   (former standing vice-chairman holds association of auto industry of author department China concurrently 100 people meet secretary-general, China electric car vice-president)

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