How compose builds abiding and durable batteries: Be to reduce cost to still prolong life?

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: Technology of lithium ion batteries is driving the electrification of traffic carrying trade and energy industry quickly nowadays. However, batteries itself often is the commodity with brief life of a kind of work, so far, the reclaims to had not made batteries trade with recycle main and first item of batteries. Headquarters is located in England but the meaning that presiding apparitor Dr. Amrit Chandan is opposite company of Aceleron Energy of business of development of second birth energy to be fundamental compose to build circular economy with lithium ionic battery undertook elaborating, the design life that shows lithium ion cell should be longer, the end that and consider 2 times uses.

In 10 years of in the past, technology of lithium ion batteries obtained remarkable development and progress, its expression dropped for the remarkable growth of the capacity and batteries cost 85 % .

The success that batteries industry gains should be attributed to outstanding technology, ceaseless innovation greatly, and come from industry pioneer (for example tesla company) improved workmanship. In fact, on the first batteries day that will run in September this year in tesla company, ailong Masike described this company author to did not come to lithium ion batteries wish scene, namely bigger, better, cheaper, say cost still will reduce 56 % again exactly.

The lithium ion that uses 2 times of Aceleron company batteries group

Although people hopes batteries store can the system is bigger, better, cheaper. But dig batteries adequately from other side even store can systematic latent capacity.

Besides reducing cost, return the intrinsic value that must increase cell and long-term value. In other words, must obtain more value from inside every batteries. For this, can prolong batteries work life and make they agree with 2 times to use.

Battery manufacturer will develop the battery of cost lowest in the competition in technical respect, but the working life to lengthening batteries (some is the shortest even for 3 years) for however effects is very small. Although the cost of batteries is in,drop, but because working life is not tall, need changes regularly, cause deploy cost very tall still.

This is meant, will bring about whole batteries group to be changed to discard when a few batteries damage, and these batteries know regular meeting the rest the service life of 80 % . As the bitter fleabane of batteries industry suddenly develops, deserted batteries will produce a large number of rubbish and serious environmental protection problem, quicken the exploitation that cannot last to rich. According to survey orgnaization predict, to 2030, only electric car (EV) batteries can produce 11 million tons of rubbish.

This kind of practice will pay more high price finally, because the cost of batteries changes when batteries damages every time very tall. Accordingly must the new pattern that compose establishs can last more, this mode can prolong the service life of batteries, increase use value and reduce cost.

It is with the car exemple. If the car appears breakdown, tell ordinary people its rehabilitate. Because early days charge is too expensive, most person is not willing to buy new car to replace directly. But also somebody buys two handcart, undertake maintain and upgrading to its. The design that this kind of mode can use at batteries, make and droit, in order to reduce batteries waste, offer what have value more store can asset, pass innovation technical economy of green of working station support grows.

Circular economy

Can maintain through be batteries technology design, be used afresh or recycle, is not to change, can improve the service life of batteries significantly. And the readjust after be being used first through be in in batteries its utility, gift its the 2nd service life, can increase the value of every batteries further. What this uses is circular economy principle, can prolong battery life, bring greater value for batteries technology, reduce the use of resource and waste.

More important is, if batteries is OK,maintain, so it gets used to service and subscription mode easily, namely batteries product can be rented by the client, remand again next or maintain, rent use other cell.

Batteries is maintained to still can be a client save time and cost in client spot, because batteries does not need to send maintenance, the client also does not need to change temporarily. It still promoted local obtain employment, because local can accept what batteries is maintained and maintain a respect to groom, be versed in like vehicle repair same, can spot repair batteries.

Design abiding and durable batteries

Batteries is implementation whole world the key of 0 carbon the sources of energy, as the whole world store can market dimensions is added from the 59 billion dollar 2019 to the 546 billion dollar 2035, future will use millions inside 10 years piece 2 batteries.

Through will circulating economy and store can technical photograph is united in wedlock, can prolong battery life, the new interest in order to that begins to consider batteries from the design reduces waste. People can change the pattern that handles batteries property, bring more long-term value in order to protect retaining ring area for economy.

Accordingly, batteries should not make a kind of one-time technology, and production can last the project technology that the key of batteries depends on innovating and manufacturing technology.

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