American energy department releases " store can big challenge " report (one)

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Regard American the sources of energy as the ministry (DOE) " store can big challenge " (ESGC) one part, american energy department (DOE) aim to be mixed integratedly distribute optimal practicable store can the data of technology and market, information and analysis, for decision-making provide a basis and quicken a technology to use. "Store can big challenge " route chart was offerred solve a technology development, commercialize, make, appraise value and the option that labour force challenges, be dedicated to making the United States is in what did not come store can technical domain is in the whole world lead position.

This report offerred pair of numerous trends store can the basic understanding of the market. What make data through be being mixed from the deploy that optimal and open origin obtains, investment is compositive represent a form, bring into its " store can big challenge " inside limits.

This report covers the following store can technology: Harbour of lithium ion batteries, lead acerbity batteries, pump water can, compress air store can, oxidation reducing solution sheds batteries, hydrogen store can, the building is hot store can, and when growing store can technology. "Store can big challenge " list in route chart use with what the user is a center exemple can help the market that in identifying this one report, includes. Conversely, this market analysis offerred these to use the independent view of a place market. The prospective version of this report may continue to develop the consistency of market data and use case frame.

Be not all store can technology and market can be in this report get settlement. Because energy technology is phyletic various, market barrier and data usability problem, this market report incorporates a group of handpick technologies only. For example, store hot technology definition is very extensive, covered wide potential market, level of technical be in order and the sources of energy. In other sphere, the applied process that the rare need that be short of a gender is opposite data to did not come and burgeoning science have more thorough knowledge. Prospective job will update the data that provides in this report, will expand include other store can technology.

This kind is opposite with what data is a basis store can the assessment of market current situation comes true to dogging " store can big challenge " in what the progress of descriptive target is extensive interest relative is decision-making provide information crucial. In the meantime, through writing our newspaper is accused and the difference of discovery can point to the domain that need is collected further and analyses data, can improve the knowledge of pair of whole markets and technical limits further thereby.

Finally, planning, undertake or complete a large number of additional analysises, these analysises will make this report provides the more thorough knowledge of pair of specific technologies and market.


Regard American the sources of energy as the ministry (DOE) " store can big challenge " (ESGC) one part, this report was summed up about mix at present the document data of concerned market, these document are involved was carried in traffic 2030 and secure the market to be in 7 kinds of global deploy store can technology. Emphasize at collecting to go up about the United States and international store can the optimal estimation that the market predicts how to grow. Accordingly, the purpose of this report is summary available data, is not to offer about mix currently future store can the new analysis of the market.

To 2030, use at securing store the battery market estimation that can carry combination with traffic will grow 2.5 ~ 4 TWh every year, be current market 800 GW about 3 arrive fivefold. Electric power assembly (namely the car carries store can system) had received more and more application, and already transformed mobile sex be an user the biggest store can demand, this is representing its energy to use up than securing store can the system wants tower above 5 to decuple. And the confluence that electrification carries, batteries store can drop of systematic cost quickly and alterable but the addition that second birth the sources of energy generates electricity, bring about store can system the deploy increase sharply in global electric power and carriage industry market. Although once was regarded as Gao Shuiping and net but of electric power of second birth the sources of energy be short of break link, but deploy is fixed store can the system is regarded as a kind of obstacle no longer, however a real market opportunity, can find the technology that provides cost effectiveness most to improve the dependability of electrified wire netting, adaptability and demand management. This report aims to master the whole world store can of the market newest forecast.

Go up to still exist to the incentive measure of consumer in a lot of main markets as government of world each country, and the scope that increased to create platform as manufacturer, go a few years electric car (EV) use hopeful to continue to grow. The analyst predicts, to 2030, to electric car such shift store can demand will be achieved 0.8 to 3.0 TWh, among them the demand of light-duty and electric car market of dominant near future. Predicting China will make the shift with the greatest whole world store can the market. However, of unexpected is, to July 2020, european XEV market (with " X " the delegate is light-duty, medium-sized the electric car with heavy-duty car) exceeded China, predict to will exceed 1 million this year.

Stationary store can existing capacity of the system basically can set almsgiver to guide by pump water harbour, but as a result of price fall, of new deploy store can the project is lithium ion normally (Li-ion) batteries. To 2030, the whole world is fixed store can (pump water harbour can except) year deploy predicts to will exceed 300 GWh, this means electrified wire netting relevant store can of deploy compound year all increase rate (CAGR) for 27 % , use at storehouse the industrial application such as content shedding store can of deploy compound year all increase rate is 8 % . China announces to be in 2020-2026 year a development and the pump water labor that build installed capacity to be 35GW can establishment, although still developing level at present, but the United States also is exploring pump water harbour can the way that establishment grows. To 2030, global stationary store can the biggest market predicts to will be in North America (41.1 GWh) , China (32.6 GWh) with Europe (31.2 GWh) , Japan (2.3 GWh) with Korea (1.2 GWh) .

Of a large number of deploy store can the system is to discharge continuously normally time 4 hours store can system, with dimensions of electrified wire netting, commerce and industry (C & I) and the residence but second birth the sources of energy (it is solar energy generates electricity normally establishment) union is together.

Report method and limits

This report is in the United States of energy department " store can big challenge " below support, summed up be carried in traffic and secure store can be in in the market arrange of global limits interior is handpick store can technical current situation and market are forecasted. Put forward to use what already released differently suppose to forecast, predict in order to offer to 2030 store can the current prospect that how will the system develop. This report included the near future and the activity that current hopeful produces major effect, the research that includes Chu Nengxin technology makes progress and store can use a program. Dog the real progress means of the metabolic means that forecast and market can help government and industry research and deploy strategy.

Inside this overall frame, the report summed up every market by branch and area above all. Discussed every to plant respectively next store can technology, introduced them in applicable market mix currently expect demand. Below feasible circumstance, will reveal global engineering capability with token current market dimensions is mixed main area.

Technology and market

Chose 7 kinds store can the technology brings into this report:

Batteries of 1. lithium ion

2. lead acerbity batteries

3. pump water harbour can power station

4. is compressed air store can (CAES)

5. oxidation reducing solution spreads cell (RFB)

6. hydric (H2)

7. building is hot store can (TES)

The technology that this report covers is in secure and carry the market to all get settlement. Although consumed kind of electronic product market to also use certain technology (basically be lithium ion batteries) , but this market did not introduce deep. This report studied these technologies are in at the same time the historical deploy 2030 mixes 2015 ~ predicting demand. Below certain circumstance, important information can be obtained before 2015, already included in setting. On the other hand, below certain circumstance, still unavailable information will be forecasted certain 2030 store can technical deploy. Below getatable circumstance, offerred those who be based on different hypothesis to forecast compare in order to undertake, for example as total as the whole world store can the market undertakes comparative.

This report with a view to is all store can global deploy of the technology. As long as likely, these information undertake differentiating through the following area:

·The United States



·The Asia is other area (ROA)

·The whole world is other area (ROW) .

Two staple market that this report covers are fixed store can the market and justice can carry the market, every market fractionize is respective domain. Carry have two main fields: Electric car (XEV) or fuel cell is dynamoelectric car (FCEV) maneuverability, and fuel car starts, illume and ignition (SLI) . Watch 1 in described the application related to every branch further. Watch 2 in described fixed store can the market, mix with electrified wire netting for the most part among them commercial flexibility is relevant.

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