Will the energy bill that United States Congress approves is but second birth the sources of energy and store can what does the industry bring?

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China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, united States Congress approved plan of pay of a 2.4 trillion dollar and bill of deliverance of coronal shape virus a few days ago. American clean the sources of energy and store can the taxation privilege measure that industry advocate adds a key in the last moment for this act and the fund of research and development of billions of dollar and feel excited, these capital had brought into this act in.

But, solar energy and wind-force generate electricity organization and store can all content that advocate did not get they ask from inside United States Congress, the defray that a little incentive policy did not bring into what American government released a few days ago and in relief act. Accordingly they hope to obtain the United States next allowing that government and United States Congress are opposite the support of these additional policy.

Bill content: Taxation touchs those who avoid delay and public land to go up but second birth the sources of energy

Without doubt, the investment revenue that includes in this act is touched avoid (ITC) delay will make solar energy and wind-force generate electricity the industry is benefited. Generate electricity to solar energy for the industry, this includes to invested taxation to touch 2022 among them avoid (ITC) privilege is 26 % , it is 22 % to the privilege 2023, and end finally to January 1, 2026.

Association of industry of American solar energy says on the networks seminar that presiding apparitor Abigail Ross Hopper held a few days ago: "This is a very major change. When us future of industry of consideration solar energy develops 10 years when, this policy provided a lot of helps for us. "

The United States but presiding apparitor Gregory Wetstone is in board of second birth energy say in a statement, "The two parties of United States of delegate of critical relief step of these commonsensible sexes are voting support but the development of industry of second birth energy and will offer opportunities of tens of 10 thousand obtain employment, and the clean energy future that compose builds us. "

Solar energy and wind-force generate electricity organize public to promoting also land to go up but the expression in the act of deploy of second birth the sources of energy and development expresses to welcome, a government perhaps can pass the administrative order of American Home Office and energy department to take action, is not to pass congress to approve act to come true.

This includes to indicate American Home Office but second birth the sources of energy coordinates the office to simplify the permissive program of public land, award hold the post of interior minister Deb Haaland newly to reduce solar energy and wind-force to generate electricity the influence that the project rents cost to lead, and set is in to 2025 arrange of public land upside and operation installed capacity are 25GW but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity the target of establishment.

Guild of American solar energy (SEIA) chairman Bill Shuster says on second network seminar here: "Ensure American government passes this legislation and with be being mixed actively good means to enact a law, but see difficulty now heavily. "

The energy research and development of 35 billion dollar is opposite in the plan but second birth the sources of energy and store can systematic investment

Solar energy, wind-force generates electricity and store can organize still be aimed at clean energy technology to offer capital of research and development to express admiration to American energy department, include among them future generates electricity for solar energy inside 5 years the industry offers 1.5 billion dollar, generate electricity for wind-force the industry is offerred 625 million dollar and for store can the system offers 1.08 billion dollar.

The project that is aimed at research from improve efficiency, reduce make and cost of material, to pilot project and software platform, go to these technical conformity in more extensive place or electrified wire netting.

Plan of this research and development still includes to be in future is modernization of electrified wire netting of American energy department inside 10 years research offers 2.2 billion dollar, for place and city electrified wire netting superintendency orgnaization provides demonstrative project and tool, use the adoption of new technology and control of electrified wire netting in order to accelerate, and in the light of the mixture of out-of-the-way community small electrified wire netting plans.

Anne Hoskins of presiding policy official is in the company of Sunrun of business of installation of residential solar energy with American lead industry express in a statement, among them partial capital will conduce to reduce solar energy to generate electricity establishment and batteries store can of the system " soft " cost, with enlarging the scope of application that solar energy generates electricity further.

The United States store can Jason Burwen of society policy vice president expresses, " better store can technical act " make store can plan of research and development also is store can develop business to offer its to be in the opportunity that bigger effect can produce in the electrified wire netting that second birth the sources of energy generates electricity to grow increasingly.

