Fervent carbon counteracts reopen after a cessation of business of countrywide carbon market circuit of favour of capital of the Chu Nengcheng below the target

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:53

China store can net dispatch: On July 16, countrywide carbon discharges authority to trade the market is started on the line trades, 3 ground hold Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan at the same time the line on countrywide carbon market trades the ceremony that start.

Meanwhile, in field of A stock market, the environment detects, store can, carbon is caught, silvan carbon is collected wait for a series of concepts (Han Wei science and technology, Yun Tianhua, morning cries paper industry, Zhi Guang electric, Shuangliang energy-saving, solar energy, easy thing.

"Carbon is counteracted want progress of give attention to two or morethings with national economy, cannot both take firstly. We think to be broken through only model the contradiction that the technology innovates to just can solve this to mediate very hard. " via abb China copartner Zun Lingye was in recently " block of carbon of · of future of carbolic all alone is slash news briefing of 10 years of products " on when participating in round-table forum, express.

So, below double carbon target, innovation of what crucial technology conduces to resolve afore-mentioned contradiction? A what company is in layout these circuit.

Policy is red Bao Yupin frequency, technology and industrial catenary are mature, store can become high grade circuit gradually

A lot of projects that tall Ling invests and " carbon is counteracted " be closely bound up. When Li Liang of tall Ling copartner was attending the round-table forum that afore-mentioned carbolic block mark hold recently, express, tall Ling takes a fancy to 3 circuit at present: (green) energy field, store of very domain, can much trade new and dynamoelectric change.

Speak bluntly of Li Zhenguo of author of grand radical share, smooth hot season is added store the ultimate solution that can be prospective the sources of energy.

Express according to the personage inside course of study, carbon of industry of power of current our country discharges place to hold proportion the biggest, occupy than amounting to 45% . See need reduce igneous report proportion from this angle, this is about to develop the clean the sources of energy such as smooth hot season, wind energy.

Nevertheless, major but second birth the sources of energy (be like wind energy and solar energy) output is wave motion, because weather is,cannot accuse. The green the sources of energy that has apparent fluctuation generates electricity occupy the stability that affects power system than promoting certainly will, this need store will move peak frequency modulation, look from technical angle, large-scale store can developing is new energy resources the optimal technology that sufficient development uses is propped up, the outstanding problem that it can solve electrified wire netting effectively to run n of accept of disappear of safe, new energy resources, electric power to wait for a respect to exist evenly.

Current, the power system construction that gives priority to body with new energy resources is being advanced steadily, and store can dimensions changes applied extremely urgent. Basis " store can industrial research white paper 2021 " , "Carbon is counteracted " the target is right store can the industry is huge profit good, electrochemistry store can the market will continue to maintain rapid development, conservative predict, domestic accumulative total installed machine dimensions 5790.8MW 2021, below the case that develops ideal in the market, dimensions or the high point that can reach 6614.8MW.

The Zun Lingye that classics abb China narrates before points out, the installation amount scale of new energy resources is very tall, but now store can have a lot of problems.

Of installation amount of smooth hot season climb ceaselessly litre, brought an issue -- accept of electric power disappear. Nevertheless policy level also is defeating solution stage by stage the industry is short board.

National hair changes appoint on July 5 print and distribute " the announcement that has made form a complete set of new energy resources send a project to invest construction to concern item " . Why to issue afore-mentioned announcements? The file points out, in carbon Da Feng, carbon counteracts target setting to fall, machine of outfit of wind report, Guang Fufa report will grow quickly, and net disappear accept becomes more and more fundamental condition. It is better to be drive transition of our country the sources of energy, contented new energy resources increases demand quickly, avoid the power source such as wind report, Guang Fufa report to send a project to become the factor that restricts development of new energy resources, reason issues this announcement.

The announcement puts forward, allow form a complete set of new energy resources to send a project by generate electricity company construction. The form a complete set of new energy resources that to enterprise of electrified wire netting construction has difficulty or sequential of plan and construction does not match sends a project, allow to generate electricity the company invests construction, alleviate new energy resources develops quickly and pressure of net disappear accept. Generate electricity company construction form a complete set sends a project to should have proof adequately, completely freewill, can many cartel construction, OK also construction of a company, much home company is shared. The analysis says, afore-mentioned new politics the pain spot that solved new energy resources to deserve to send project, be helpful for driving new energy resources to develop more quickly, promote side of electrified wire netting large-scale independence is shared store can the construction of the power station.

According to publishing a material, in power system store can divide normally for physics store can with chemistry store can two kinds big. Among them, physics store can include pump water harbour can, compress air store can, flywheel store can wait; And chemical store basically can include all sorts of battery store can plan, for example lithium ion batteries, lead acerbity batteries, sodium sulfur batteries.

Among them, store can batteries system drops ceaselessly as lithium battery cost, store can apply in generate electricity the of all kinds setting of side and user side matures stage by stage, economy comes true gradually, battery of domestic and international lithium store can market development potential is tremendous.

According to publishing a material, smooth old negotiable securities thinks, economy becomes current country store the main contradiction of can large-scale construction. Nevertheless, the country is giving policy ceaselessly, store can can pass a place those who raise disappear accept to bring is allowance, additional generate electricity the means such as the accrual, in-house cost that change carbon is wiped make the same score temporary economy breach. Publish first new energy resources of domestic to match as Qinghai store can of allowance come on stage, each district is aimed at store can allowance policy hopeful comes on stage in succession, hopeful is wiped through policy shift, allowance make the same score temporary economy breach, exciting store can demand promotion.

