Shandong visits form a complete set of price of contest of first 8MW/16MWh smooth hot season store can systematic project and the net moves

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: On December 31, by Shandong east energy limited company invests cleanness of battalion money gold, science and technology of energy of number of each other space (Shenzhen) limited company is in charge of a system compositive east 8MW/16MWh of form a complete set of power station of smooth hot season of 40MWp of battalion cultivate Li Hongtai store can the project succeeds and net, the mark is worn Shandong visited form a complete set of project of price of 19 smooth Fu Jing first 2020 store can systematic project is formal and the net moves.

East power station of smooth hot season of 40MW of battalion cultivate Li Hongtai is by the country company of net Shandong power released in June 2020 " the case that declares opinion of project of contest price smooth hot season about drafting 2020 " in one of 19 projects, the basis declares project commitment, store can configure dimensions to install machine scale by the project 20% considerations, store can time is configured 2 hours, store can project and synchronism of power station of smooth hot season are built in installment. The project is located in Shandong east area of battalion cultivate interest, total capacity of power station of smooth hot season is 40MWp, of form a complete set store can power station total capacity is 8MW/16MWh, by 3 2.5MW/5MWh store can child an unit, 0.5MW/1MWh store can child composition of system of an unit, energy management, every store can child unit is included store can batteries system, Chu Nengshuang reachs step up system to converter 3 parts are formed.

After the project joins movement, store can can reduce the n that abandon light for power station of smooth hot season, hoist power station of smooth hot season income, those who realize new energy resources to generate electricity is adjustable can accuse, promote power system stability thereby. At the same time store can the system can move for electrified wire netting offer tone peak, frequency modulation, demand to answer prop up wait for a variety of services, it is to promote traditional power system the important step of flexibility, economy and security.

Store can project project is carried out conduce to Shandong store can rapid development of the industry, chu Nengxin business agrees with Shandong new old kinetic energy changes train of thought, store can build system of contemporary energy industry to compose, advance reform of side of supply of industry of Shandong area energy to have important demonstrative sense.

As we have learned, number of each other space can regard the solution provider of this project and system as compositive business, compositive, spot debugs side of the design of system of responsible project a complete set of, communication wait for the job. Offerred BMS at the same time, advocate the core device that controls the production of own research and development such as system of ark of box, monitoring, energy management. This project from project project approving, design whole of plan establish, equipment is compositive, show up to equipment again use 50 days only, reflected number of each other space to be able to be in store can the project of face of systematic collect set prescription is fast delivery capacity.

Innovate as home store can one of systematic companies, number of each other space can devote oneself to to make the whole world top-ranking store can the system is compositive provider of business and solution. Number of each other space can provide the applied field such as power energy resources, network the sources of energy for the client store can solution of product and integrated unifinication. The company is had rich store experience of can compositive project, the technology that there is profundity in the respect such as power supply of batteries, BMS, EMS, power is accumulated and advanced products plan experience. Each other eaves is counted can also will keep dedicated continuously in power energy field with innovation, for electric power store can the solution that the industry develops to provide safer, stability with innovation, product and service.

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