Integral of Zhejiang green electric power appears on enterprise dweller to all can buy integral to participate in green power consumption

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

On May 31 8 when 40 minutes, carbon of Zhejiang big garden counteracts a special train slowly sail a Hangzhou east station, indicate big garden carbon counteracts a Zhejiang ceremony of hair of special train head and " sweep green code, carbon is counteracted, have a good swim Zhejiang big garden " thematic commonweal activity is started formally. This second commonweal activity goes with concept of life of advocate green low carbon, carry out green power consumption gives priority to aim, zhejiang saves integral of green electric power to also appear publicly first in the activity. The passenger on Gao Tie can scan 2 dimension code buys integral of green electric power.

Integral of green electric power is the proof that proves green electric power is consumed. This card has only label, cannot distort, information is transparent, but the character such as date from. Department of this accumulating fission is in Zhejiang province hair changes appoint, bureau of the sources of energy takes the lead below, by the country net Zhejiang saves power limited company to be based on research and development of technology of area piece catenary.

Current, integral of electric power of Zhejiang province green already brought into system of certificate of national green electric power to manage, it is Zhejiang provincial blame water and electricity but the digitlization that whole process of production of power of second birth the sources of energy, current, consumption manages tool. Electric power integral sells green just be saved for Zhejiang but project of second birth energy develops a business, buy buyer to be government, enterprise or business the of all kinds main body such as orgnaization of unit, society and natural person. Zhejiang saves integral of green electric power to be able to realize automatic hair card, trade the price is decided by the market, trade way is quick.

The enterprise can buy integral of green electric power to platform of subscribe of integral of green electric power, buy correspondence of integral of electric power of a green report of cleanness of 100 kilowatt hour. If the enterprise does not have the task of accept of clean report disappear of make known to lower levels of the government sector that finish, can be opposite through integral of corresponding green electric power strong task. Integral of green electric power is freewill a subscribe is amount of offer of the disappear of main body of disappear accept responsibility that finish important and additional means.

Buy integral of green electric power to encourage a dweller, country net Zhejiang electric power double achieved a center to develop green electrodeposition to divide store Xiaocheng order, hall of brigade of article of associated Zhejiang province roll out article travel industry relevant and favourable activity. After the dweller buys integral of green electric power, coupon of discharge of articles for daily use, telephone bill, travel can be changed to wait in integral store, in driving a dweller to participate in the consumption of the sources of energy of green low carbon with real operation, come.

As we have learned, country net Zhejiang electric power double achieve a center to return extension of green electrodeposition of will thorough research and development to make, build green electrodeposition to divide management and subscribe platform, breed green report integral to apply setting, drive Zhejiang to form mature and perfect green electrodeposition to divide system and market.

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