Circular normal issues Shandong electrochemistry inside store can in long-term development thinks

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China store can net dispatch: Shandong regards countrywide GDP as the big province of before the rank 3, the sources of energy that also is our country consumes big province. 2007, shandong province produces the sources of energy to achieve coal of one hundred and forty-six million one hundred and seventy thousand tons of standards, energy consumption gross holds countrywide proportion after this one word reachs the peak of 10.7% , shandong began the journey that the sources of energy upgrades.

Coal consumption is occupied than report of tall, coal outfit machine is occupied than tall " two tall " the issue is outstanding, this is government of province of Shandong provincial Party committee all the time " of mind suffer from " . In last few years, shandong is transmitting a powerful signal in outward bound up and down: Accelerate construction of project of new energy resources. Industry of new energy of smooth hot season and wind report got swift and violent development, up to by September 2020, be saved completely and net wind report, smooth hot season holds machine total 34.25 million kilowatt, gross of machine of outfit of new energy resources ranks the whole nation the 2nd, its are apoplectic electric outfit machine ranks the whole nation the 4th, machine of outfit of smooth hot season is male crouch whole nation more the first, new energy resources already made the power supply of machine of the 2nd big outfit that is next to coal report.

Normally for, the growth as machine of outfit of new energy resources and " the estivate that greet a peak " the addition of the bear that use phone, the flexibility of adscititious Shandong adjusts power source is insufficient 1% , far under the whole nation average the level of 6% . Electrified wire netting is right store can the demand that demand moves peak frequency modulation especially should be more pressing, but is the fact such really?

Show level store the bottleneck that can participate in frequency modulation to move a peak

Hill is Oriental 2020 although the face came on stage to encourage new energy resources to configure store can policy, in the light of store can electrovalency and tone peak compensation formulated incentive policy, these policy give store can the active sense that the industry brings is self-evident, but the process that develops to still need a work up flourishingly from the industry.

Investigate its reason, return so that save energy industry structure to speak of from Shandong.

With fire store frequency modulation is exemple, shandong complete province has many 80 all to move unit, look be like competition intense, AGC is actually adjustable aircrew also ten, main factor is not lacking the frequency modulation set with superior performance at Shandong, the unit performance of on whole 70% is very good.

The real factor of the historical element that develops considering heavy industry of Shandong coal, chemical industry and heat addition of the people's livelihood, include power plant of provide for oneself inside, shandong stand-alone capacity regards seat as the generation set of exclusive, volume of coal fired unit that cannot replace heat source of the people's livelihood under 300 thousand kilowatt most Ceng Da goes to 694, average every county urban district has 5, the adjustment that needs big electrified wire netting demand is very few.

From " Shandong electric power assists regulation of service market operation (try out) (2020 revised edition) " AGC compensation formula can see, shandong used the kind that takes logarithm Ln(Kp+1) to handle to K of integral performance of igneous cable unit, did not pull open " on store can with do not go up store can " the difference between.

In the respect that move a peak, new energy resources and dispatches from foreign news agency brought the very great pressure that move a peak to electrified wire netting into Lu Que fact. Shandong electrified wire netting is forecasted the system moved peak capacity notch 2020 9.14 million kilowatt, predict 2025, this one breach will achieve 13.19 million kilowatt.

This big market store can whether participate in divide a cup of a thick soup from which? According to the regulation of auxiliary service market of Shandong, store can price of establishment attune peak consults igneous report, group of igneous electric machinery falls exert oneself tone peak is temporary according to 150 yuan / MWh is carried out, if move igneous cable unit to stop machine attune peak continuously, store can establishment is paid tone peak gives clear value according to 400 yuan / MWh is carried out.

According to at present store can cost is calculated, countervail of this have a snack to stave off hunger can say is to the loss outweights the gain, the profit that shares electrified wire netting to move a peak covers oneself cost hard. Additionally power station of large new energy resources is configured store can hind economy is poor, bring about a lot of projects to delay is built or stop build, already went up store can project some changes demand to stay according to ability have store can surplus, power source side store can participate in tone peak to be able to develop much big effect to still need test and verify.