Can say, industrial catenary and demand are maturing stage by stage.

According to straight flush data, store can notional A share 17, from the point of prices, include power source of peaceful heart times, sunshine, group representatively can science and technology, Biyadi.

The large proprietor of an enterprise such as peaceful heart times wants layout to generate electricity side of side, electrified wire netting go up more easily the domain of the quantity.

According to announcement, was in last year store can below the setting that the market begins to be started stage by stage, peaceful heart times strengthens research and development to throw continuously, promote product function the demand with contented and different client ceaselessly, finished use core of technology of low lithium bad news, long report the development of the electric core monomer of cycling life and product of corresponding system platform. Inside report period, the company is increased continuously store can the product development of business and market promotion strength, company store can systematic sales revenue is five hundred and sixty-seven million one hundred and eighty-three thousand three hundred yuan, grow 136.41% compared to the same period. The company is abroad first store can the project already came true in American California and net, early days store can market position and promotion are progressively be born.

Peaceful heart times is in store can the domain is quickening horse race encircle the ground. According to the report, recently, the nation that by peaceful heart times and country times of network of nation of can joint-stock company and investment of China phone company build net put together net times 300MW/600MWh of China report Great Harmony store can project, in China report Great Harmony the first heat and power plant is formal start working. Before this, announcement of peaceful heart times, produce to push a company further can layout, the company plans to save cause to celebrate city to invest construction motivation to reach in Guangdong store can batteries produces base, the project always invests 12 billion yuan not to exceed a RMB, financing source prepares oneself for the enterprise.

In addition, according to the report, ning Deshi is acting (SZ: 300750) in succession with nebular share (SZ: 300648) , Keshida (SZ: 002518) , easy issue is special (SZ: 300376) , country company of service of the inverter such as integrated the sources of energy, energy establishs the network joint-stock company, the end of the year became a shareholder again last year the power station builds contractor always blessing share (SZ: 300712) , today share of annual Chu Yongfu more take the place of with Ning Deshi " Guan Xuan " smooth hot season of joint overall arrangement, store can domain.

The analysis says, cut from upriver lithium battery store can domain, and can realize smooth hot season (wind energy) + store the enterprise that can cooperate with has investment value more.

According to publishing a material, clique can science and technology is global family expenses store can the bibcock enterprise of batteries system. Company deep ploughing store can the market is old, own taller brand famous spend and the market is had rate, the diversity of company product and rich property are enough better contented store can market diversity uses requirement.

According to book of its raise capital by floating shares, 2019, the whole world is own brand family expenses store can be chemistry of tesla, LG and clique before product shipment is measured 3 times respectively can science and technology, what occupy market share to be respectively 15% , 11% with 8.5% . The company is in global family expenses store the direct competition that waits for tycoon enterprise with chemistry of tesla, LG can be faced in the market.

Nevertheless, look from growing sex angle, prospective company whether promotion is mixed in domestic industry and commerce class of electrified wire netting store can the shipment volume of the domain and market share, still be one big crucial question.

Regard home as the earliest sortie store can one of enterprises of the domain, sunshine power source store can the system applies extensively in the numerous country such as China, United States, England, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, India. Up to by 2019, the company participates in the whole world great store can the project exceeds 900.

Sunshine power source serves as store can the system is compositive business, its succeed also is to be based on with business of smooth hot season cooperate with.

According to the report, early of sunshine power source with respect to sortie store can business, held water with SamSung SDI 2018 joint-stock store can company, rely on the market resource that domain of inverter of smooth hot season accumulates, and be in store can PCS (converter) the product advantage of the respect, in store can business had better position.

According to sunshine power source half an year signed up for 2020, inside report period, sunshine power source store can business maintains growth continuously, at present company store can the system applies extensively in the numerous country such as China, United States, England, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, India, in North America, sunshine power source only industry and commerce store can market share exceeded 20% ; In Australia, cooperate through selling the deepness of business with cent, sunshine report source door consumed store systematic city is occupied rate exceed 20% . Up to by June 2020, the whole world that sunshine power source participates in is great store can systematic project exceeds 1000. Annual divided business to look 2020, sunshine power source is mixed in smooth hot season store can respect business income all comes true to grow considerably compared to the same period, among them industry of smooth hot season rises exceed 35% , store can the industry rises exceed 115% , store can business battalion receives dimensions to amount to 1.168 billion yuan.

Sunshine power source says in annals, source of in relief 2020 photoelectricity store can the system is moved in frequency modulation peak, auxiliary but second birth the sources of energy and net, small electrified wire netting, industry and commerce and door with store can wait for a domain to accumulate extensive applied experience. Was 100MW/100MWh of British Men Di in succession 2020 store base power source can send city of Lai of configuration project, Shandong outside high pressure of power station, Qinghai spy smooth Chu Rong adds up to power station and Anhui Qiao Beifeng store the many projects such as demonstrative power station offer integral solution. In December 2020, 32MWh of plant of cement of conch of Home Zhang harbor store can the power station obtains first batch of science and technology successfully to innovate (store can) pilot demonstrative project, for store can power station dimensions changed application to erect surveyor's pole.

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