15MW/30MWh of general assembly machine! Beijing is conciliatory 2 period side of electrified wire netting store can the project joins movement

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: Room of north of city of afterwards Beijing conciliatory science store can after project of power station first phase joins movement, on December 21, the Beijing that Xu Jicheng receives is conciliatory 2 period store can the project joins movement! Chu Nengrong measures promotion to 15MW/30MWh!

Room of north of city of Beijing conciliatory science store can power station 2 period dimensions of project complete station achieves 15MW/30MWh, the capacity adds 10MW/20MWh newly, by daily fill twice put, daily discharge quantity can amount to 60 thousand degrees of report (first phase puts n everyday 20 thousand degrees of report) , is this upgrades very assist?

After the project joins movement, sufficient play electrified wire netting cuts a peak to fill cereal, alleviate pressure of height power supply, promote the function such as accept of disappear of new energy resources, compose proposes form of more safe and efficient new student of the sources of energy, safety of safeguard electrified wire netting, stable, economy moves. In the meantime, this project is used " double insurance " fire control means, for store can power station on the safe side moves escort the Emperor convoy.

Technology of 5 big core

Safety of multistage of 1. batteries system is prevented control a system

Use " 7 fluorine propane is automatic extinguishing system + mist of high-pressured fine water " the fire control means of double insurance, farther promotion store can the serviceability of on the safe side of the power station.

2. monitoring and energy manage a technology

Build store can the much source of the power station is multilayer malfunction of class data model, equipment evaluates model and breakdown expert to diagnose a method, first side of electrified wire netting of application of research and development store system of check of can active carry.

Technique of 3.BMS balanced management

# real time surveillance, condition is evaluated, efficiency analysis, be based on huge data, of consistency of the voltage that passes pair of batteries serieses, temperature and batteries caboodle fill discharge computation, batteries to pile statistic of give an alarm to wait come compose is built store can carry dimension early-warning and breakdown diagnose a system, platoon of breakdown of decision-making directive spot checks intelligence with the overhaul.

The choice that # offers to be based on electric core to evaluate data grants SOX estimation technique, use batteries to run data in real time, the SOX of system of bunch of monomer of mathematical calculation batteries, batteries, batteries.

Essence of carry on one's shoulder of 4. source net controls a technology definitely

Put forward the convertor with much module online and synchronous pulse much chance paralell connection all sheds control technology and the active damp that are based on capacitance voltage feedback resonance restrains a technology, realize paralell connection of convertor of much stage high capacity to move.

5. container environment controls a technology

Distributing to make sure batteries room temperature is spent even, set air conditioning air channel especially, speak blast tuyere bottom in wind (batteries ark upside) setting fan diversion, refrigerating capacity of air conditioning of make the best use of, make sure batteries wears temperature to distributing even, feedback through temperature, the temperature intelligence that realizes container changes a canal to accuse.

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