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Domestic news

? First new energy resources of world is remote carry big channel to build in the round join movement

On December 30, first new energy resources of world is remote carry big channel Qinghai, project of dc of 800 kilovolt high pressure builds Henan ± in the round join movement. The project always invests 22.3 billion yuan, electrified wire netting of form a complete set invests 12.1 billion yuan, pull move the investment such as new energy resources to exceed 100 billion yuan, serving " 6 firm " " 6 protect " overall situation, drive industrial catenary to swim up and down business go back to work answer produce and main effect was produced in high quality development.

? National report casts 100MWp Internet + power station of wisdom of smooth Fu Zhisha + store can project and net

Recently, national report joins a group A of 5 approach electric power plays smooth hot season of west division of be apt to store can project and net, 100MWp Internet + power station of wisdom of smooth Fu Zhisha + Chu Nengpu opens project of power station of smooth hot season, use much advocate bar is double-faced component of double Bo single crystal + group the inverter that cluster form + small loss transformer + store can + fixed and adjustable support program, in communication side configures a 5MW/5MWh store can system.

? "Intelligence matching a net store can device " research achievement amounts to international advanced level

On December 26, association of industry of Hunan Province machinery is aimed at a country courtyard of division of net Hunan cable is own of research and development " intelligence matching a net store can device " organize especially hold appraisal of achievement of science and technology to meet. Come from Hunan of bureau of energy resources of Hunan university, nation to superintend electric machinery of guild of electric power of the office, Hunan, Hunan Province the project masters electric power of Hunan Province of the net that reach a nation the industry of the unit such as limited company is senior expert, in detailed knowledge " intelligence matching a net store can device " after the relevant circumstance such as research and development, application, think this achievement achieves international consistently advanced level.

? Chu Nengguang of type of the biggest chamfer heats up home generate electricity the project realizes full load to generate electricity

Recently, country scale of the monomer in first smooth hot demonstrative item is the largest, store the longest groovy type light grows when heat heat generates electricity project -- Inner Mongolia corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs is especially medium banner 10 hours of Chu Nengguang heat up conduction oil of type of 100 million made of baked clay chamfer generate electricity the project realizes full load to generate electricity, aircrew runs stability. Project collect generates electricity with store can be a suit, it is the green power supply that power station of replaceable fossil the sources of energy makes fundamental bear and tone peak negative charge.

? First emulative configuration sea of domestic is windward electric project start working

On December 17, sea of first emulative configuration of domestic is windward electric project -- ceremony of start working of windward cable project is in Shanghai Feng Xianhai maritime space of north of Shanghai Hangzhou bay is held. Wind cable project plans to install machine dimensions to cover with tiles for 200 million on Feng Xianhai, the maritime fan that plans to install 32 6.45 million to cover with tiles, synchronous construction station of maritime step up and an onshore collect accuse a 220 kilovolt center. According to the plan, wind cable project predicts on Feng Xianhai by 2021 and the net generates electricity. After project building joins movement, can carry report every year to measure five hundred and ninety-six million three hundred and ninety-eight thousand four hundred kilowatt hour to electrified wire netting.

? National energy group starts carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract strategic research

On December 15, group of investment of national energy resources is narrow liability company holds carbon to counteract in Beijing wish seminar of strategy of transition of the sources of energy of the our country below scene. Meantime, wisdom library and national development reform national energy group appoint institute of economy of industry of courtyard of division of company of maths of lab of the sources of energy of low carbon of university of institute of the sources of energy, Tsinghua, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and systematic science academy, China signs the strategy cooperative intent book, group of energy of joint research nation takes the lead in leading carbon of industry of power of coal of the sources of energy the strategic way that Da Feng, carbon counteracts.

? First integrated the sources of energy of countrywide makes unifinication of hydrogenous hydrogenation air entrainment stand in Fosan to leave build

On December 28, buddha lights the village austral energy group Inc. to make ceremony of labour of stand aside of unifinication of hydrogenous hydrogenation air entrainment be held in station of Na Zhuang door. It is reported, the Na Zhuang of this second start working makes unifinication of hydrogenous hydrogenation air entrainment stand is market natural gas makes coupling of hydrogen, Guang Fufa report electroanalysis water makes the function such as hydrogen, hydrogenation, air entrainment supply a station at the integrated the sources of energy of an organic whole, belong to hydrogen is made inside the station - hydrogenation mother stands, day makes hydrogenous hydrogenation ability achieve 1000 kilograms, can satisfy the use requirement with 100 can public transportation hydrogen. It is reported, this also is first integrated the sources of energy of countrywide makes unifinication of hydrogenous hydrogenation air entrainment stand.

