Italian Terna company purchases many batteries through the auction store can the system provides a service for electrified wire netting

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, the batteries that company of Terna of business of operation of system of Italian transmit electricity awarded many by a definite date 5 years store can system (BESS) contract of service invite public bidding, in order to be in its provide service of fast spare electrified wire netting in the pilot auction of subscribe above quota.

This year in Terna company the beginning of the year rolls out his after pilot plan, italy superintended an orgnaization to approve its to auction an activity, and activity of the first auction was conducted a few days ago. Terna company shows, the person that much home bids participated in this one process, its are pilot batteries store can the total installed capacity of the project is 230MW about, terna company got total installed capacity for 1, 327 MW tender document, award total installed capacity finally to be 249.9MW contract.

Terna company shows, this company plans to be in Italy is mid the many batteries that purchase total installed capacity to be 118.2MW with upper zone store can system, its increase advantageous position average price is 23500 euro about / MW/ year; And be in in the many batteries that total installed capacity of southern area deploy is 101.7MW store can system, its increase advantageous position average price is about 27, 300 euro / MW/ year; The batteries that is 30MW in installed capacity of deploy of the island that drop man store can system, increase advantageous position average price is 61, 000 euro / MW/ year. In polling this, share 23 companies to bid, among them 17 companies win the bid.

ENGIE EPS company arrives in Italy's clever car electrified wire netting (V2G) project general offers 25MW batteries store can system

Terna company electrified wire netting is developed and attemper politic controller Francesco Del Pizzo expresses, the price that this company awards a contract is about 1/3 what expect fiducial price, its anticipate fiducial price is 78 thousand euro respectively / MW/ year with 108 thousand euro / MW/ year. He points out, this made clear batteries store can of the system " strategic property " , and the great interest that energy market shows to innovation project.

Reserve quickly the service is a kind of two-way service, batteries store the system gets electric power from inside electrified wire netting or can provide the electric power of memory electrified wire netting to balance power supply and demand in order to help. It is a kind of form that frequency adjustment or frequency answer, conduce to the stability that maintains electrified wire netting inside working frequency limits moving.

Reserve to the service needs to start and answer signal of electrified wire netting continuously quickly, need to undertake adjustment inside the 1 second that receives these signal namely. It and other and existing frequency adjust the service cooperates to use, and need is answered quickly, this makes batteries store can the system suits to provide this function very much. Terna company will reserve quickly service described as " fast frequency is laid in " .

On sale purpose is system of help transmit electricity better conformity increases ceaselessly but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity, because generate electricity to change with what solar energy generates electricity as wind-force, also increasing to the demand of frequency adjustment, also replaced power plant of traditional fossil fuel to supply the part of frequency adjustment at the same time. National energy resources of Italy and climate plan (NECP) the target is support Italian electrified wire netting to 2030 but the installed capacity of second birth the sources of energy achieves 40GW, take this country about 55% of energy demand.

Store can the system is offerred every year 1, 000 hours serve, gain income from inside other pile resource at the same time

Company of advisory orgnaization Clean Horizon won the bid to undertake an analysis as a result to its. Corentin Baschet of this company chief analyst says, win the bid in these 3 batches in the project, its increase advantageous position average price is 29, 500 euro / MW/ year, predicting much wins the bid store can the project is batteries store can system.

Baschet says, reserve quickly the service is similar to increase model frequency is answered (EFR) , latter is used at allied goal on transmit electricity network of England. The buildup that held 2016 frequency is answered (EFR) auction activity pulled open England large batteries store can of the market prelusive, it is through securing a contract store can investor and assets are proprietary the investment determinism with was offerred certain. Related to this is, the business of operation of net of one home appliance that Aerbaida saves Canada also shows recently, beginning an auction to answer the pilot item that electrified wire netting serves quickly, this one auction trades get Canada store the warm reception that can organize, think this is forward the one pace that right way steps.

Analyst of Clean Horizon company points out, these store can the advancement that the purpose is debugged and operation predicts to will be at the beginning of 2023 goes, terna company asks these store can the project arrives from 2023 during 2027 the fast reserve frequency that offers 1000 hours every year serves. Meanwhile, batteries store can the system will be in the major while in a year (the time of 88 % ) in opportunity of other practicable market (be laid in for example or terminal market) in move. Terna company already open up store can a few other ways of the system, provide service or capacity for electrified wire netting.

The person be benefited with the mainest person that Terna company auctions mobile project this to win the bid is Enel X company and ENGIE company, obtained the cell that makes an appointment with 65MW and 75MW respectively store can deploy contract of the system. ENGIE company store can subsidiary ENGIE EPS expresses, the fast reserve assets that its installed capacity is 50MW will offer stationary by ENGIE Italia company store can system. These batteries store can the system can undertake response inside 200 millisecond, send the energy facilities photograph such as electric field to be united in wedlock with natural gas power plant and wind-force.

ENGIE EPS company still shows, the batteries that another installed capacity is 25MW store can the system sheds deploy a car of the hub to electrified wire netting in clever other people (V2G) project. This company claims this is the first time on the world large-scale industry uses V2G car to electrified wire netting (V2G) as compositive as 2 batteries project, used about 700 Feiyate 500EV batteries.

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