Store can board piece rise 2.12% , nearly 1.4 billion yuan of big only fund swarm into 15 concepts

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54 Store can board piece rise 2.12%

China store can net dispatch: On April 1, store can board piece expression grabs an eye, its whole rises 2.12% , run considerably win on card index (go up 0.71% ) , rank great wisdom board piece go up a front row of a list of names posted up. Specific arrive a respect, harden of cupreous peak electron, great Wall car also goes up greatly 7.63% , lithium of solid Devin, share flourishing great, 100 million abb can be mixed Cheng Fei is compositive etc go up all also even more 3% .

To today store can board piece go strong, accept " negotiable securities daily " the net of platoon of illicit collect platoon that the reporter interviews considers to be in charge of Liu Youhua to express, "Store can board piece greet policy warm wind, industry of print and distribute of bureau of the sources of energy coachs the opinion puts forward store can the industry is in ' 935 ' during the research and development that finish sets an example to commercialize initial stage to transfer, ' 945 ' achieve the goal that commercializes initial stage to change development to transform to dimensions, hopeful is driven store can board piece development, immediate profit is good store can board piece. Additional, the rapid development of industry of automobile of new energy resources, rise effectively store can cite and gain ground. Accordingly, value store can board piece the development speed in home, hopeful of company outstanding achievement appears on the market to be greeted related the industry erupt period. "

Support energetically in policy below, store can market hopeful lasts fast growth. Smooth old negotiable securities grinds the newspaper forecasts data to show, according to calculating 2030 store can demand space 1.25TWh; 2020 - 2030 accumulative total 3.9TWh, add newly store can CAGR is made an appointment with 30% . 2060 store can year demand space 10TWh; 2020 - 2060 accumulative total 94TWh. 2030 store can invest market space 1.3 trillion yuan, 2060 5 trillion yuan. To " carbon amounts to a peak " level, domestic new energy resources generates electricity side, family expenses store can will be the biggest market; To " carbon is counteracted " level, side of electrified wire netting moves demand of peak frequency modulation to rise abruptly.

Store can board piece appear on the market company outstanding achievement is general last year better. " negotiable securities daily " the reporter discovers according to statistic of straight flush data, up to on April 1, 22 companies already were announced 2020 annals outstanding achievement, 20 domestic companies realize net profit to grow compared to the same period inside report period, occupy than even more 9 into. Hua You cobaltic course of study, should promote 4 companies such as course of study of lithium of sharp edge of science and technology, another name for Jiangxi Province, Biyadi annual net profit all came true to break up compared to the same period 2020 time.

Outstanding achievement is premonitory first quarter this year respect, up to now, already 8 companies were announced outstanding achievement is premonitory first quarter 2021, 7 companies outstanding achievement is fond of beforehand. Keshida, consider a source electric, Hengdian east 6 companies such as share of magnetism, Gelinmei, Biyadi, Jiang Hai all predict net first quarter 2021 gain breaks up compared to the same period time.

Market fund respect, statistic shows, on April 1, board piece inside share 34 store can concept present big only fund to flow into posture completely, lithium of car of times of Biyadi, peaceful heart, Great Wall, 100 million abb can, 5 concepts such as cupreous peak electron most suffer chase after hold in both hands, big only fund is flowed into completely achieve 446 million yuan respectively, 332 million yuan, 176 million yuan, 136 million yuan mix 111 million yuan, should promote science and technology, Hua You cobaltic course of study, group science and technology, can much fluorine electron of share of Devin of much, Xin Wangda, solid, Jiang Hai, farad, Cheng Fei is compositive, 10 concepts such as Xin Zhoubang, these 15 concepts aggregate absorb gold 1.397 billion yuan.

Gigantic lustre investment president Ma Cheng is right " negotiable securities daily " the reporter expresses: "Our country should be advanced energetically " carbolic Da Feng, carbon is counteracted " , aim to reduce carbon of GDP of our country unit to discharge further, in this one general orientation how-to below, a series of relevant policy publish the near future ceaselessly, store can industrial catenary hopeful welcomes new development opportunity. Specific advance store of can rapid development have the following 4 respects: Above all, in respect of car of new energy resources, our country " 945 " the puts forward clearly to want car of new 2025 energy resources sales volume in the program is occupied than achieving 20% , and occupy at present than be only 5% , growing vacuum is giant, tremendous to batteries demand; Next, respect of smooth hot season, predicting our country is in 2021 - Guang Fuzeng added a quantity to be 70GWH-90GWH 2025, year compound growth is as high as 30% above, bibcock enterprise in succession extend product line expands produce can; The 3rd, wind energy respect, the whole nation in January 2021 portion - be added newly Feburary and machine of outfit of net wind report 3.57 million kilowatt, perspective is quite wide. Finally, the respect invests in electrified wire netting, special high pressure will become electrified wire netting to invest important way, investment of electrified wire netting goes against periodic attribute to already was taken seriously by the market, development space is great. Will integratedly look, in ' carbolic Da Feng, carbon is counteracted ' below setting, the clean the sources of energy of our country constitutes promotion of larger than will getting proportion, and answer relatively to it store can equipment is sure to greet an industry erupt greatly period, value circuit of this one rising sun stoutly. "

Recently inside 30 days, have 26 store can concept obtain an orgnaization to give " buy " or " add hold " etc value grade, among them, have 12 during the orgnaization values grade time more than 5 times, should promote science and technology (24) , uncut jade peaceful comes (23) , Great Wall car (18) , Jin Feng science and technology (17) , Biyadi (15) , Xin Zhoubang (15 second) He Xinwang, city performance is worth to pay close attention to after.

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