Systematic cost drops and use asset money to change make store can industrial development enters a new level

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: Held a few days ago in Solar Media company Chu Nengfeng was met 2021 on, british investment manages business Foresight group to invest manager Jonty Lovell to express, although do not have electrified wire netting to serve the support of long-term contract, british batteries store can the market also will gain opportunity of a few feasible investment. He expresses, store canThe fall of systematic cost and can use asset money to change make store can the development of the industry enters a new level.

Carina Radford of partner of office of attorney of White & Case was chaired about commerce store can the panel discussion of project financing, this attorney office is the batteries with on the world a few the largest scale store can the project provides advisory service. Include to be in among them south the batteries of Huo Ensi acting Er of Australian operation store can project. Neoen company and collaboration of tesla company not long ago finished another installed capacity in Australian deploy to be 300MW store can the financing of the project trades.

Radford to include Foresight group to invest manager Jonty Lovelll and Investec company infrastructure and Olivier Fricot of chief inspector of electric power finance inside panel member enquired them to was pair 2021 store can the view of foreground of project financing development.

Olivier Fricot says, undertake from the angle of commercial operation financing is not easy thing. A lot of electric power and infrastructure investor (no matter be debt or equity financing) will rely on the ready money that secures for a long time spread investment all the time for years. And be in but field of second birth energy, this means need to win online electrovalency allowance or the contract that the government supports greatly.

He points out, the investment business that those preparation are commercial project financing and assumes corresponding risk takes the one fraction of this kind of investment only. And batteries store can the system serves as a kind of investment or a kind of new thing, because this can anticipate, the investment of a few investor is more careful and conservative. Besides, use at store can the structure that a variety of income shed the project will include a few well-known income to flow, the income that determines hard with etc flows.

When speaking of electrified wire netting serving the market, he expresses, size of a few markets may be smaller, once deploy more batteries store can system, these markets are very sharp will saturated.

Fricot says: "See a few reliable income source disappeared as a result of rule of supply and demand very easily now. "

Meanwhile, raise money the main challenge of debt financing is, compare with other and potential investment, raise money the lever rate of debt financing (the scale that needs loan level to occupy a project to start cost namely) quite tall. He expresses, mainer trend is, batteries store can defray and operation expenses are in systematic capital to drop as the elapse of time and dimensions, he is forecasted, in future 2 arrive 3 years inside, its lever rate may have more growth.

Lovell complement says, the market size that although a few electrified wire netting are balanced,serves the market is lesser, but the balancing machine of terminal market and England is made (match supply and demand and power demand bearing) photograph comparing is market of a deeper administrative levels. He expresses, with the electrified wire netting of form a complete set service opportunity photograph is compared, the market of those deeper administrative levels can support deploy more batteries store can system, and this is batteries store can the long-term value of systematic assets.

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