Business news

? Denounce endowment 39 billion yuan, peaceful heart times is cast build 3 batteries to create base

On December 29, announcement of peaceful heart times says, plan to save appropriate guest city to overlook development of harbor economy technology in Sichuan inside, guest of appropriate of cell of investment extend power makes base item, the project always invests not to exceed 10 billion yuan; Plan to be in city of vessel of blessing of city of Fujian Province peaceful heart to invest construction power cell to produce base, the project always invests not to exceed 17 billion yuan. In addition, plan to save ZhongGuanCun of Li in relief city in Jiangsu inside new and high area, motivation of times of investment construction Jiangsu and store can lithium battery research and development and manufacturing project (4 period) , the project always invests not to exceed 12 billion yuan. These 3 projects add up to investment does not exceed 39 billion yuan. Every project time limit for a project is in 24-26 between the month, all and finishing will be the fastest after two years. Among them, project of appropriate guest production base is extend project, the others is twice build a project.

? Store can the first: Clique can science and technology appears on the market formally

On December 30, shanghai is sent can Inc. of energy science and technology is achieved formally in division of Shanghai stock exchange board hang out one's shingle appear on the market, stock abbreviation " clique can science and technology " , stock code " 688063 " , release price 56 yuan / . As we have learned, business income of before 2020 3 quarters 808 million yuan, grow 70.64% compared to the same period, implementation net profit 197 million yuan, grow 178.50% compared to the same period. The group that established in October 2009 can science and technology, chu Nengchao of report of cultivated already lithium 11 years, group of core of report of lithium of acerbity iron of dedicated Yu Lin, model and store can the research and development of batteries system, production and sale. Master technology of core of entire industry catenary through long-term and own research and development, clique can product of science and technology had called sex of on the safe side tall, cycling life is long and the label that modular, intelligence changes.

? peaceful Tibet 50MW " smooth hot season + store can " integrated energy demonstrative project and the net generates electricity

On December 24, tibetan day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion 50 sign of city are made of baked clay " smooth hot season + store can " integrated energy demonstrative project and the net generates electricity. This project is used peaceful store can systematic product, the project is located in river of day of city of criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting to set an example when contemporary zoology industry inside garden, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 1600 mus, total investment makes an appointment with 450 million yuan of RMBs, predict year of electricenergy production to be able to amount to 100 million kilowatt hour. This project is peaceful power supply is current the biggest light store project of ground power station, also be first time of peaceful power source is used modular of plan store can project.

? On can electric cast build product line of Ningxia 10GW inverter to build a project

On December 28, on can electric (300827.SZ) issues announcement, to drive Ningxia cleanness the construction of area of demonstrative garden of the sources of energy is mixed western the development of base of clean the sources of energy, company and government office of civil administration of homocentric county person, medium the nucleus is collected can limited company builds a project to reach a project to cooperate about matters concerned with respect to 10GW inverter product line, signed " investment of project of construction of 10GW inverter product line builds agreement " . According to the agreement, first phase project invests 50 million yuan, area of homocentric industry garden helps hire Ningxia up deficient industry garden extends an area 4 workshop (gross area adds up to) of 4000.75 square metre, install 2 inverter and Chu Nengshuang to converter product line, 2 period the project manages circumstance and industrial development demand according to first phase production, plan to invest 150 million yuan to enlarge scale of production.

? Big a group of things with common features laser wins the bid Ning Deshi is acting order for goods of nearly 1.2 billion equipment

On December 29, big a group of things with common features laser issues announcement, since September 18, 2020, receive peaceful heart times to reach its to accuse share company to win the bid in succession announcement, aggregate win the bid amount of facilities of lithium battery production is 1.194 billion yuan. Win the bid 12.48% what amount occupies his to received total via audit battalion 2019 about, among them, already signed formal order contract win the bid facility amount is 950 million yuan, have not sign amount of formal order contract to be 244 million yuan. Win the bid this the consign of equipment period basically center in 2021 year, predict to will be opposite big a group of things with common features the generation of management outstanding achievement of 2021 year affects laser actively.

? Can build Hunan courtyard to win the bid 10MW/20MWh of electric field of wind of battalion of prefectural Hong Tang store can set an example project EPC always contracts project

Recently, china can build Hunan courtyard to win the bid one after another 10MW/20MWh of electric field of wind of battalion of Hong Tang of county of path of Hunan of 3 gorge new energy resources store can set an example project EPC always contracts project He Yongzhou city - Shao Yang county transports gas plumbing one mark paragraph, realize side of first new energy resources store always can contract project and first natural and tracheal net always contract the double breakthrough of the project.

