Trade organization urges an European Union to anabiosis plan to answer first consideration supports store can the system invests

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, industry is organized and the personage anabiosises to the economy that country of European Union member offers and epidemic situation restores to plan lack to be opposite store can systematic attention and investment express concern.  

The European Union is almost all 27 members national capital was referred epidemic situation anabiosises and reinstate a plan (RRP) is examined with offerring European Union commission, this committee expresses to will arrive to will be offerred 2026 from now on 6, 72.5 billion euro (8, 400 million dollar) capital is used at supporting public investment and reform. The fund that outstrips a half among them the form with loan (be as high as 360 billion euro) offer, the 312.5 billion euro of the others will serve as give a paragraph to offer aid financially.

At present already 23 members country submitted a plan. However, european Union of 12 members country store can association and Europe store can association (the group that EASE) forms has written European Union committee, conveyed them to anabiosis and reinstate a plan to epidemic situation (of RRP) anxious.

This letter will urge an European Union to consider these plans whether for store can the financing with devoted and sufficient solution, achieve the climate defray goal of 37% . When investigating the plan that submits up to now, europe store can association (of EASE) and 12 members country store can association expresses, among them national plan is in a lot of members to did not achieve goal of European Union climate on the whole. In addition, these plan complete perhaps oversight store can systematic deploy, perhaps be deploy without acceptance store can project bankroll, this is meant use the method with indifferent technology without the consideration.

With Europe store can association (EASE) together, those who come from Spain, Czech, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Portuguese, Ireland, Holand, polish, Slovak store can the letter that association signed committee of the allied country that send Europe. Just express what sign letter each, devote oneself to the first item of its green agreement as the European Union, to climate sectional investment should become the forward position that the European Union anabiosises and reinstates a plan and center.  

Of these member countries store can committee of association proposal European Union encourages its member country to make store can deploy target, for deploy store can capital of project put apart, invest this harmonious capital the person that offer for flexibility of clean energy technology and system of the sources of energy to introduce new legislation and supportive plan.  

This plan offerred an unique opportunity, european Union committee should be incentive with the lofty aspirations and great ideals that raises member country to show, in order to make full use of it. These association express, its are in a country store the industry wants and can prepare the policy constitutor collaboration with European Union each country, the help accelerates Xiang Jing the change of system of 0 the sources of energy.  

Europe store can association (EASE) secretary-general Patrick Clerens says, "European Union committee estimates need 100 will aid financially deploy to 300 billion euro store can system, in order to satisfy flexibility requirement, ensure the European Union supplies safety to the electric power 2050. Epidemic situation anabiosises and reinstate a plan (RRP) should be offerred a few be badly in need of capital. This is we urge European Union committee to investigate the plan that has submitted carefully first consideration is right deploy store can the reason that the system invests. This is we urge European Union committee to investigate the plan that has submitted carefully first consideration is right deploy store can the reason that the system invests..  

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