Besides use at store outside the 500 million dollar that the system studies and can develop, this act still allocates funds every year 71 million dollar, in the add up to inside 5 years 355 million dollar, use at be being purchased to each city, public utility and private company store can the emulative invite public bidding of the project.

Burwen expresses, these projects should show new technology not only, and should develop new applied program and new business pattern. This reduces batteries cost to devoting oneself to not only, and with a view to ensures its can come true to the total value of electrified wire netting store can for the industry crucial.

"If cannot interrelate effectively, perhaps design a purpose as a result of electrified wire netting and cannot provide the flexibility that can provide, will not realize the total value that can offer so. "

Act did not allude clean energy level, direct pay, store can invest taxation to touch avoid (ITC)

Department of energy of United States of this act directive is preferential project of consideration research and development, in order to offer the cleanness of 100 % , but second birth or 0 discharge the sources of energy. But the first item that it does not include a government, for example clean energy level or carbolic price mechanism, these will realize Electricity Department door to arrive before 2035 0 carbon discharge a target to provide a help.

These energy policy will be faced with intense debate in United States Congress. In United States Congress, republic party may retain senatorial most seat, the the Democratic Party will hold a dominant position with the weak dominant position of 10 chairs in Boule.

Guild of American solar energy (SEIA) the vice-president Erin Duncan of responsible congress general affairs says on network seminar of Zhou Er. "I participated in a lot of groups that participate in carbolic price mechanism like that. But I do not decide whether present tense opportunity is equal. "

Wind-force generates electricity and solar energy generates electricity the taxation in developing business to worry about this act is touched avoid patulous measure to also be lacked pay directly may the choice of refund, the economic depression that they worry about to epidemic situation of coronal shape virus is caused will reduce the demand that bank and financial orgnaization invest to taxation equity. Although next year of United States Congress may again once such opportunity, but should involve when paying directly, a lot of republic partisans assemblyman do not have interest to this.

This act also was not store can industry and solar energy industry offer another crucial pillar in federal policy agenda: Be independent deploy store can the system offers investment revenue to touch avoid (ITC) . Deng Ken says, although this is guild of American solar energy (SEIA) the one part of 100 days of agenda that frame for a government, but the United States was not approved store can the system obtains investment revenue to touch avoid (ITC) case of this one party.

The United States store can the Burwen of association expresses, of independent deploy store can the system obtains taxation to reach the main goal that avoiding privilege is prospective legislation. He says, "We will continue to try hard for this one target. "

The United States store can association and guild of American solar energy (SEIA) also seeking a government to batteries store can system and solar energy + store can systematic taxation is touched avoid still the state that inaccuracy decides undertakes clarifying.

According to bureau of American state tax (IRS) the discusses a book feudality provision that gives out since 2015, if batteries store can what the system uses in the time that there are 75 % at least in a year is solar energy generates electricity the electric power of establishment the electric power that is not electrified wire netting, criterion store can systematic cost can count investment revenue is touched avoid (ITC) formulary solar energy generates electricity the one part of facilities cost. But, this kind of understanding does not have the guideline that follows bureau of American state tax, this guideline can clarify the uncertainty in suggesting to case.

Add solar energy to generate electricity as to date from the batteries in the system store can systematic taxation is touched avoid, a proposal letter of bureau of American state tax made clear 2018, residential solar energy generates electricity establishment is possessory can touch investment revenue avoid (ITC) apply at the batteries that adds later store can system, but premise is must use solar energy completely to generate electricity the electric power of establishment. Large solar energy generates electricity project lack touchs investment revenue avoid (ITC) apply at the batteries that adds later store can systematic regulation.

Burwen says, clear guideline made clear bureau of American state tax to obtain investment revenue to touch avoid (ITC) qualification, can batteries store can the solar energy that the system adds all sorts of existing dimensions generates electricity in establishment, the likelihood is good news for this rich to solar energy area, because these areas generate electricity in solar energy of establishment generate electricity during time and power demand peak value between will be faced with be out of line.

He says: "The guideline that the step that American government can take issues bureau of American state tax namely is changed formally, make its have date from capacity. Only this one can be promoted greatly store can systematic deploy. "

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