The whole nation is shared first times movably store can base of lash-up power source joins movement in Zhejiang Jin Hua

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: On December 30, reporter of Chinese economy gazette from the country company of power supply of net Jin Hua learns, the whole nation is shared first times movably store can base of lash-up power source joins movement in Zhejiang Jin Hua. Jinhuade will be carried out after this base joins movement area, Zhejiang is provincial and even shift of quality adjustment, spot keeps the electric energy that crosses a province rush to repair of report, lash-up protects report, electrified exercise to keep the job such as report.

It is reported, this year the country will do newly on December 23 those who release " the Chinese the sources of energy of new era develops " made clear in white paper " strive for carbon of the implementation before 2060 to counteract hard " target, put forward to want to support the sources of energy at the same time each link of each setting store can apply, comprehensive promotion electric power supplies dependability and lash-up safeguard capacity.

Store can be Zhejiang electric power not only the important flexibility in building multivariate and shirt-sleeve tall stretch electrified wire netting adjusts resource, also be to promote clean the sources of energy scale, come true at an early date " carbon is counteracted " one of important steps. As electric power store application can be turned in the dimensions of side of electrified wire netting, appeared solid finalizes the design store can line of power station, make a present of and stage area store can system, store can lash-up protects electric car to wait, but because equipment application setting is onefold, cause utilization rate not tall, cannot dig adequately store can muti_function applying. And share movably store can of base of lash-up power source cast carry to be made up for just about original store can the inadequacy of establishment, pass modular, portable, can share store can form, will advocate ceaseless cable operation, lash-up maintains demand of net attune peak, frequency modulation and distribution network the demand bearing of report, short Shi Zengrong is shirt-sleeve, optimize inside implementation area share, sufficient mining store can use latent capacity, raise its to use efficiency.

As we have learned, the whole nation is shared first times movably store can base of lash-up power source covers an area of 5700 square metre, move by type of 8 an organic whole store can tile of 6 car, 0.5 million is mobile store can tile of 12 cabin, 1 million moves store can 17 cabin, mobile transformer 3 cabin, shift are electric a cabin, shift is electric 2 cabin, store n add up to 34 million watt-hour, all equipment all use container to decorate, when if encounter calamity of typhoon, ice,waiting for incident of major disaster sex, can install a car to begin the mobile work that defend report. The n that this base place stores, can offer an electric car uninterrupted travel 135 thousand kilometer, approximate circle the earth 3 rounds half, but be full of report to need 2 hours only.

Ceaseless development of economy makes the society goes tall continuously with n, golden China electrified wire netting is in highest bear broke through whole society of the summer this year 8.38 million kilowatt, and the question with bigger difference of existence peak cereal.

"Of base of lash-up power source store can system can on the spot stores electric energy, move for electrified wire netting in appropriate time offer cut a peak to fill the power support such as rush to repair of cereal, lash-up, exercise matching a net. " dimension of use of company of power supply of net Jin Hua overhauls the country a relevant controller introduction, jin Hua serves as Zhejiang provincial and exclusive special high pressure delivers direct current at the same time the city of settle, developing provincial the main effect that power energy resources carries a key position. 2022, hangzhou will hold the 19th Asia Game, jin Hua regards group of Asia Game football as contest and project of cany ball game hold the ground, ensure the importance of reliable power supply is self-evident, had share movably store can base of lash-up power source, where be short of report to be able to carry where, stable electric power is carried had safeguard.

With Jin Hua China gold transformer substation is 220 kilovolt exemple, it will is the Asia Game divided an assembly room 2022, inferior power supply of carry cent village. This year 1, in September, difference of cereal of peak of peak load of this station odd-numbered days amounts to 155 million tile, golden China electrified wire netting is portable store can after base of lash-up power source joins movement, when the summer uses electric height, can pass in the evening store can, the means that discharges by day, drive about 40 thousand air conditioning to move at the same time, illume the energy-saving lamp of 2 million 18 tile, transformer substation of supply China gold uses electric bear breach, supply to greet peak estivate to provide strong electric power.

Be worth what carry is, this base still used the standardization that by the country net Zhejiang saves leading research and development of electric division courtyard to have safe attestation " Plug and Play " unified interface mode, zhejiang saves expert of Internet of the sources of energy of electric division courtyard to say: "This interface can improve movable type store can applicability of device electrified wire netting, solve a tradition store can the system is in design, construction, carry, installation, debug and the problem of each respect existence such as standardization. " future as store can of interface of standardization of power source base gain ground, but with provincial and other area store can device each other understands each other benefit, implementation store can share. (sea of chastity of Shenyang of Pan Pan, Li Chunchun's reporter)

Share movably store can base of lash-up power source.

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