Research thinks will store can system and but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity establishment in all location can enhance loan appeal

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: Industry expert points out, batteries store can system and but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity establishment in all location deploy is together, the stability to electrified wire netting is a crucial step for operation, conduce to possibly raise level of financing of development business debt. This is industry media Solar Media hold " financing of European solar energy and investment " solar energy is concerned on online conference + store can the discussion point of the project.

England store can mix electric car (EV) Mark Henderson of officer of presiding investment of company of development business Gridserve expresses on the meeting, block up bank to store the crucial factor that can develop business to offer debt financing is " income source is insufficient " .

He says: "Deploy batteries store can the biggest challenge that the system is faced with for years is, although batteries store can the system entered a lot of markets, but the capacity of these markets normally not big. batteries store can system and solar energy generate electricity establishment in all location deploy can increase investor interest. This is meant store can develop business to be able to provide service of more electric power, serve from beginning to end perforative store can the whole process of the deploy of the project and operation. But second birth the sources of energy generates electricity establishment and store can the leverage of the project of deploy of systematic form a complete set compares independent deploy for certain store can the leverage of the project wants tall. "

Gridserve company filled in in British dust last year Bulunteli opens Ke Sizhou operation an electric car fills a power station, can offer for 36 electric cars at the same time charge quickly serve

Alive bound each country store can in the market, debt financing is being paid close attention to by people place gradually. At the beginning of this year Feburary, company of Key Capture Energy of business of development of dimensions of American electrified wire netting is a Texas the investment combination of 6 projects was obtained 9, financing of debt of 3.3 million dollar, and company of SPower of business of production of absolute electric power and borrowed credit side to reach a value 152.4 million dollar trades, be in with Yu Zheng the batteries of a 100MW/400MWh of California city deploy store can project.

Delibrate panel member thinks consistently, shorter to the history batteries store can industry, the risk that loan orgnaization is willing to assume has certain limit, this is meant store can the equity that project development business may need to depend on partner morely and existing capital. Most store can the capital utilization rate of the project arrives in 30 % 40 % .

Store can develop Peter Kavanagh of presiding apparitor of company of business Harmony Energy to express, this means the organization with the larger scale such as utility company to be very interested in have independence project, because if be willing,assume this kind of risk, so deploy batteries store can the system will make a very charming investment, but the newly established enterprise with lesser dimensions very be a hard job to independent deploy project to plan market fund.

But, kavanagh complement says, be in in the near future inside, use at store can the loan interest rate of systematic deploy capital may produce tremendous change.

He says: "I am certain, in future inside 9 years, store can the market will produce tremendous change. "

Kavanagh points out, appeared to ensure this year batteries store can project cash flows for new method. For example, company of National Grid ESO of business of power system operation will allow store can develop business to call its " dynamic keep within limits " new frequency adjusts the income that the service gains and their real time balance from supply and demand of balance mechanism, network and store the income that can gain in source of systematic key income. He expresses, these change will make batteries store can hold more significant position in the market.

He says: "At present a lot of things happen. The change that we see is more, investment business is right store can market interest is larger. But store can develop business to need these trading really strategy will prove his, enter the market more easily in order to ensure. "

Electric power of company of financial orgnaization Investec and but Olivier Fricot of controller of loan of second birth energy expresses, he thinks, as a result of but the market saturation rate of industry of second birth energy is higher and higher, but business of development of second birth energy should consider batteries of deploy of form a complete set store can system.

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