? Hai Bosai is achieved 14.82 million win the bid Hua Nengqing grinds courtyard system of batteries of two projects 13MWh

On December 29, chinese China can platform of business affairs of electron of group limited company is announced " Chinese China can limited company of academy of technology of group cleanness energy store can equipment of project batteries system is purchased " win the bid the result is common show, hai Bosai is achieved with 14.82 million yuan of successful hold the belt. This project invite public bidding begins on December 3, in all two power stations are Shandong heart city respectively power station of smooth hot season of fourth village reservoir store can project and China can smooth hot season of field of earth of platoon of mining area of Er of Inner Mongolia Za Lai Nuo store can power station store can of batteries system equipment store can invite public bidding, two projects scope is 4MW/8MWh, 5MW/5MWh respectively. The basis is calculated, amount to of batteries system price 1.14 yuan / Wh.

? Electric Guo Xuan first Tibet highland is large and integrated energy project and the net generates electricity

A few days ago, tibetan Lang Mingsang 50MW/100MWh of bead Zi area is smooth store set an example integratedly store can the project is finished smoothly one-time and the net generates electricity, this project is the installed capacity is the biggest integrated energy project till Tibet is current, have good demonstrative sense, electric Guo Xuan bids through many rounds negotiation, join manufacturer of pitch on mark, offer battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron for this project store can system.

? Wind of 10MW/10MWh of Anhui clever a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center store the project joins movement

Recently, inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind first wind store project of form a complete set -- report of wind of 50MW of first phase of Anhui Ling Bi and 10MW/10MWh store can project step up stands form a complete set store can the system is live moving success. The project issues Tian Cheng of wholy-owned subsidiary Beijing to achieve electric limited company to build together by banner of golden wind science and technology, it is golden wind science and technology first wind report that runs formally store can unifinication demonstrative project, also be electric field of the first batch of wind of domestic store can show plasticity item.

Policy reachs a level

? Xi'an: Right store can the system is pressed fill n actually to give investor 1 yuan / kilowatt hour allowance

On December 25, bureau of Xi'an industry letter was released " the opinion that about promoting industry of smooth hot season to last further health develops (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , plan to make phasing close to industry of smooth hot season give aid to policy. To coming on January 1, 2021 the project of distributed smooth hot season that builds during December 31, 2023 gives 0.1 yuan / kilowatt hour allowance, successive allowance 5 years; Be aimed at light store systematic application, right store can the system is pressed fill n actually to give investor 1 yuan / kilowatt hour allowance, allowance of same item year is highest do not exceed 500 thousand yuan. This is afterwards Hefei, Suzhou later, another place city is aimed at store can the project offers finance subsidy.

? Qinghai makes 945 programs proposal: Found a country store can expand demonstrative division of go ahead of the rest

On December 25, qinghai discusses a pass a barrier to develop the proposal of 5 years of programs and target of the 14th two years of distant view at making national economy and society, point out among them, develop store can industry, equipment of new energy resources of be well versed in produces entire industry chain; Upper reaches of construction Yellow River store can factory, advance chemistry store can establishment construction, found a country store can expand demonstrative division of go ahead of the rest; Advance lithium battery and high end of terminal application industry to change development, form a complete set develops smooth hot season to make, wind report equips, build car of new energy resources and base of property of form a complete set.

? " store can use lithium ion cell general quality is characteristic " group metric system decides a seminar to be in in identify Ying Taicheng result to hold

On December 30, sponsor by Chinese chemistry and physical guild, Chinese chemistry and guild of physical power source store can apply branch to undertake, ying Tai admits to detect in technical limited company takes the lead draft 2020 " store can use lithium ion cell general quality is characteristic " group metric system decides a seminar to be in in identify Ying Taicheng result to hold. Seminar with " store can use lithium ion cell general quality is characteristic " for the theme, around with store the character of the lithium ion batteries that can be applied setting or systematic product and examine detect wait for technical issue to undertake deepness discuss, south power source delegate of more than 10 relevant enterprise attends the countrywide each district that waits inside this second conference.

