Evaluate store can project feasibility, see batteries cost not only: This 6 big factors want a consideration

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54 Evaluate store can project feasibility

China store can net dispatch: GreenTechMedia publishs batteries store can the article of expert Aaroh Kharaya, the title is: Beyond Declining Battery Prices: 6 Ways To Evaluate Energy Storage In 2021 (should see batteries value not only: Evaluated 2021 store can 6 kinds of methods) , sub-title is: Systematic balance, software, supply catenary tie, dependability and function to assure metropolis influence totle drilling cost.

According to Wood Mai Ken's neat industry analyst says, of the United States store can the market is growing flourishingly, only the 3rd quarter added 476 million tile newly 2020, grew 240% than the 2nd quarter. Predict 2021 will be another is broken add newly store a particular year that can hold machine record, but the acceleration that innovates as whole market technology, but the system that business of development of assets of second birth energy needs to choose on the safe side carefully, it is below store a few when can develop business to should consider main factors.

1, evaluate the cost beyond batteries

When the analyst speaks of memory price fall, what they often point to is the fall of batteries price. Newest report points out finance and economics of new energy resources of Peng rich agency, at present price of lithium ion batteries is 137 dollars about / kilowatt hour, be expected to will fall to 2023 to 100 dollars / kilowatt hour.

However, if consider other factor, store can the price of the system that develops business to may see a project rises considerably. For example, the lowest price of lithium ion batteries is applied to normally large the large-scale deploy that supplies contract or above of 500 million watt-hour. Because at present most project is done not have so big, the cost of every kilowatt hour will be close to every kilowatt hour 150 dollars come 170 dollars. According to project scope, batteries group level may be as high as every kilowatt hour 200 dollars come 210 dollars.

Besides the price of batteries, completely compositive batteries store can systematic totle drilling cost still will include system of heat management system, batteries management and power source to change a system, and fire prevention and technology of put out a fire, SCADA and metric. Considering all-around when cost, a lot of store can the company is in the container of standardization, modular container type compose builds a system. Easily installation and join arrive electrified wire netting, but this kind of mode still includes to assist a service, if operation is mixed,uphold a contract, honor the agreement assure and compensation of break a contact.

2, the chemical composition that evaluates batteries and security

Purchase and the price evaluates the chemical variable that still needs to consider batteries. 2021, store can technology two main alternatives are cobalt of lithium nickel manganese (NMC) with phosphoric acid Tie Li (LFP) . NMC has higher energy density (energy memory and weight become scale) , this also can increase the risk that out of control heats up when overheat and overheat, bring about fire to arrive from grow like a weed of unit of a battery thereby another batteries is unit. NMC price is more expensive also, can obtain from narrow supplier point only at present.

only chemical part, be in in the near future inside, LFP hopeful replaces NMC, the price is lower, safer. LFP is safer, because it has inferior energy density, and discharge with stable, persistent rate. Generally speaking, the service life of LFP product is longer than NMC also, although be in taller fill discharge rate to fall, also can reduce the frequency that changes inside project lifecycle. However, because LFP batteries compares density of NMC batteries energy low, accordingly they need larger space. Nevertheless, NMC memory is a mature technology, to all sorts of application setting will maintain competition ability and effectiveness, the biggest challenge is the risk that out of control and safe breakdown heat up in reducing compositive system.

3, evaluate supply catenary and usability

Element of another main consideration is the supply that evaluates batteries system according to project date of completion catenary. The adoption as electric car, can charge the solar energy that consumes dimensions of electronic product, public utility and wind energy project and fixed store can project, the whole world is right store can the demand of batteries product is increasing. Accordingly, once chose batteries technology, need considers the systematic capacity, time that offer money and the risk that supply catenary to interrupt.

For example, the project of a 2 thousand watt-hour may is faced with supply catenary challenge, compare to be able to go up inside 12 months the 5 million of the line are made of baked clay / the consign cycle of the project of 20 million watt-hour should grow more, the likelihood amounts to 3 years two. Longer time may encounter core metal shortage, especially lithium, nickel and cobaltic shortage, bring about those who suspend storage system is finishing. The key is to should monitor this kind to supply catenary shortage, assess commodity of the supplier of manufacturer, supplier and price, all these cost that the influence is purchased and store possibly.

4, evaluate a bank but financing sex and quality

Like the price, evaluate store can the method that quality needs a kind of whole system. Batteries quality is first issue, but system of crust, heat management, power source changes a system (PCS) , the quality of inverter is likewise important. In addition, when computer occurrence breakdown, storage system also can appear breakdown. Although fulfil his duty to investigate,cause the top quality cell that chose to have optimal the sources of energy to run software, but computer brings about a system possibly also to be interrupted completely several days longer even.

In evaluate batteries quality respect, as a result of numerous new storage company enters the market, the bank that undertakes finance affairs and technology fulfil his duty to investigate inclusive but financing sex report becomes more and more important. Next, development business should have complete spot audit, examine whole production process. Evaluate content to include a factory to check and accept a test, whether are batteries of test and verify and system built according to design standard, safe move. Execute online production surveillance and end item examine and verify to store with test and verify each package quality of the system are crucial.

5, evaluate batteries management software

The software of batteries system is store can another increasingly complex component in device, need is right all sorts of " value overlay " applied process undertakes assessment. Utility program and development staff use storage system to reduce peak value to demand, frequency adjusts and restore ability now, if software cannot run true measure and right time correctly, optimally charge discharge, so the value of selects storage system can be reduced, affect project gain ability. In addition, poorer batteries management software may shorten battery life, bring about batteries to increase prematurely or change exceed guarantee and function assures limits. At worst, software cannot detect possibly and prevent to heat up incident of out of control, bring about whole store can the system is in danger in.

6, the quality safeguard that evaluates batteries performance

Finally, development business should examine what any contracts set to honor the agreement independently assure and guarantee. Although the standard protects Xiu Han to cover spare parts and able-bodied person, but function assures the power that can ensure batteries system produces place to need and energy, or usable inside the proper time inside project lifecycle. Function assures as the development of storage technology and market constant change, in order to satisfy possessory apply with the value overlay with potential future currently.

Store can the technology is developing steadily all the time, but the period that enters to quicken growth, innovation and deploy as us, making store can the strategy and carry out store can when the project, should not ignore above these elements. Because new manufacturer and technology enter the market, management is supplied catenary and ensure quality and safety become more complex. In the final analysis, quality does not have shortcut or substitute.

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