Research makes clear 2020 global batteries store can field company financing amounts to 6.5 billion dollar

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: Consider to make clear, global batteries store can industry 2020 industry financing forehead was 2019 double much, raised money 2020 above of 6.5 billion dollar, and was 2.8 billion dollar about 2019.

This one result comes from a findings report that issues recently at Mercom company, this report analysed global enterprise and business of venture capital investment to be in batteries store can electrified wire netting of system, intelligence, can the financing activity of effect domain, summed up the market activity that Mercom company dogged 2020 and investigates. This company still generates electricity for solar energy the industry provides a separate findings report.

Mercom company investigation makes clear, headquarters is located in England store can the batteries that compositive business and company of Zenobe Energy of project development business are in the system to was obtained 2020 store can rank of trade venture capital investment the 3rd

In the 3 industries domain of investigation and study, global manufacturer raised money in all 2020 capital of 8.1 billion dollar, as more tremendous than appearing as the photograph of 3.8 billion dollar 2019 growth. And before investigation makes clear, although batteries store can the industry invested to drop quickly first half of the year 2020, but 2020 rebound strong after the 3rd quarter.

Store what trade investment is able to anabiosis and can grow is very big because Swedish Northvolt company raised,one part is 600 million dollar. And in this year findings report, northvolt company is global batteries store can the company that the domain acquires most investment, include Gaocheng and public company inside the enterprise is business of Northvolt company investment.

Northvolt company is building super battery plant in Sweden and Germany, plan to electric car (EV) the market supplies batteries product, at the same time also to stationary store can the market offers batteries product.

Although batteries store can industry firm investment increases significantly, was in 2020 54 6.6 billion dollar raised money in trading, and was in 2019 42 2.8 billion dollar raised money in trading, but batteries store can the venture capital investment of the industry drops somewhat. According to the investigation of Mercom company, the United States was 1.5 billion dollar in 32 financing amount in trading last year, and the financing amount 2019 is 1.7 billion dollar.

After Northvolt company, before obtaining investment field to rank of 5 still have company of American Quantum Scape, this company claimed to gain headway in respect of solid state batteries, attracted 200 million dollar of Volskwagen company to invest; England store can develop business and system company of compositive business Zenobe Energy invests from infrastructure and company of Infracapital of asset management group raised 198 million dollar and rank the 3rd; Prologium company invested company and one steam group to obtain fund of 100 million dollar from group of Bank of China; The Chu Nengchu when another headquarters is set in American length achieves company of company Form Energy to wait for investment from Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Macquarie Capital 76 million dollar raised money over there business.

Mercom company analyst points out, overall and character, company of Breakthrough Energy Ventures was 2020 batteries store can the venture capital investment with the largest field person. Meanwhile, lithium ion batteries store can the company is in batteries store can raise money to invest capital at most in the industry. Mercom company still shows, batteries store can the debt of the company and open market financing trade in all 22 sums when 1.1 billion dollar increases to 2020 considerably from 10 of 2019 in all 5 billion dollar.

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