Predicting future 3 arrive 7 years inside, technology of other and new-style batteries replaces lithium ion batteries hard

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54 Predicting future 3 arrive 7 years inside

China store can net dispatch: Test, grading and test and verify are project development business and the term that invest business to like and clause. After all, use these measure to be able to reduce investment risk, increased the credit to new technology, no matter be which industry. Considering this, global quality is ensured and company of DNV GL of Norway of risk management advisory orgnaization released scorecard of function of the 3rd acting batteries a few days ago.

Be in DNV GL company in the evaluation this year, 22 battery manufacturers offerred the batteries product that has a test for scorecard of DNV GL batteries. This company shows, although do not have a battery manufacturer to be willing to publish its name, DNV GL company will still continue to begin collaboration with its technology partner in order to raise diaphaneity, and this remains a persistent course.

Industry analyst expresses, review in recent years technology and market development trend, battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron (LFP) be welcomed again by the user, include to be used at securing among them store can systematic batteries. This kind of batteries ever held market dominant position 2015 in 2012 ~ , but after 2016 by nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) 3 Yuan Li batteries and nickel cobalt are aluminous (NCA) 3 Yuan Li batteries are replaced. However, at present Ning Deshi takes the place of and the Chinese battery manufacturer such as the company sees Biyadi latent capacity of development of this kind of cell and trend will drive battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron (LFP) technical development and production.

The scorecard of batteries of the 3rd year that DNV GL company releases checked 22 kinds to have different chemistry battery charge discharge sex and temperature dependence conduct, determined fundamental product trend.

Batteries size is larger and larger

Another clear trend is store can batteries size of the system is larger and larger, capacity of current battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron is 200Ah about. Its reason is, the battery unit with bigger capacity can save raw material cost.

Predict structure of the choice in electrode material, batteries and systematic framework respect will have further innovation, and be in in the near future in, the major innovation of batteries technology won't appear. DNV GL company thinks lithium ion batteries is in store can the position that the domain still holds its first selection. This company shows, predicting future 3 arrive 7 years inside, other batteries technology won't replace lithium ion batteries, because lithium ion batteries will be carried in traffic, consumptive electron and store be benefited in the dimensions economy of the application that can use a field.

The research of the DNV GL company of the basis, at present the cost of lithium ion batteries is 100 dollars about / KWh, the analyst of this company is forecasted, did not come 10 years batteries store can systematic price will fall considerably.

Deploy more solar energy + store can project

The another trend that the analyst observes is more and more store can system and establishment of solar energy report or wind-force generate electricity establishment in all location deploy. Accordingly, store can project development business and user requirement its batteries store can batteries work life of the system is 20 ~ 25 years, generate electricity in order to match a solar battery the working life of establishment. And batteries of dimensions of deploy electrified wire netting store can development business of the system had made a response to this one demand, in batteries store comprehensive overhaul can be included in deploy contract of the system, increase, operate and defend a service.

DNV GL company shows, the use kind of batteries also will produce change. Be in store can in inchoate application of the system, commercial service project basically is user side store can system. And nowadays, more and more batteries store can during systematic need changes solar energy electricenergy production nightly power demand peak value from by day. This raised different requirement to batteries technology, include to fill discharge stability and batteries to be in among them different charge below condition degrade circumstance.

Of 22 kinds of products that DNV GL company tested scorecard fill discharge stability, decided bring about what 1 % place needs capacity loss to fill discharge time. In the scorecard this year, bring about what 1 % place needs capacity loss to fill discharge frequency to be on average 381 times, and these different batteries have very big difference on one hand in this: Battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron is 135 ~ 448 times, batteries of ion of NMC3 Yuan Li is 180 ~ 849 times, NCA batteries is 143 ~ 330 times, and the batteries of titanium acerbity salt with best expression is 1, 067.

Fill the capacity statistic after discharge

The test that does according to research organization place concludes, average for, after batteries is undertaking 1800 times full discharging, its capacity will drop 90% of nameplate capacity. Scorecard emphasizes needing to degrade this kind the function that understanding is temperature. If all filling,discharge undertakes below 10 ℃ temperature, so batteries capacity is filled on average in 1000 can drop after discharge 85% the left and right sides. The test group of DNV GL company observed in all batteries product this is planted temperature sensitivity. Batteries of titanium acerbity salt is behaved in this respect best, in 90% what nameplate size still holds after charging discharge 8609 times. After the property that still has product of batteries of ion of Yuan Li of two kinds of NMC3 tightens therewith, making 6410 times be mixinged 4500 times charge respectively the size of 10% is lost after report.

In order to charge condition (SOC) , scorecard discovered a 50% ~ the SOC window of 80% , ionic batteries is in NMC3 Yuan Li this window is more incidental degradation. And batteries of phosphoric acid Tie Li (LFP) often be in 30% ~ the SOC of 40% window period incidental degradation. DNV GL company shows, in evaluating batteries project basically degrade vector is SOC, charge rate, temperature, this are crucial. Hind both it is the main reason that batteries degrades normally. Scorecard researcher says, according to batteries character, depend on the working limits of SOC may be element of a secondary consideration.

Charge rate is mainer factor, charge inferiorly rate is helpful for batteries normally move. In the test of DNV GL, battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron (LFP) with titanium acid saline batteries is had normally taller charge rate, although check personnel to point out ion of a lot of NMC3 Yuan Li,batteries also is behaved good, but in tall charge the drawback that temperature has to lift below rate.

Scorecard researcher still pointed out the development of safe respect. The standard of and so on of agreement of such as UL9540A asks to improve a test, had stepped one pace to safe transparency. But DNV GL company shows, of new standard classification and unqualified standard be short of break bewildering. Container is changed store can the solution is developing ceaselessly, it is OK that this is meant from batteries of exterior and complete visit store can system, shun operation and the venture that maintain personnel to enter container. DNV-GL scorecard researcher complements, the standard of fire control safety that a lot of batteries suppliers are devoting oneself to to increase cell and prevent to heat up chain-reacting of out of control.

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