Discharge continuously time lithium ion batteries of 10 hours store can system or can have cost competition ability more than pump water harbour

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, american energy department (DoE) released a few days ago new store can politic, aim to quicken store can the technology arrives from the lab the transition of the market. Its " store can big challenge " the plan is emphasized at be in the United States mass production store can systematic means, implementation is homebred at the same time change in order to ensure store can supply catenary security.

American government still hopes to be developed before 2030 and can satisfy home market requirement in native land production store can technology. In addition, american energy department still released two with store can the report of form a complete set related technology and market: " 2020 dimensions of electrified wire netting store can technical cost and function are evaluated " and " 2020 store can the market reports " .

This report is used through offerring 6 exemple will was reached 2030 certainly the following store can systematic application, advantage and functional requirement, its store can politic OK and affirmatory cost and function target. Include among them:

? Secure for a long time store can of the system smooth change cost to be 0.05 dollars definitely / KWh, the fiducial cost 2030 and photograph comparing reduced 90 % 2020. American energy department expresses, implementation this makes the same score the cost end that changes definitely to will make store can the commercial feasibility on all sorts of utility gets the system contented, the bear during including to satisfy demand of electric power peak to be worth among them, charge quickly for electric car ready-made, and ensure the key serves dependability application.

? To 2030, to the electric car of course of development of boat of 300 kilometers add, the production cost of batteries group is 80 dollars / KWh, with current 143 dollars / the cost photograph of KWh is compared reduce 44 % . American energy department expresses, realize this one target to will promote the electric car that rolls out cost competition ability, be helpful for securing batteries store the production that can use, function and security.

Cost and function

This is as long as the technical cost of 117 pages and function evaluate a report to discover, dimensions of main electrified wire netting store can technology (include pump water harbour among them can establishment) it is 100MW to installed capacity, discharge continuously time is 10 hours store can cost estimation of the system is 262 dollars / KWh. This report says, the mainest cost factor is pump water harbour can cost 76 dollars / KWh.

This report still decided installed capacity was compasses of electrified wire netting 2020 100MW, discharge continuously time is batteries of 10 hours store can systematic cost:

? Battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron (356 dollars / KWh) .

? Plumbic acerbity batteries (356 dollars / KWh) .

? Batteries of ion of NMC3 Yuan Li (366 dollars / KWh) .

? Vanadium current batteries (399 dollars / KWh) .

This report points out, the dimensions of electrified wire netting of ionic to using lithium batteries and plumbic acerbity batteries store can for the system, batteries is occupied store can the 40 % that the system always installs cost. Compress air store can system (CAES) be cost lowest at present store can technology (119 dollars / KWh) , but this plants deploy store can the place that the system needs to stand by natural burrow, in order to reduce overall project cost.

This evaluates a report to point out, to 2030, predicting installed capacity is 100MW, discharge continuously time is 10 hours store can the system will become what provide cost effectiveness most store can system. Hydrogen store can drop quickly of the price to make possibly store can the system is in future and compress air store can the system undertakes competitive in cost respect. In addition, to 2030, discharge continuously time lithium ion batteries of 10 hours store can the system may compare pump water harbour can establishment has cost competition ability more.

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