Data is released

? Shandong electrified wire netting year carry out n breaks through 400 billion kilowatt hour

From the country net Shandong will save power company know on December 28, on December 22 23 when 50 minutes, shandong electrified wire netting year carry out n breaks through 400 billion kilowatt hour. Net Shandong electric power still pushs the country Gu net power plant turns and aircrew of net, provide for oneself turns public and close stop replace, dimensions of market of carry out cable expands ceaselessly; Build perforative " hair - be defeated - change - match - with " the line caustic canal of whole process controls a system, accumulative total of line caustic rate drops 2.25 percent; Through " turn report + electrified + generate electricity + speedy telegram in reply " when waiting for a series of measure to reduce power cut door several, up to now reliable rate amounts to power supply 99.96% .

? During Shanxi electrified wire netting greets a peak to spend a winter outside send the greatest electric power to exceed 10 million kilowatt

On December 24, power of the power transmission outside Shanxi electrified wire netting is the greatest achieve ten million five hundred and seven thousand kilowatt, achieve new this year tall. In on one round influence of big range cold wave falls, much ground heating is climbed quickly with electric bear litre, add production of industry of go to work to restore to wait for an element quickly, power demand rises quickly. Shanxi electrified wire netting innovates 7 times continuously with electric bear tall, highest achieve 36.32 million kilowatt. In Shanxi provincial below the condition that adds with electric bear, it is difficult that company of power of net Shanxi province overcomes the country, supply what China north, Hua Dong sends electric power outside much act safeguard reliably.

? 2021 year Liaoning is commercialized trade n exceeds two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two watt-hour

On December 20, liaoning electric power trades organization of central limited company is begun Liaoning province is big 2021 user and generate electricity company year is bilateral trade, finish hand in easy n one hundred and three billion and thirty-eight million kilowatt hour, break through first one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two close greatly. Among them, liaoning is provincial market main body clinchs a deal n seventy-eight billion four hundred and four million kilowatt hour,

? Our country will build 5G radical to stand 2021 600 thousand above

On December 28, countrywide industry and informatization job conference were held 2021. Labour believes ministry minister Xiao Yaqing to express on the conference, will press 5G network construction and application in order 2021, accelerate main city 5G to enclothe, advance build in all share, build 5G radical to stand 600 thousand above.

Foreign news

? Australian investment business plans to be in Xin Nawei batteries of 28MW/56MWh of deploy of Er person city store can project

Company of Precinct Capital of Australian investment business and company of Edify Energy of energy development business established a joint ventures (JV) , and Edify Energy company develops business Wirsol company to be 60MW Gannawara solar energy to send deploy of electric field form a complete set in an installed capacity of Victoria city operation for solar energy a few years ago batteries of a 25MW/50MWh store can system. A recent report makes clear this project, since investment since moving, no matter this project still is on the technology economically be achieved or exceeded expect performance.

? DNV GL company releases scorecard of function of the 3rd acting batteries, expression is best is batteries of titanium acerbity salt

Global quality is ensured and company of DNV GL of Norway of risk management advisory orgnaization released scorecard of function of the 3rd acting batteries a few days ago. Of 22 kinds of products that DNV GL company tested scorecard fill discharge stability, decided bring about what 1 % place needs capacity loss to fill discharge time. In the scorecard this year, bring about what 1 % place needs capacity loss to fill discharge frequency to be on average 381 times, and these different batteries have very big difference on one hand in this: Battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron is 135 ~ 448 times, batteries of ion of NMC3 Yuan Li is 180 ~ 849 times, NCA batteries is 143 ~ 330 times, and the batteries of titanium acerbity salt with best expression is 1, 067.

? Discharge continuously time lithium ion batteries of 10 hours store can system or have cost competition ability more than taking labor

American energy department (DoE) released a few days ago new store can politic, aim to quicken store can the technology arrives from the lab the transition of the market. Its " store can big challenge " the plan is emphasized at be in the United States mass production store can systematic means, implementation is homebred at the same time change in order to ensure store can supply catenary security. This evaluates a report to point out, to 2030, predicting installed capacity is 100MW, discharge continuously time is 10 hours store can the system will become what provide cost effectiveness most store can system. Hydrogen store can drop quickly of the price to make possibly store can the system is in future and compress air store can the system undertakes competitive in cost respect. In addition, to 2030, discharge continuously time lithium ion batteries of 10 hours store can the system may compare pump water harbour can establishment has cost competition ability more.