If above paragraphs place is narrated, although harbour of Shandong pump water can, store can light aircraft motorship engine to wait for flexibility adjustment scale to be occupied only 1% , but the flexibility of increment distribution network and power plant of Shandong's many provide for oneself, ammunition power plant is transformed, can be in proper time paragraph inside the demand moving a peak that machine of outfit of contented new energy resources brings.

Distributed smooth hot season and hopeful of union of new capital construction help strength store can broken bureau

Since Shandong is saved store frequency modulation can be combined in the igneous report with at present highest accrual short-term inside realize investment hard, new energy resources is configured store can put in all sorts of bottleneck again, affect as a result of epidemic situation and Sino-US commerce currently, circulate inside below economic normal behavior or conditions, store from where ability can you find cut a point?

With collect Chinese style but photograph of setting of second birth the sources of energy is compared, store can be in the potential market of domain of distributed smooth hot season is bigger. Because illumination resource is good with electrovalency of taller desulphurization coal fired, bend over of Shandong distributed light rides in the whole nation absolutely dirt. Up to this year 3 quarters, bend over of Shandong distributed light installs machine dimensions to exceed 12GW. Annual Shandong distributed Guang Fuxin adds outfit machine to be close to 5GW, shandong province was maintained almost 2020 the half of country of market of bend over of countrywide door consumed.

Distributed smooth hot season aids force Shandong to become the first smooth hot season of countrywide to apply big province

On one hand, current Guang Fucheng goes low successively originally, the cost of distributed smooth hot season if greatly the retail electrovalency under electrified wire netting, the distributed smooth hot season of initiative for private use increased industry and commerce store can, rate of initiative for private use is higher. Trade in prospective electric power in, if allow to undertake with power user electric power trades directly, installation store can OK implementation project profit is the biggest change.

On the other hand, large quantities of quantities are distributed of smooth hot season receive will match a net quickly to store can demand. If in distributed power source high proportion receives an area, begin adequately fill change store project of energy of station of power station, communication radical, UPS, integrated wisdom " distributed store can + " resource configuration and polymerization attemper control, hua Zhihui of form etiquette model is adjustable resource, make open supply, collaboration shares " fictitious power plant " wait for new job condition, will be to promote distribution network economy to run as significant as what promote distributed new energy resources offer of efficient pass the time in a leisurely way step.

Store can mix as systematic information the sources of energy is interactive physical node, pass store can with Internet, but photograph of second birth the sources of energy is shirt-sleeve, will be used extensively at setting of all sorts of industry and commerce. Can achieve energy security not only efficient use, also be implementation energy-saving the important way that reduces a platoon.

Basis " Shandong province new capital construction acts 3 years plan (2020-2022 year) " , to 2022, complete province is of all kinds charge picket retains the quantity amounts to 100 thousand above, build 5G radical to stand 112 thousand, build division of assemble of center of 5 or so provincial data.

Shandong, industry of this traditional heavy industry is occupied than big, having " elephant economy " the economy that say is saved greatly, be in " new capital construction " in this round of contest, had taken the lead in " start of a race " . The dimensions of 5G and data center changes application to be brought necessarily store can of lash-up and defray of economic charge of electricity appeal to beg, charge the infrastructure construction such as picket makes store fill, smooth store fill unifinication attention to spend ceaseless promotion, hopeful urges unripe the next to invest blast tuyere. Will become with the union of new capital construction store can industry a main increment market, lever new growth space for the industry.

Anyhow, although the Chu Nengzhi road of Shandong is endless, but very clear. Industrial colleagues should be thrown actively " source net carries on his shoulder or back store fill change " the construction of unifinication and new capital construction comes in spring tide, believe " long wind broken wave is met sometimes, the sea of aid of the straight sail that hang the cloud " .

(the author is Shandong store can only appoint doctor of university of can standing director, Nanjing aerospace)

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