2050 the whole world store can market dimensions or will amount to 3.7TW/14.0TWh

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China store can net dispatch: The whole world store can installation amount of market accumulative total will be added from the 11GW/22GWh 2019 to 2050 1, 676GW/5, 827GWh, did not come 30 years global investment predicts to amount to 662 billion dollar. Of China, United States and India store can be among the best of candidates of dimensions of accumulative total deploy, occupy 2050 the whole world store can the 1/3 above of accumulative total dimensions. To 2050, class of global electrified wire netting store can the project is occupied than about 70% , the others is made an appointment with 1/4 for dweller and side of user of industry and commerce store can.

Arrive at present 2050, the whole world store can the market rises with year of compound increase rate of 18% . To 2050, of China, United States and India store can dimensions of deploy accumulative total is occupied than about 36% . Other and banner store can the market includes southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, Germany, Yibiliya, Korea and British market.

Area of on the spot looks, to 2050, asia-Pacific area million covers with tiles class project scope occupies the 43 % of total dimensions, europe, middle east and Africa (EMEA) occupy 34 % , america 16 % . Report to there are 6 to be located in Asia-Pacific area in the 10 big markets that build a model originally. Commercialize as electric power advance, Chu Nengcheng drops originally, each country is made in succession clean 0 acceptance, store can hopeful becomes the flexibility resource that attraction provides extremely in structure of power of Asia-Pacific district future.

In paying close attention to economy to hold the machine, basic sight that takes no account of policy target mainly, we predict China replaced the United States the earliest 2026, make the whole world the biggest store can the market, the United States store can market dimensions row the 2nd. India store can the market will be in 2030-2050 year rapid growth, be in 2050 row the 3rd.

In housetop light the market with volt higher permeability, user side store can occupy store can the portion of the market is larger. The retail electrovalency such as Brazil, Yibiliya, Mexico and Japan in the market with taller, resourceful illumination, door use and commerce store can market scale is larger.

Majority Chu Nengxin increases outfit chance is class of electrified wire netting store can project. To 2050, class of global electrified wire netting store can the project is occupied than about 70% , the others is made an appointment with 1/4 for dweller and side of user of industry and commerce store can. Add newly store when basically can be being used at energy, move, representative application setting is to be in high proportion can cut a peak to fill cereal in system of power of second birth the sources of energy.

Came 2020 2050, the whole world is added newly store can deploy dimensions is amounted to at least 1, 916GW/6, 705GWh, main growth momentum comes to what for private use moves at energy store can system. Different market Chu Nengxin increases installation amount make existence difference, basically depend on old old unit retires circumstance and store can the photograph is otherer generate electricity cost competition ability of the technology.

To 2050, the whole world store can invest total dimensions to will amount to 964 billion dollar, arrange an in part (485 billion dollar) those who fall when be used at energy to move store can go up, the others investment flows into user side store can mix be defeated by distribution side store can project. Asia-Pacific area, Europe, middle east, Africa and American investment occupy score to be 45% , 31% with 18% . When computation invests, what we consider is equipment and installation cost, did not consider income opportunity, also did not consider to be produced to enlarging batteries can the investment of dimensions, because this part batteries is used mostly,carry a trade in order to supply. We think, supply catenary to won't be restricted store can deploy.

The foundation of afore-mentioned market prospect comes from our economic transition scene, did not consider the impact of policy or long-term climate target. If consider policy impact, together with public utility is evaluated store can the method of competition ability matures gradually, store the Chu Nengcheng below basic scene can be after capital expenditure classics is adjusted this 30% , criterion 2050 the whole world store can market dimensions will amount to 3.7TW/14.0TWh, it is basic scene falls 2050 of market dimensions double superabundant.

Our newspaper accuses data set detailed to see Long-Term Energy Storage Outlook 2020 Data Viewer (2020 whole worlds store can the market looks into data tool for a long time)

A group of data

964 billion dollar

To 2050 store can invest always dimensions


2050 user side store can project scope is occupied compare

1, 676GW/ 5, 827GWh

Already threw to 2050 use store floor level of can total dimensions

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