? Hannon Armstrong and Clearway Link plan are in the United States deploy 2GW scene store can project

Company of investment business Hannon Armstrong and company of Clearway Energy of energy development business showed a few days ago, will joint investment restrains 950 million dollar, capacity of aircraft of plan deploy general assembly near the wind-force of 2GW generates electricity, solar energy generates electricity and store can project the sources of energy invests combination. Hannon Armstrong company and Clearway Energy company invest jointly, the deploy contract that wins the infrastructure investor that makes pay close attention to climate to change 7 projects, include total installed capacity to generate electricity for 874MW wind report among them establishment, total installed capacity is solar energy of dimensions of 192MW electrified wire netting to generate electricity establishment, and total installed capacity generates electricity for 557MW solar energy establishment and total installed capacity are 395MW batteries store can system.

? Largo Resources company sheds United States of batteries technology layout with fluid store can the market

Canadian vanadium mine extracts company of business Largo Resources announced a few days ago, already in Telahua the city establishs a subsidiary formally in order to enter the United States store can the market. New hold water this the name will be developed for company of Largo Clean Energy and reducing solution of deploy vanadium oxidation spreads cell (VRFB) technology and product, its technology is based on the United States store can 12 patent that company of manufacturer VionX Energy owns, largo Resources company bought VionX Energy company with 3.8 million dollar. "Batteries of VCHARGE ± current store can the system will be used modular structure, its design accords with standard of dependability of electrified wire netting, passed remarkable wear test, batteries work life can be as long as 40 years. "

? The lithium ion batteries that the research organization thinks the European Union is released reclaims use draft resolution to remain to improve

European Union committee issued a proposal a few days ago, the plan is carried out to batteries industry of Europe but durative development standard. According to the investigation data of company of Circular Energy Storage, of the batteries that working life ends compound year of increase rate is relatively low much, have 18 % only. To 2030, the whole world has 145GWh about (7.799 million tons) ) batteries will enter recycle application field, and 170 GWh (820 thousand tons) batteries will be used at material to reclaim. But the report points out, european batteries reclaims business can reclaim only among them 16 % , and the batteries of the European Union reclaims ability is not worth badly.

? Up to in July 2020, batteries of British plan deploy store can the project exceeds 13.5GW

Release according to company of industry media Solar Media " British batteries store can project dataThe library reports " , up to in July 2020, batteries of British plan deploy store can the project exceeds 13.5GW. Among them 1.3GW batteries store can systematic deploy works already be all set, 5.7GW batteries store can the system has obtained program license. But, batteries store can the industry faces a lot of challenges, especially the batteries of dimensions of electrified wire netting store can project financing problem. A lot of investor aux would rather pay price of excessive of high specified number investment solar energy generates electricity and wind-force generates electricity establishment, because this is an income source that can forecast more.

? LevelTen Energy company is rolled out purchase store can the fictitious contract platform of resource

The sources of energy develops company of business LevelTen Energy to released a kind of new-style fictitious contract platform a few days ago, enterprise and utility company can invest through this contract platform large store can project. LevelTen Energy company is passed but agreement of second birth energy expanded but the person that second birth the sources of energy is purchased and wind-force generate electricity and solar energy generates electricity operation person the platform that connection rises, this is a fictitious contract, the sources of energy is reduced to invest assorted uncertainty below the condition that can not adding the person that purchase to run a risk.

? Natural gas of California Pacific Ocean and power company plan purchase 387MW/1548MWh batteries store can system

Natural gas of Pacific Ocean of California utility firm and power company (Pacific Gas & Electric) expressed a few days ago, approving its another round in application California superintendency orgnaization large-scale store can purchase a plan, batteries of side of first when include this company to be designed to satisfy requirement of electrified wire netting among them large user store can project deploy contract. This company plans to purchase 6 with deploy store can project amount installed capacity is 387MW, total Chu Nengrong is measured for 1548MWh. Include to be in among them south California deploy the solar energy of dimensions of two electrified wire netting + store can system, the batteries of 3 independent deploy that build in California store can system, and deploy batteries of an user side store can project.

? Lumcloon Energy company throws carry 100MW battery in Ireland store can project

Irish the sources of energy develops company of business Lumcloon Energy to announced a few days ago, with Korea Han China group is in Ireland county of abstruse law benefit (an installed capacity of deploy of Co.Offaly) joint development is 100MW batteries store can establishment has opened operation. Lumcloon batteries store can the project began to build 2019, its are designed and build contractor to be Duggan Brothers, Suir Engineering, Malachy Walsh and Partners respectively. Lumcloon batteries store can project hopeful is in 2021 investment is used first quarter, shannonbridge batteries store after the system also is finishing deploy subsequently, can throw use.

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